Aries Gold's Most Important Collaboration of the Year

Limited to 100 pieces each


‘My creations are a reflection of my soul’ – Aaron Yan

在工作里, 生活里, 爱情里,总是确认了心存在, 才能能放心享受时间。
正因为心捉摸不定, 我用壁画让心意现开。用心, 时间就能走像无线。

To celebrate his birthday this year, Aaron sought to create something special, not just for himself, but for his fans as well.
His creation? A mechanical timepiece of his own design.

当我再次拿起铅笔,静下心思考自己最有感受的是什么,发现自己的生活里真的不能没有音乐, 它给了我丰富的想象力,给了我不一样的 2020,
就在那时, 手表的设计浮现在我的脑里, 所以决定将概念画在纸上,把给了我那么多力量的音乐,元素放进我的创作力。

‘My creation had to embody what meant the most to me, what I truly loved; Music.’
– Aaron Yan

An Autograph on the Dial

A creation that he could call his own, that his fans can always have with them wherever they are.


A Message to his Fans - I Love You

A one-of-a-kind message, printed as a soundwave’s pulse on the caseback.

A truly unique message to his fans imprinted as pulses on the caseback of the timepiece, so that wherever you are, his words will always be with you; I love you.

Crafted using only the best tools and artisans, nothing less.



Japanese automatic caliber
Keeps your timepiece running, as long as you are wearing it.

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Maximum durability that, protects your precious memento from the daily wears of life.

Italian leather straps
Translating his art into quality, each timepiece is paired with Italian leather straps from Tuscany that are selected by Aaron Yan himself.

Butterfly deployant buckle
Convenient and timelessly elegant.



Pearl White
- Companionship -
Limited Edition 100 pieces

Coral Red
- Passion -
Limited Edition 100 pieces

Obisidian Black
- Perseverance -
Limited Edition 100 pieces

Giving you only the best.

‘Your love and support, that have coloured my world’ - Aaron Yan


‘A constant reminder to all of my fans, my love is always with you.’
- Aaron Yan

A memento, to accompany you a lifetime.