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Why Follow History, When You Can Reinvent It?

At Wulf, they zero in on creating contemporary timepieces that embody the attributes a Wulf should possess: precision, intelligence, toughness, and most importantly, inimitable style. Because in an arena where pretenders quickly get exposed, the rule to abide by is change, or be forgotten.

Forgoing the designs of traditional Swiss watch brands, our watches sport customised movements housed within a unique aesthetic framework developed by the Wulfpack – our specialised team of watch designers and industrial engineers. Hailing from Zurich, they stay bonded through one common purpose: redefining the art of watchmaking. That’s what we call Wulfcraft
Behind every Wulf is a team of Swiss-based experts dedicated to ensure the most rigorous adherence to Wulfcraft. Because when it comes to our pursuit of perfection, there can be no compromise. From manual selection of the most fitting materials and finishes, to hand-drawn blueprints, right through to developing optimal engineering processes, nothing escapes the Wulfpack’s oversight.


H2 Hub is authorized dealer of Wulf Swiss Made Collection.