When you talk about wristwatches today, you don’t just mean a simple, fashionable accessory that can complement your chosen look effortlessly. You put proper thought into your selection because you have a purpose in mind with a particular choice. For instance, if you lead an active lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities, including diving, you may want to own a watch that can accompany you during this time. For that, you may consider a dive watch. But do you know that even diving watches can have remarkable differences between them? To be precise, there can be functional as well as just the nice-looking dive watches.



Many reputable online and offline stores sell an exciting range of diving wristwatches, which you can show off as a part of your cool fashion style. However, you cannot expect them to perform as good as a real diving timepiece. Such watches can have feel-good factors more than anything else. Anyway, let’s keep this aside and assume that you are looking for a great dive watch too that is made for the real diving situations, even if it means for recreational-only needs. Here are a few things that you would need to take into account while shopping for any of this.


Things to consider in a diving watch and why Citizen watches are worth your attention



As mentioned above, some watches come with diving attributes, while the others are the authentic dive watches with advanced technology. The ones made for adding a twist to your regular fashion taste usually offer high water resistance and moving bezels. However, good dive watches tend to be more function-rich. You can see them providing maximum depth memory, auto start dive mode, and rapid ascent alarm, etc. The maximum water depth memory shows the maximum diving depth; the early ascent alarm sets off to warn the scuba diver when the water pressure sensor of the watch spots rapid ascent. Similarly, auto start dive mode gets activated as soon as the watch's water sensor gets wet.



When you buy a dive watch, regardless of the basic goal, you have to make sure that it is using non-corrosive materials, scratch-proof crystals, and large buttons that you can operate with gloves. Also, it would be even better if the strap is extendable to be worn over a diving suit when required.

Coming to Citizen watches, it will not be wrong to say that these can be your perfect companion, no matter what your expectations are. In this case, you can think of specific models for catering to your diving needs. There are two designs to consider:


  • Citizen Promaster Marine CA0711-80H men’s watch



  • Citizen Promaster Aqualand BN2038-01L for professional divers



Let's explore these two distinct options to understand how dive watches can be similar yet different from each other.

 Citizen watches: CA7011-80H & BN2038-01L



The Promaster Chronograph CA0711-80H is one of Citizen's most popular designs. The sportiness of this watch complements its masculine features. The stainless steel body takes care of this aspect very well. People enjoy the appearance of this watch the most because of its intelligent combination of case and bracelet, together creating a bold presence. Amidst the surroundings of the silver case, the classic black dial keeps everything in order. You can follow the hands and markers without any effort. In this watch design, you encounter three sub-dials for tracking hours and minutes.



It is one of those fashionable dive watches that you can wear to flaunt your latest style a bit. Don't worry if you end up getting it wet. It comes with a water-resistance of up to 200m. When you go swimming, you don't have to take this off your wrist.



In this Promaster model, you can use both the chronograph and the unidirectional bezel for time measurement. It comes in handy in noting the elapsed time. Since it has a quartz movement, you don't need to worry about the accuracy of the time. Plus, the sapphire glass cover takes care of the scratches. With a dial size of 44mm, this particular watch stands for comfortable time reading, precision, and attractive look. It can be a great affordable buy for you.




Let’s focus on the real diver watch BN2038-01L Citizen Promaster Aqualand. Whether you examine its belt or dial, you know it exudes the right diving feel. Many users enjoy its huge dial size measuring up to 46mm. It does get your wrist a lot of attention. However, make sure your wrists are not too slender for this design. It can look a bit odd then.



The diver look of this watch completes itself with its water resistance ability of up to 200m. The design runs on Eco-Drive technology that uses solar energy to function and does away with battery. This feature is quite helpful for underwater activities. People call it a professional watch because of its characteristics like water depth measurement, rapid ascent alarm, and others.



The watch comes with a blue polyurethane strap imprinted with the Promaster logo and text. As expected of a dive watch, the belt is extendable to wrap over your wetsuit. The stainless-steel case in silver color has many details. There is a screw-down crown at the side of 4 o'clock, and two push buttons at the 8 and 10 o'clock positions. Its Pepsi bezel has 60 clicks that indicate 60 minutes. You can use this for counting the diving time. The inner bezel gives you an insight into water depth measurements. If you look at the 9 o'clock area, you will find a power reserve indicator along with a date display too.



BN2038-01L, with the suitable hardware and technology, can take care of your actual diving needs, whereas CA7011-80H, with its classic diving features, can really add on to your fashionable style.



Whether you want a good-looking diving watch or a real performer in that sense, you can explore the watches by Citizen for an idea. You can expect it to meet your needs in terms of taste, choice, purpose, and budget.