Bring home the best watch models from Seiko Singapore – Here are a few reasons why?

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Are you planning to make a stylish and chic watch collection? If yes, then you must say yes to Seiko watches. It's a famous brand that designs and manufactures some of the best watch models for style-conscious men and women today. It is a budget watch brand, which means you can wear its watches extensively. Usually, people would want to spend all their hard-earned money on an expensive Swiss brand! While that is the right choice that you can make, you can check out the best pocket-friendly Seiko watch models. People who've said yes to this watch brand can speak elaborately about its best features and benefits.


Finding out more on Seiko Singapore

Seiko's journey started way back in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1881. It was the time when Kintaro Hattori used to sell and repair watches. Almost after eleven years, he came up with Seikosha, which used to produce clocks and gradually started designing pocket watches as well. In 1921 the brand got renamed as Seiko, and in 1923 the first Seiko watch got sold. In 2020, Seiko is one of the celebrated and reputed global watchmakers.

The brand often gets compared to other leading brands like Citizen, for the solar-powered and reasonably priced watches. Are you unsure about the Seiko watch you should buy? If yes, you can check the product catalog. Also, today several online dealers provide the best Seiko watch models with the necessary documents and warranty. To know more about this, you can check out Seiko Singapore.


The best Seiko Singapore watches to buy

If it is your first Seiko watch, you sure do need to invest in a classy looking model! You can choose from the following options:

  1. Seiko Presage

It's a striking collection of automatic watches, known for its stylish designs. The engineering process is high-end, and the price is reasonable, as well. Today, it’s popular amongst the young and adult watch lovers because of the cocktail designs, the enamel dial version, and the stunning sunrays. It's perfect for getting paired up with formal and casual suits.

  1. Seiko Prospex

Are you planning to invest in a sports watch? If yes, then the Seiko Prospex is the right choice. The collections have three variants for the sea, air, and land sports options. If you are an avid traveler, you can get this watch as well. The Driver series is the popular one that boasts of the ISO certification and calibrated diving bezels. You can also check out the Seiko Turtle variant known for its stylish design and durability.

  1. Seiko Criteria

Other than being a sophisticated watch, the Seiko Criteria is a blend of advanced features and unmatched style. The initial version of this watch was a stainless-steel chronograph. However, today you have the leather strap watch models as well. If you prefer leather to stainless-steel, choose the Seiko Criteria.

  1. Seiko Lukia

Women love to sport this Seiko timepiece! There's a wide range to select from. The high-points of this watch model are a smooth leather strap, quartz, and also the metal bracelet. The crystal dials also attract many women watch lovers.

  1. Seiko Premier

Do you want to invest all your savings on an exquisite dial? If yes, then you need to bring home the Seiko Premier. You can choose from the leather strap and the stainless-steel versions. Different watch models have different functions. This model provides the wearers with kinetic auto relay, which enables you to adjust the time based on your location.


Reasons to opt-in for Seiko Singapore watches

Now that you are aware of the models, you might want to know the reasons to opt-in for these watches. The crucial benefits of getting a Seiko watch are:

  1. It’s worth all your dollars

Most watch lovers will conclude that quality has a price! But when you look at the Seiko watches, you will find a slight exception. The brand boasts of high-end watches at an affordable price. It’s a good value for the money you spend. Seiko watches make use of high-end stainless steel and come with marine applications. The watches have a secured layer and coating on the surface, leaving aside the glass. All these features make Seiko a total value for your money.

  1. Offers proper value retention

Most people who’ve invested in and sold Seiko watch variants, speaks about its favorable value retention in the pre-owned and second-hand market. Usually, sellers lose a minimal of 15% to 25% of the actual price, while reselling the watch. You need to exercise logic here as the urgency for selling a watch will always be an essential factor. If you urgently want to sell, chances are you will recover the right amount from this. Also, when it’s about the limited and popular version of the watch, the actual value retention takes place. In the majority of the situations, people who have the rare Seiko watch models, often make a profit by reselling the same.

  1. Easy access to customer service when required

Seiko has a vast customer base! And there are situations when the watch needs a necessary repair or servicing. The brand provides easy access to service centers and professionals. You can also walk into the repair shops and calibrate the watch so that it functions better. These shops help in resolving other minute defects that the watch might have. The repair and servicing time depend on the condition of the watch. The brand employs trained technicians who can deconstruct the watch and quickly rebuild the automatic movements with the correct calibrations. It helps in accurate timekeeping.

  1. A real horology heritage

Seiko, as a brand, has been present for over a century. Young executives, managers, artists choose this watch brand over others. It's classy design and engineering makes it a perfect horology heritage. If you want to invest in a timepiece that boasts of skilled craftsmanship, accurate timekeeping, refined aesthetics, and a new age charm, Seiko will not disappoint you. Also, affordability is another factor that makes a favorite choice of many people.

Watch lovers can browse through the vintage models and opt-in for the same! It’s not just rewarding but also an acknowledgment to the watchmaking history. So, adding a Seiko watch to your collection will add more gravitas to the same.

  1. There are “in house” movements

Most people are unaware of the fact that the brand manufactures and produces their watch movements. It started when the brand made its entry-level watches affordable. That makes many people believe that the brand uses in-house caliber for designing and manufacturing these watches. Seiko acknowledges its "In House" movements, which gives the watches its finesse and functionality. The brand takes honor in developing the watch case, movements, bracelet, dial, and every other thing in house. So, if there’s a problem with any one part of the watch, the brand has the expertise to correct it.

  1. It will impress other watch admirers

Few people buy watches to watch and tell the time! And others buy watches for an aesthetic reason. They want to add to their collection and also impress others. Most watch admirers and lovers usually check the watch brand history and watch status. In a world where people often think of flaunting a dial made of German and Swiss technology, you can consider a high-end Japanese technology. When you flaunt and own a Seiko watch, you automatically get resounding affirmation from the watch connoisseurs. The brand always gets perceived as genuine and real.


Affordability is a crucial benefit of Seiko Singapore

In 2020, people are challenging and changing their past notions! Gone are the days when people thought that an impressive watch worth flaunting needs to cost you a fortune. The truth is horology love can be affordable as well. It's the watch dial, making, engineering, and features that count. Functionality goes a long way. Other brands are increasing their product price. And Seiko is fully equipped to compete with these global brands with its finest watch collections and technology. Affordability is one of the significant benefits, as it enables you to buy two Seiko watches for the price of two Swiss or German dials. And the best watch dealers provide authentic models and product warranty.


Things to keep in mind when purchasing Seiko Singapore watches

Online shopping has made life easy! Today, you can opt-in for Seiko watches online from leading and trustworthy dealers. Browse online and shortlist websites that appear promising and authentic to you. You must choose sites with positive reviews and testimonials. Also, you can take a look at the Seiko watch product archive. If you find the website providing the best watch models with relevant product details and warranty, you can go ahead and purchase the watch. Make sure that the payment channels are safe and easy to operate.

Purchasing a Seiko watch is the right style and monetary investment! It adds to your style and personality. Do you have a favorite edition yet? If not, browse online and choose one today.