On Trend, On Point

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As we move towards the latter half of the year, perhaps it’s time we all take stock of what’s going on in the ever-evolving world of timepieces, in preparation for more of what we do best: looking good and feeling better. After all, there’s no better way to be a trendsetter than to lead the charge when it comes to pulling off bold, new looks. And that’s why your good folks at H2 Hub have considerately classified the must-haves to keep you on top of your watch game. For starters, we go back in time to go forward, with a decidedly vintage timepiece.


Vintage Refinement

A touch of yesteryear is now in vogue, and whether it’s due to nostalgia or otherwise, both ladies and gentlemen are increasingly owning a vintage-inspired timepiece, like the Timex Weekender.


Three-Handed Wonders

The classic three-handed watch has made its way into the favour of most people, especially with smartphones capable of handling most any other function built as watch complications anyway. A worthy example? Check out the Seiko Presage automatic timepiece, which comes with date function for added convenience.


Pretty Petites

Size is not everything, just like how less sometimes is more. After years of going big and bold, case diameters have been reduced to fit the liking for slimmer silhouettes, as ladies who covet the Coach Tristan would already know.



Singing the Blues

With so many different hues from navy to royal to aquamarine, blue has usurped black as the new dominant colour. Even the Wulf Exo has gotten in on the action, making the blues a very much welcome phenomenon.



Going Green

Despite blue making its foray into the evergreen colour palette, green is progressively tagging along for the ride. Think of it as a rendezvous with the shades of nature and vitality – something our Earth could use much of, and which the Aries Gold Odyssey provides in abundance.