Exploring the MK Runway: A Michael Kors Watch is for Every Occasion!

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One can dare say that Michael Kors is the father of Americana sportswear design in NYC. He believes that the "fashionization" of sportswear took place in New York City, and he has used the city's lifestyle and vibe as inspirations for several of his collections.
As is evident from his 2020 Spring/Summer Collection, the iconic designer always values good design and usability, as much as style. Whether it is the MK line of ready-to-wear clothing or chunky jewelry, the designer ensures to uphold spirit and optimism in each of his designs.
Over the years, Michael Kors has made a name for himself by creating hundreds of affordable luxury handbags, totes, sling bags, jewelry, and watches. Currently, the MK watches have carved out a niche of their own, and even the world's top fashion reviewers cannot stop talking about the latest releases.
Just like other fashion houses like Emporio Armani and Guess, the watches bearing the MK brand logo come from Fossil Group Inc. Fossil Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-end watches for most leading fashion and luxury brands across the world.
Just in case you were second-guessing about spending all that money on a watch that comes from a fashion brand, you should know that Fossil watches are famous for their exceptional quality and excellent functions. Besides, owning a luxury wristwatch from a brand that made an extraordinary fashion statement by buying Versace for a whopping $2.2 billion.


Are you thinking about investing in a Michael Kors watch?

Now, MK is also showing interest in the smartwatch race. However, their most popular product is still the Runway line of watches that debuted a couple of years ago. It does not matter that MK Runway is not brand new. Michael Kors imbibes people with a confidence that only comes from owning a watch by the best-selling luxury fashion house on the high street!
If you are finally ready to invest in a Michael Kors watch, consider the MK Runway models. This particular collection by Michael Kors has been on the top-seller list for months. People from across the world are purchasing the product both first-hand and pre-loved from authenticated seller sites due to its versatility.
The Runway collection is one of the few MK designs that has shed the chunky gold boyfriend glam and embraced a more feminine aura. The much slimmer analog watch is perfect for petit wrists that are quite tired of lifting the hefty MK watches. Most importantly, it has blurred the line between sophisticated eveningwear and casual sportswear for the first time in the history of luxury accessory trends.


How have the Runway Watches from MK remained the star of the show for years?

The Runway watch is a welcome change from the masculine yellow gold and bejeweled watch collections we typically see from Michael Kors. The design behemoth has finally embraced a design that looks glamorous with floor-hugging evening gowns as it does with a pair of distressed jeans and a bomber jacket!

Versatile design

The MK Runway is indeed a versatile design that complements multiple aesthetics. The variants of the design, including the Slim Runway MK3551 and MK3590, add new possibilities to your planner. You can purchase one for the wild weekends you have planned with your bachelorettes or a quaint date with your SO. The MK Runway model you pick can dictate the future plans in your life!

New hues

The most stunning quality of the Slim Runway is the introduction of a new color – Sable. It is a dreamy shade that is not golden or bronze. It is a strange but splendid cross between chocolate brown, pewter, and mauve. It sits perfectly on any skin tone and brings out even the littlest hint of the glorious sun-kissed quality in your skin. Take it on a beach vacation or wear it to the office daily; the Slim Runway in Sable will never betray your wardrobe aesthetics.

The Runway MK 6594 comes in a delicate but bold red, which is perfect for the homemaker as it is for the CEO. It is a perennial best-seller that boasts a rose-gold bezel and red chronograph. Another model with a chronograph dial – the MK5128 is perfect for dressing up without really putting in the effort. Runway MK6673 is a league apart with its bespoke turquoise dial and turquoise speckled gold strap. This women's watch is perfect for an evening of romance as it is for parties.

Easily stylish

The achingly pretty Runway watches from Michael Kors can redefine minimalist for you. The Slim Runway versions come with a sunray dial with rose gold markers and hands. It also sports a brushed-finish strap in a color of your choice. The Slim Runway might be slimmer than many other Michael Kors designs, but it is definitely heavier than many other contemporary luxury watch brands. Nonetheless, the brushed dial and bracelet strap sits perfectly on one's wrist.
You can pair it with slim sleeved blazers. The Slim Runway should slide inside the sleeves quite easily despite the rather striking brushed dial and bracelet strap. The sleekness of the design also makes the watch a perfect addition to your breezy sundress for an afternoon brunch with friends or family.


What compels people to invest in Michael Kors watches?

Fashion labels like Gucci, Guess, Armani, and Michael Kors, do not make the lion's share of their profits from the sale of watches. That makes thousands of potential buyers skeptical. Why would anyone want to spend hundreds of dollars on a watch that does not come from a dedicated watchmaker with a Swiss heritage?
With the Tissot and Citizen collections becoming increasingly accessible to people across the entire globe, and at prices lower than those of most luxury designer brands, it is not a surprise that people are questioning the authority of high-fashion brands like Michael Kors in the watchmaking domain.

Let us shed some light on the USPs of MK watches –
Michael Kors watches, including MK Runway, are epitomes of style and technology-friendly design.
These watches are not just endowments of high-fashion, but they bear multiple functions, including chronograph and date features.
Michael Kors is foraying into the world of smart technology, and the Runway watches are a stepping stone to the same.
The watches have uncountable variants. You can choose from tens of colors, finishes, add-on features, and functions.
You can purchase and gift MK watches for various occasions. It can be a self-love gift when you need something more than a manicure or an anniversary gift for a loved someone.
Michael Kors brings a plaque of trust with the minimalist MK logo on every designer watch. Besides, every fashionista knows the value of any MK watch and why a Runway or Lexington might be more suited for any event than the best Swiss-made watches.
Luxury fashion watches are the easy replacement of a chunky bracelet. When you feel like dressing down, but don't want to forgo accessories altogether, a Slim Runway by Michael Kors can remain your faithful companion for the evening.

Always invest in an authentic Michael Kors watch for maximum benefits

Michael Kors is a brand famous for its smooth sophistication and affordability. It is a name that resonates with quality. Irrespective of your location, you can find at least one physical store in your city that stocks Michael Kors or a website that delivers to your doorstep.
Now, while buying a MK watch, you have to be extremely careful irrespective of your location. Sadly, counterfeit products are all too common today, and finding a fake MK watch at half the price of the original is no rarity. You may wonder if a discounted price you see right now is incredulous. Well, experts say that, if an offer is too good to be true, then it probably is.
Always take your business to a reputed seller of Michael Kors items in your locality. Ensure that you provide you with the authentic product, complete with the warranty card, invoice, and the MK booklet. Michael Kors is famous for the luxurious packaging of each of their designer products, and the Runway is no exception. So, you should expect a protective case with a delicate lining inside.
If you receive anything less from your chosen retailer, be ready to take your business elsewhere. While MK-inspired products may cost you up to 80% lesser than the original product, in reality, they have no value at all. Besides, they do not have the Fossil trademark of quality, and you cannot expect them to give you the same smooth service as most MK watches. They have zilch resale value, and you will end up with a useless replica that costs you at least a hundred bucks.
The Runway watches by MK are perpetually on sale right now even at the genuine retailers. You can check out multiple sellers online, who sell the Runway watches at heavily discounted prices, but do not skimp on the warranty offers and authentication details. Always remember to collect the documents during the purchase. Any designer watch without the proper papers during a resale can lose value tremendously.