In this age, where consciousness about style and freedom of choices rule supreme, watch shopping has become an interesting phenomenon, and men don't mind it anymore to give time to this vital accessory in their wardrobe. One of the reasons behind such a change in attitude towards this fashion piece could be that everyone has understood that even a simple watch on their wrist can create an overall attractive look effortlessly when matched with their outfit. Whether it's party time, business meeting, a casual day at the office, lunch with friends, or a date with your girlfriend, it can give your getup a desired twist in an unimaginable way.  

However, to achieve this, paying attention to a few factors, such as the watch brand that you pick for yourself, the kind of strap you wear on different occasions, how you wear them with your attire, and so forth, becomes integral. If you have a natural talent to be at the forefront of fashion, then you might not need to worry much. You can own any look instantly. But if you are someone who needs a wee of guidance, then having general awareness about choices and styles can have a massive impact on what you choose and why. For instance, some people believe in building their watch collection, while some want to make it a valuable addition to their wardrobe.

If watch collecting is your hobby, you would instead want to buy a very expensive timepiece that has heirloom qualities or is extremely investment-worthy. Otherwise, your focus would be on popular designer brands that are well-known for their designs, relatively affordable pricing, and unique charm. Let's assume that you are the next type. In that case, a clear winner for your taste could be something like an Emporio watch.

Why can you go for an Emporio Armani watch?

The renowned Italian menswear designer Giorgio Armani is the creator of the Emporio line of watches. It is an upscale label for young adults. Hence, it has got the desirable balance of sporty and chic elements in it. Most of them have a conspicuous ready-to-wear feel, making them a go-to choice for any young soul who often plans something on a whim. And since it is not pricey vis-a-vis many other Armani brands, you don’t have to check your pocket before fancying a particular choice. You can focus on the range of watches under this line and pick whatever you like the most quickly. Some interesting examples in this regard can include:

  • Emporio Armani Luigi Ceramica AR1509 Men's Watch: The black colored ceramic strap with black chronograph dial oozes the right amount of sophistication and boldness to help it become the instant favorite of anyone active, stylish, and always ready to move.


  • Emporio Armani AR5890 Men's Watch: If your heart beats for refined taste, then it is the perfect style where sporty look marries elegance and grace. With rose gold ionic case and brown dial set in the stainless-steel strap, this watch is for a man with a sophisticated and robust taste.


  • Emporio Armani AR2472 Men's Watch: For someone who adores anything classic, it can be an ideal design to swoon over for having the ultimate Armani touch. The stainless-steel case features dual blue shades in the dial, making it an iconic choice for any formal or informal wear that you flaunt.

These are only a reflection of what you can expect from this designer label for men. For an experience, you can visit a trusted online store and browse through the expansive repository bursting with all types of varieties to suit your personality as well as budget.

So, from this, one thing is evident that you don’t need to run after luxurious watches now. A fashionable brand like Emporio is more than enough to take care of all your expectations. Now, the question is - how to wear it correctly? Well, as mentioned above, you need to be careful about a few aspects to strike the right impression. Here is a quick rundown on this.

How to perfect your choice?

Leather VS Metal straps

Just like any other label, Emporio also offers you leather and metal bands. Both these possess distinctive appeal and beauty. Either of them is complete in their own right. But when it comes to deciding between two for a particular occasion or mood, you have to know precisely, which would work better than the other in that situation. Hence, knowing what differentiates one from the other and how is critical.

Leather straps

Its soft-touch on the skin is something impossible to ignore. Then, it comes with an assurance for comfort somewhere. You can mix and match it with any ensemble with ease, as it is highly adaptable. For formal events, too, it can probably be the best companion for adding that extra oomph to your presence. Once you tie it around your wrist, you don't have to worry about it coming undone, thanks to its buckle system. The pin in the hole keeps the strap well fastened until, of course, the gap doesn't become too big.

However, with leather, you have to be wary about wetness or moisture. Water or sweat can make them itchy on your skin. Also, you must see that it doesn’t crack.

Metal straps

It can look classier and more high-end. Plus, when you wear it, you don't have to worry about moisture or cracking. It can complement any dressing theme in a snap, particularly the gentleman or bossy types. Nevertheless, you may have to adjust the strap to make it perfect for your wrist size by removing some links. It can feel a bit tiring. But since it is not a big job as such, you should not take any burden on your mind. Just make sure whatever piece you buy has a powerful clasp so that it doesn’t come undone, a common problem with these models everywhere.

In essence, whether it comes to selecting leather or metal, you need to weigh their merits as well as demerits and the kind of look you would want to champion. With matching waist belt and shoes, leather watches can create the coveted formal style in a snap. It is also efficient in mimicking a casual vibe, though. With metal strap, you can get greedy about attaining the high-street look day in and day out without putting much thought into what you are going to don.

Some of the options in Emporio Armani watch in leather and stainless-steel straps that can draw your attention include:

  • Emporio Armani Chronograph Black Leather Strap AR1633 Men's Watch
  • Emporio Armani Classic Analog Quartz Silver Stainless Steel ARS3011 Blue Leather Strap Men's Watch
  • Emporio Armani Esedra Automatic Rose Gold Stainless Steel ARS8652 Black Leather Strap Men's Watch
  • Emporio Armani Luigi AR11089 Men's Watch
  • Emporio Armani AR5983 Men's Watch
  • Emporio Armani AR2452 Men's Watch
  • Emporio Armani AR1863 Men's Watch

Personal style

Every person has his way of leading a life. Some can be more active than others, some can be more practical, and some can be a combination of these two. If you are sure about your interests, then picking a suitable style should not be a problem. For instance, a sporty Emporio watch can cater to an active lifestyle choice without a miss. At the same time, a traditional style stainless steel timepiece from the same designer can help achieve a suited-booted look quickly. So, when it comes to deciding your style, you have to consider factors like age and daily needs.


Emporio watches are precisely for the 20s and 30s guys. What you preferred when you were in the 20s may not appeal to you in the same manner as you grow 30 and above. Hence, you have to choose your watch carefully. If you are not a frequent buyer and can be content with only a few varieties in your wardrobe, then you need to pick something that can stay relevant to your taste even after a decade. However, when you can afford to indulge a bit, you don’t have to think so long term. Focus on your immediate preference and own it.

Day-to-day life

Everyone follows a typical routine advertently or inadvertently. You could be on the move every time or might have a very relaxed lifestyle. In case you live a hectic life, you should opt for a watch that can withstand all-day pressure and still look as fresh as you. In such situations, a stainless-steel watch can be the real partner.  If you are a business person, you can rely on practical options more.

Anyway, there are no strict rules around it. You need to be mindful of these fundamental things so that next time when you go watch shopping, you know what you need to consider. And being a versatile brand, Emporio can ensure that it has everything to meet your needs. Whether you have specific aspirations about the color of the dial, strap material, or its design, you can expect it to fulfill your heartfelt wishes.