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Seiko 5

Seiko 5 series are an affordable range within the Seiko watch brand. Seiko 5 watches are often extremely popular with the mass market customers. The Seiko 5 series is a range that has quartz and automatic watches, the styles also varies from classic to sports, mens and women watches. With modern designs, Seiko 5 watch line grew popular amongst younger watch enthusiasts who wanted value and style.

Most renowned for its sports watches; Seiko 5 Sports, included 27 different watch models split into 5 categories namely, Street, Specialist, Suits, Sense and Sports. The Seiko 5 watches were designed with the core focus on purpose and accessibility in mind; creating an iconic watch that many have grown fond of. Today, the Seiko 5 series still holds strong as the affordable backbone of Seiko watches, offering dependable mechanical watches the seasoned and budding watch enthusiasts alike.

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