What If Your Dream Watch Really Isn't That Special Afterall?



It may not have seemed like much then, but the more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

He didn’t know it as he was getting ready for the party that night, that he would be faced with a situation that would keep him awake at night for the days to come.

Slipping into his tailored suit and clipping on his cufflinks, he reached into his watch-winder and picked up his best watch. Putting it on with a small smile as he glanced down at his prized possession, he knew he was ready to turn heads at the party.

Closing the door of his home behind him, he made his was down, unabashedly admiring the watch on his wrist whenever he had the chance. It wasn’t something he often wore, saving it only for special occasions, it wasn’t the most expensive watch either, but he knew it was something that was truly special too.



He made it to the party, a little later than he expected but just in time to catch the first toast with his buddies. They went about, drinking and chatting to their heart’s content, everything was going great that night. Until he saw it.

On the wrist of one of his friends, a familiar case and a bright blue sunburst dial with a radial finishing and a blued sweeping second’s hand. “It can’t be” he thought to himself in disbelief as he averted his gaze back to his wrist, only to be met with a dreading confirmation.

The harsh reality creeping into his mind as he excused himself for a cigarette, and that was when he saw it once more. That unmistakable dial and case, but this time on the wrist of a complete stranger.

It hit him like a speeding truck, the fact that his prized possession, his beloved timepiece that he believed was something truly special, turned out to be just another ‘watch for the masses’.


Wouldn't Want To See Your Special Watch On Another Wrist...



Now, I know this sounds very dramatic, but this was pretty much what happened to one of my close friends who is also a budding watch enthusiast too. Now, if you’re reading this here, I’m sure you’re an enthusiast yourself too, right? So, you certainly don’t need me to tell you how special watches are to us, let alone one that we save for special occasions. Our watches are an embodiment of our personality, our style and our values too. The last thing we want is to have something we treasure so much, and mean so much to us, be seen on the wrist of someone else too.

I know how snobbish this sounds, but it really is a bit of a snobbish hobby after all; watch collecting. I’m not talking about demeaning others’ watches, or side-eyeing someone for wearing smartwatches or fashion-watches too. What I mean to say, is that we feel a sense pride in our choice of watches, whatever it is, and the last thing we want is to see something that we find special and unique to us on the wrist of someone else.


What If I Want A Watch That Looks Like Nothing Else Out There?



That brings me to the topic of the day, which is: What if I want a watch that looks like nothing else out there, that is truly unique to me, yet still has the dependability and street cred of an age-old name brand? Well, it’s simple, you get a Seiko mod.

Now, I know the topic of watch-modding might bring about some concerns and I know that they’re very well-founded concerns too. With so many people out there offering such services, or if you’re looking to mod your own watch (which I really do not recommend unless you’ve got the proper tools and experience) there are even more entities around offering you parts to fit on your Seiko. But there’re many things that can potentially go wrong with modding, from the parts such as the crystal not fitting properly, to the water resistance of the watch being compromised after the mod, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty being voided too.



These are a few of the main reasons why you might be hesitating to mod your watch. But, over here at H2hub, we’ve got your concerns covered. Worried about craftsmanship and parts not fitting properly? Our artisans have over a decade of experience in watch assembly and will always ensure that each mod that leaves our warehouse is nothing less than perfect. What about the water resistance being compromised? Our mods are put through a rigorous water-resistance test before being let out into the wild to ensure that their condition are exactly as they were before the mods. As for the voided warranty? Well, we’ve got you covered on that front too. Each of our mods are covered by a 1-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind, you’ve always wanted to have but never really got from getting a modded watch.



Another reason you might want to put some thought into getting a modded Seiko, aside from the way they look. Would have to be that they are damn good value for money too. Replacing the flat and tough (but still scratch-prone) mineral crystal with a double-domed scratch resistant and even tougher sapphire crystal. The flat aluminum bezel inserts will also be replaced with a choice of either a scratch resistant and glossy ceramic insert, or a sand-blasted stainless-steel bezel with polished recessed numerals. Giving you the superior materials, that enthusiasts have always asked for, but never really received. In a sub $600 package, well under the asking price of Seiko’s upper-mid tier models that go for about $1000 too.

With all that said, I’m sure you’re itching to see what these mods have in store for you. So, we’ve prepared a few of our favourites here for you to take a closer look at.






Featuring a stunning sunburst green dial in a timeless dive watch design, our Golden Hulk variant adds a matching bright green ceramic bezel with contrasting golden numerals and markers giving off a more sophisticated look and feel to an otherwise sporty timepiece. Paired with a double domed sapphire crystal for added durability and flair as well as a Mercedes hand-set and you have possibly one of the prettiest and distinct sports watches out there.





The SRPD76K1M1 is part of the Specialist line of the Seiko 5 Sports series, though I genuinely don’t have the slightest understanding or clue behind the name of this category. If I were to picture a ‘Specialist styled’ watch, it’ll be a proper purpose-built tool watch. Not a polished, smart-looking diver on a rubber strap with a crocodile printed calfskin lined on top of it. The confusing naming aside, the design elements certainly make the watch look a lot smarter, yet all the more versatile as well. I can see this easily paired with your best suit or with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Though there is a twist, the piece we’re looking at today has been modified exclusively by our in-house team of watchmakers and it turns the pretty SRPD76K1 into a proper tour-de-force of watchmaking and design. With a double domed sapphire crystal, replacing the flat mineral crystal, and a sloped 2 tone ceramic bezel, it’s a properly stunning looking timepiece and one that embodies the design flair of a Rootbeer GMT-Master II.





This one is for those of you who are really into the stealthy all-black sporty aesthetic: The SRPD79K1M2. With the base watch already cased in a stealthy and subtle blackout case, we’ve added a matching matte black ceramic GMT bezel with raised recessed numerals, a scratch-resistant double domed sapphire crystal, and a Mercedes hand-set with a bright red second hand for a pop of colour. If you already like the all-black SRPD79K1 but want something a bit more, then our SRPD79K1M2 might just be what you’re looking for. 





The second green dialed mod, and my personal favourite one, because it just looks properly stunning is this: The Tidemaster. In a brushed silver case with a stunning sunburst deep green dial, our designers decided to up the visual ante to 11 by fitting it with a polished rose-gold bezel ring along with a black sand-blasted ‘yachtmaster’ style stainless-steel bezel insert. To match the rose-gold bezel ring and the stock rose-gold hands and markers, we’ve fitted a brushed rose-gold chapter ring too to complete the look. The Tidemaster is fitted on one of my favourite straps for divers too, a rubber waffle patterned strap that adds an air of sportiness to this otherwise refined and vintage looking timepiece. If you really want a timepiece that stands out from the rest yet offers the street cred and history of a historic watchmaker, then the Tidemaster is certainly the watch for you.