The Citizen company has been innovating watches since 1924. With their expertise and experience, it’s no surprise how well-known they are. They developed a concept to be cherished and be part of watch lovers’ lives worldwide.

Their first-generation models blew up the market with their distinct features and iconic designs. Through simplicity and high-functionality, they became a distinguished watch brand up to this very day.

Features such as hypoallergenic materials, light-powered Eco-drive movements, were sustained by Citizen over different generations when it comes to their watches.

Moreover, they continually improve their watch products to provide not just advanced technology and better function but also ease and comfort to the wearer.

A Watchmaking Gem

Citizen has been a loud brand for as long as we can remember, and it has surpassed the challenges of keeping up with the demands of modern technology. It continuously stands tall on its own stage with its line of prestige watches.

There is just something about Citizen timepieces that’s interesting and profound. Aside from its quality and affordability, every watch is curated with purpose and philosophy.

As we dive deeper into this article, we’ll give you an overview of different Citizen models, and you might find the perfect watch suited for you.

Citizen Promaster

The Citizen Promaster series is your go-to model if you have an adventurous spirit. It caters to land, air, and sea functions to complement the kind of lifestyle every watch enthusiast has.

Citizen Promaster Fugu NY0010-13E

This Citizen model is curated with a sporty and stunning dive watch design. It has an automatic caliber protected by a durable mineral crystal glass. What’s great about this is aside from its stylish finish, is its impeccable build quality as well.

Its left-hand crown is positioned at 8 in order to prevent significant impacts from accidental bumps and knocks. This also aims to provide ease and comfort to the wearer despite being in extreme environments.

For collectors who are very attentive to details, this watch may spark something in you due to its distinct bevels, printed N.D Limits scale on its strap, and a helpful day/date display.

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Citizen Eco-drive

Citizen is strongly known for its traditional craftsmanship, but the Eco-drive series is innovated to be future-looking dedicated to meeting the transitional demands of the modern era.

The Eco-drive line is famously known as the Citizen company’s most powerful collection when it comes to watches. Through it, Citizen built a dependable reputation for its clients quality-wise and trust-wise.

Citizen Eco-drive Rose Gold Stainless Steel BJ6483-01A

This Eco-drive model is great as an everyday piece, but it’s so classy you can actually flaunt it on formal occasions too. Plus, being a light-powered watch means that there’s practically no need for battery changes!

With its sophisticated leather strap, it does not only give comfort, but it’s very expensive-looking, which makes it perfect for anyone, whether you are a professional or on-the-budget type of folk.

It has a fixed stainless steel bezel, solid case back, and sapphire crystal glass that makes the watch tough and sweet at the same time. Its leather strap and rose-gold finish make it look just as luxurious and elegant as it can be.

To know more about the Citizen Eco-drive series, visit this link.

Citizen Satellite Wave

The Citizen Satellite Wave series is equipped with intelligent technology crafted to be eye-catching at the same time. Wherever you are, as long as you are under an open sky, your watch will automatically display the most precise time.

Very convenient and innovative, right?

Come to think of it, Citizen is excellent when it comes to watchmaking. So why are we still surprised if they flex this modern timepiece? It’s worth showing off in the first place.

Citizen Satellite Wave CC7005-16E

This Satellite Wave model may be expensive, but it is worth every penny. You’ll get your money’s worth with its advanced technological functions, not to mention its stunning structure.

Its premium sapphire crystal is superior for its protective and scratch-resistant properties. In addition, it has the world’s fastest timekeeping reception speed from GPS navigation satellites. 

Imagine automatically processing and displaying time data in 3 seconds. Just brilliant!

Its multi-layered green dial perfectly matches the black super titanium case and white accented texts. Moreover, one of its best features is its Eco-drive technology powered by any light there is in the world.

With this on your wrist, expect lots of head-turning just for you.

Look closer at the details of this stunning piece by clicking the link here.

Premium Citizen

The Citizen company has been innovative with every timepiece they have. From the traditional ones up to the more modern watches, they proved time and time again that their products are well-founded and exquisite.

They offer a premium selection of watches that cater to any occasion. Their brand philosophy not just includes the classics but also the future.

Citizen EM-0654-88D

This is one of Citizen’s premium offers. A symbolic piece that shows the world how bold and confident women should be. It’s a simple watch, yet it is very classy. Also, it can be worn on different occasions.

Its stainless steel case is showered with a rose gold plating, plus the two-tone strap is to die for. It’s a perfect mix of sultry and sweet, making it suitable for all ages.

Also, it weighs very light with a buckle-type deployment clasp with push-button, intending to make the wearer at ease and comfortable with this watch on her wrist.

This watch could be your new best friend!

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