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Most of us Singaporeans would find the name Aries Gold a familiar sight, but for those living outside of Singapore, the brand might come across as an unknown. So, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the brand, here is a quick introduction. Aries Gold, was founded in 1970 by founder CK Woo, he was focused on creating a brand that produced quality time pieces that were made with meaning. Refusing to compromise on quality, and fuelled by a strong passion for watches, Aries Gold now has its own in-house watchmaking team and high-tech machinery located in Singapore, allow them to create made-to-order high-quality personalised timepieces in just a matter of days.


So, with the backstory out of the way, let’s get on to the review, and what we’re looking at today is the Aries Gold Jolter. Right off the bat, the Jolter is first and foremost, made in house in Singapore, as are all Aries Gold watches, making it one of the only watches to bear the Made in Singapore moniker. The Jolter is a beast of a watch, coming in at 44mm and powered by a Miyota 6S50 mechaquartz chronograph movement, it certainly shouts loudly, but does it have the pedigree and quality that we’re looking for in a fine timepiece? Let’s find out.


The Jolter is one of the brand’s few motorsport inspired timepieces, with a heavily industrial design and complex skeletonized dial, it pulls no punches in its style, making it one of the most unique looking timepieces you can get for the price. And with looks being the most instantly noticeable thing on the Jolter, lets stick with what we can see first. The Rose Gold G 7008 RG-BK comes in a brushed rose gold case, further emphasizing on the industrial design cues, with a black tachymeter scale bezel and black skeletonized dial. And the dial is where the fun starts, it is finished in a lovely black PVD, and is incredibly multi-dimensional with facets and bevelled edges finished nicely, put simply, it doesn’t look like cheap skeletonization. Even the seconds hand is given a unique twist, read from a sub-dial at 6 O clock, the seconds hand is more of a spinning pointed wheel than a hand; an incredibly tricky feat to manufacture but still done nicely nonetheless. Overall, the design is incredibly striking, and recognizable, so if you’re looking for a well-made and uniquely styled watch with a flair for the industrial, this is certainly one that you can consider.


We’ve talked about the design of the watch now let’s get to the nitty gritty, the movement and the build quality. As mentioned, the watch is powered by a Miyota 6S50 Mechaquartz caliber, essentially giving the chronograph the feel and sweeping seconds of a mechanical watch, but with the stability and accuracy of a quartz watch. It also has a neat little trick for the date complication, because looking at the 12 O clock window reveals that this has a Panorama date complication as well. So, mech wise, this watch has you covered, now for the true test of quality, its build. And the watch has an outstanding build quality for its price. The Jolter utilizes an AR coated flat sapphire crystal, a nicely brushed finishing on the case and 100m of water resistance.


So if you’re looking for a watch within the $300 that can not only stand out in terms of design, but cream the competition in build quality, the Jolter is certainly a solid contender on your list of considerations.