You are ready to spend somewhere around $500 on a watch. There is undoubtedly no shortage of choices. But you could be stuck at whether you should buy an elegant or a rugged watch. Both these options are right as such. Hence, you don't have to think if you will be wrong for choosing one over the other, especially when their quality and price match. Now, the question remains – how should you decide between them? A sturdy watch can be safe for your adventurist soul, while an elegant timepiece can act as a perfect companion for your formal suit.



You have to identify what you want and what is your basic style. For this, considering a few aspects is crucial before concluding. Here are some suggestions that can help you make a quick decision.

A Seiko Prospex rugged watch or an elegant dress watch


Frequency of use

What does a watch mean to you? You can find an answer to this by exploring your usage habits, emotional equation, and price. If you wear it frequently, it has lots of value in your life. However, only a few watches tend to be versatile in terms of their suitability for every occasion. Otherwise, you need at least two watches to cover your needs.  For instance, an outdoor person will most likely be adventurous. For him, features like high water resistance, robust build, and scratchproof watch face have enormous significance. Also, the watch should have an easily readable dial. 



On the other side, elegant watches are mostly no-frill accessories. Their simple designs bestow them with unmistakable charming looks. But they may not be the best choice for rough use, particularly if you have to travel a lot or follow a packed schedule to balance between your outdoor desires and professional goals. You cannot expect them to meet the needs of your rough-and-tumble lifestyle.



In this context, you can take a look at Seiko Prospex collection. These professional specification watches combine the elements of elegance and adventure, helping you to enjoy a carefree yet focused life. They come with stainless steel/leather/silicone straps, sapphire/Hardlex glass, 100 to 200m water resistance, and many more. Their designs are transitional, allowing you to wear them to any occasion or place without worries. Some of the choices that might interest you in this regard include:


  • Monster SRPD29K1 Men’s Watch


  • Automatic SRPC41K1 Stainless Steel Men’s Silver Watch


  • Seiko Prospex Solar   Men’s Watch


  • SOLAR SNE499P1 Men’s Watch


  • SRPD21K1 Men’s Watch


Personal preferences


Round, square, rectangular, and cushion-style are some of the common dial shapes. Most of the dress or sporty watches are spherical because it is considered to be a safe choice. Then, the dials' size can also be important, measuring a dimension of 45 millimeters, 40 millimeters, and 35 millimeters. These are the conventional measurements. There can be varying dimensions. Any wristwatch with 45 millimeters or more can be overpowering and bold on your wrist, and anything with 35 millimeters or lesser dial size can look slim.



Besides, the material used in the wristwatches can also be a deciding factor. A stainless steel case with sporty traits can create a balance between classic and active lifestyle. You can flaunt it in both formal and casual events. Plus, if somebody asks you to try some adventure, you don’t have to think twice before joining the fun. A rugged watch with stainless steel strap can perform anywhere. But you cannot expect this from a bona-fide elegant watch. You have to take it off if you suddenly plan for an adventure trip.



Another highlight that can be significant in the context of your taste is the dial color. Black and white colors have a timeless appeal. And the fascinating thing is you can find their extensive presence across all types of watches. So, if you choose a rough and tough watch, you don't need to worry about its shade. You can pick a black dial with stainless steel, leather, or silicone strap for its versatile performance. Though there are other varieties, you may find this choice to be safer, mainly if you plan to wear it with formals.


The feel


The most apparent difference between elegant and rugged watches is the kind of signal they send about your personality. A sturdy looking watch reflects your adventurous nature; it gives a sneak peek into a man who leads a purposeful life. It also reveals his full-on attitude. When you have something like this on your wrist, you don’t leave anything to chance prediction. People see you the way you are. They don’t have to depend on the subtle hints. On the other side, an elegant watch says you are a gentleman with certain financial standing and clout.



What do you think of who you are? You are the best judge of yourself. Check your automatic response to any situation, ambition, lifestyle, and how you see yourself. Whether you are a genuine outdoor person or a mix of gentleman and adventurist, you can trust the Prospex designs to connect with your inherent energy.


The professional environment


Where do you spend a large amount of your time? Your career path can also be an indicator of what you need in your watch. If you have to keep moving around, and there is a lot of physical activity involved, you may want a watch that can stand up to the abuse. But if yours is a mostly sedentary type of work, then any simple watch with an attractive body can be excellent.



It will not be wrong to say that almost every style of watch available nowadays has a purpose to serve. But it doesn’t strictly limit itself to only that function. For an urban generation, an agile and all-round capability means everything. When you go through Prospex watches from Seiko, you can get such a vibe. If you are not totally into a refined and status-conscious lifestyle, you can try this collection once. It has premium models also, but you would have to increase your budget drastically.