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Citizen Men

Adored by watch enthusiast all over the globe, Citizen has built a brand that has constantly been at the forefront of the watch industry. Citizen watches have been known to be some of the world’s most accurate and functional wristwatches. Some models are capable of communicating with atomic clocks via radio signals, ensuring the watches’ displayed time is accurate to within one second per hundred thousand years.

While Citizen offers watches for both men and women, the brand is predominately sought after by men. Coming in a variety of styles with a great range of features. One of its more popular series is the Citizen Eco-Drive that harnesses solar energy as its main power source.

Embodying the brand’s slogan ‘Better starts now, Citizen fervently drives towards innovation, constantly working to create better watches. As such, the range and calibre of Citizen watches are continuously growing to offer a watch every citizen’s taste.

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