A Michael Kors watch preserves style and adds reliability

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Michael Kors is synonymous with sophistication and style. It is a name that bears the gravitas of quality and innovation.
You can find the MK logo on footwear, bags, watches, jewelry, eyewear, and prêt-à-porter. This 21st century brand is out to change the definition of luxury and increase the accessibility of high-fashion for individual shoppers. Now, you can choose to buy a bespoke Michael Kors timepiece or opt for a ready-to-wear wristwatch fresh off the shelf. The price tags will be vastly different, but you will always have the satisfaction of owning an authentic MK merchandise.
When deliberating on which watch to buy, you should consider Michael Kors. Unlike its contemporary fashion labels, MK takes watchmaking quite seriously. It trusts Fossil Group Inc. to craft the watches for the brand while maintaining the Fossil trademark quality people expect. That makes MK one of the leading watchmakers of today, whose primary objective is not designing or manufacturing watches.

How has Michael Kors cemented its place in fashion and smartwear?

Next, it is time to picis the signifier of a good and reliable watch. While other high-end luxury brands like Rolex and Omega monopolize automatic movement designs, traditional watchmakers like Fossil Group Inc. leverage the quartz movement for their newer models.
Michael Kors is a brand that has gained its popularity by paying close attention to the demands of their consumers. The presence of primary quartz chronographs in at least three color variants in every range is one of the results of the brand's stellar customer service. MK is the manufacturer of some of the most iconic watch trends for women and men. MK has also become the pioneer of humanitarian campaigns (Watch Hunger Stop initiative with the United Nations World Food Program) in association with celebs like Lupita Nyong'o. If that does not make a brand the right choice, then probably nothing does!

Where will you find MK watches?

You will find original Michael Kors watches in the leading metropolises across the world. Besides London, NYC, Sydney, and Singapore, you can also purchase a genuine MK watch from an authorized seller irrespective of your location. You may be living in a suburban area, but you can still buy an original MK creation as long as you are shopping from the right retailers.
Michael Kors is a name that ensures that every fashion-savvy individual has access to the finest quality merchandise. Therefore, it is no surprise that you can now read this guide and browse watches side-by-side on your mobile device. When you are spending on MK, you are buying an experience rather than just another high-fashion accessory. Michael Kors is the brand that offers a complete luxury experience for each customer across the globe.

What’s the message Michael Kors sends through the iconic watch designs?

Michael Kors is famous for its easily noticeable timepieces. These watches are not just stylish, but they are uniquely substantial in their dial size and band design. Sleek feminity was not the strong suite of MK watches before the launch of the Slim Runway and Lexington Petite Lines. While minimalist is one word that does not do the MK label justice, the Reid MK6662 and Michael Kors Runway MK6674 stand out as the simplest and yet the most elegant designs.
Currently, you can check out almost all women’s watches by Michael Kors in gold, rose gold, and silver variants. A few ranges have introduced unique color combinations, including the Sable hued Slim Runway and the bold red Runway. The affordability of these watches means you can purchase more than one during season’s sales and holiday offers.
It is a treat for fashionistas who love to flaunt luxury brands and high-end labels regularly. The versatility of these watches ensures that you can wear it with panache with your jeans and t-shirt for an evening out with friends, as you can wear a MK watch on a romantic date with your significant other. A boisterous party or a quaint afternoon with yourself; you can rely on your Michael Kors masterpiece to keep you company.

How has the glitterati reacted to MK watches over the last few years?

Michael Kors is one of the leading names in the world of fashion. As a designer, Michael Kors has brought down the divide between high-fashion and casual wear. Kors believes that NYC is the birthplace of Americana sportswear, and he channels the relaxed NYC vibe in most of his creations.
It is no surprise that you find Michael Kors watches a bit chunkier than most fashion brand timepieces. These rather conspicuous timepieces are the perfect gift for millennials who love to wear their accomplishments. MK watches are a lot more than time-telling devices. Whether it is a stunning and barely missable design like the Lexington or a futuristic rendering like the MK Ryker Chronograph, you can find your style at an exclusive MK accessories showroom. They are a signature of enigma and elegance that never goes unnoticed in any crowd.
Michael Kors watches, including the Paris Limited Edition, MK Wren, and Michael Kors Parker, have adorned the wrists of many celeb patrons. Over the last couple of years, several Hollywood glitterati has sworn loyalty towards MK watches due to their effortlessly glamorous appeal. Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lopez, and Michelle Obama have sported Michael Kors watches from time to time.

Is Michael Kors the correct choice for watch buyers?

The choice of the "correct" watch will obviously depend on the price tag and your taste. You also need to consider your need before finalizing a make and model. For example, several brands specialize in aviator and driving watches, unless you need complex features, you can go with minimal designs for men or women like the Michael Kors Darci Women’s watch or the Runway MK3336 Men’s watch. The simpler designs are always easier to maintain, especially if this is your first designer watch.
The next most obvious question is, “why does a Michael Kors watch cost around $400, whereas a similar watch from a sporting brand can cost lesser than $100?” The first reason is the choice of material. MK watches are water-resistant, and they use the finest stainless steel for the casing and band. The glass is either sapphire crystal or mineral crystal, both of which are highly resistant to scratching and scuffing.

Why are Michael Kors watches so expensive?

MK watches bear the quality assurance of Fossil Group Inc., which adds to the price tag a bit. Most importantly, when paying for a MK product, you are also paying for the customer experience. That includes the service and the satisfaction of owning a high-fashion accessory from the leading fashion watch designer in the world. Michael Kors inspires confidence in the wearer, and that feeling is priceless!
Just like fine wine, designer brand creations, especially the limited-edition merchandise, gain value with time. So be careful while storing your newly acquired timepiece. Ensure that you keep it in its custom case. Preserve the invoice and booklet if you intend to sell it one or two years down the line. Some designer watches don't lose more than 20% of its value even after two years of use if you are caring enough towards it.
If you are interested in selling an older Michael Kors watch you own, you might want to speak to your retailer. They can give you incredible offers during the purchase of the new watch or give you a price you cannot refuse. However, not having the correct papers for your vintage designer watch renders it quite valueless.

Which style from Michael Kors is perfect for you?

Some watches look good over-sized, while others are perfect in their petite casings. Well, the secret is not in the watch design, but the wrist of the wearer. If you have narrow wrists, think of opting for delicate designs like the Petite Norie or the Parker Mini. Wider casings look smarter on thicker wrists. Designs like the Michael Kors Wren and the Michael Kors Everest add iconic elegance to any outfit provided they sit snugly on the wearer’s wrist.
The newest Runway models not only feel lighter, but you can pair it with a full-sleeve sweater or formal jacket with ease. The watch can easily slip under the cuffs without any struggle. Michael Kors watches are evolving with time to serve an audience that is hungry for Android wearable technology. Therefore, the newer designs from the fashion label are slimmer, lighter, and lovelier than ever.
The safest color choice for all Michael Kors models is rose gold. The color is perfect for all skin tones. It doesn’t matter if you have not hit the beach in a decade! The rose gold MK watch that you are about to purchase will look classy and elegant on your wrist. When in doubt, check out interchangeable bands for your watches. It is also a smart way to customize designer brand watches without harming its net value.