Different styles of Michael Kors watch for men and women

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A common notion that everyone carried with themselves in the earlier era about wristwatches was that it should be passable from one generation to another. Hence, they paid more attention to luxury collections, which either featured mechanical expertise or a unique classical charm that could grab eyeballs regardless of the time or trend. The regular watches didn’t garner as much notice. They remained as the practical options only. While style also played a role, it was not as significant as the functionality. So, you could witness a clear divide in opinions and choices.

However, the old mindset started fading when the timepieces made a comeback after facing a sharp decline in their demand due to the penetration of smartphones. The entry of fashionable designer labels somewhere helped turn the tide in favor of the ready-to-wear watches. The daily wears are no more any simple, functional pieces. Their thoughtful designs, wide varieties, affordable pricing, and exclusive range make them a fierce competition for even a high-end watchmaker. For example, you can consider the offerings by Michael Kors. The renowned American designer watches are trendy as well as affordable.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a girl or a boy, you would want to add it to your wardrobe for its value, quality, and glamour. Each timepiece is a timeless creation in its own right, thanks to the meticulous engineering that enables it to match any formal or everyday look like a breeze. Since there is no shortage of variations for the kind of price they come, you can give your fashion a quick American luxe twist, if you desire.

Why buy a Michael Kors watch?

The modern taste inclines towards everything minimalist. When you dip into MK watches, you will realize most of the designs are subtle and transparent, making them a perfect accompaniment for your everyday style. From men's chronograph fashioned stainless steel models to women's two-tone bracelets, they can impress collectors as well as enthusiasts in one breath. If you don't agree, you can browse a reputed online store right away to experience the truth.

While browsing all the editions, you are sure to admire one quality that almost all the watches from this brand own - it is the combination of style and functionality. No matter what you pick, you would find it to demonstrate the accurate balance of both the elements. That's why perhaps even pure watchmaking brand hunters also prefer to indulge in MK accessories sometimes. An example of this ideal blend is the use of different color tones in dials and belts along with advanced functionalities.

All the watches from this fashion label usually feature quartz movements and top craftsmanship to win some easy loyal customers. Quartz design gains over others for its precision and easy maintenance. The watches run on battery due to which you can wear them for a long time before you need to replace one. As a result, affordable designer wristwatches become more cost-effective in the long run. In essence, whether you are a first-time buyer or even a committed watch collector, you cannot keep your eyes off what this brand has to offer.

Here are some styles that you may find extremely exciting and proud of owning. Let’s explore them one by one quickly.

Types of watch styles for both men and women

Skeleton Look

Did you know something like this could exist in fashionable watch collection? Well, this style is famous for its bold and charming appeal. It can become your instant favorite if you are an ardent watch lover. Different labels are trying this model because they know men like quirky yet attractive wearables. These watches usually come with exposed dials due to which the inner mechanics are easy to see. Nowadays, even women are also getting attracted to this choice, though. Anyway, right now, men have a reason to smile as MK offers them this unique model in the form of Michael Kors Merrick MK9037 Men's Watch.

MK9037 features an exquisite stainless-steel case that comes in black color. This automatic watch has three hands. The strap is also stainless steel, which complements the skeleton look perfectly.

Floral Designs

While men have a reason to go gaga over their skeleton Michael Kors watch, women don't have to sit back and regret yet as they also have something exceptional designed to suit their delicate taste and vibrant getup. You can run your eyes through Michael Kors Courtney MK2718 Women's Watch for an idea. It displays the garden-inspired theme with lavender and white hued floral print adorning the stone-studded rose gold dial. It doesn’t end here. The Croco leather strap and glitzy bezel complete the overall appearance to make it an exceptional choice. Whether you are getting ready for a night out or hectic workday at the office, you can wear it on your wrist to perk up your outfit. 

The flower embossments or printed straps are well-recognized for their feminine and flirty spirit. For some more inspiration, you can even have a look at Michael Kors Lexington MK2810 Women's Watch. The golden dial with a pink floral printed leather strap can be your signature style on a casual or carefree day.

Two-tone magic

It is the most flexible option for regular watch lovers. The different tones of the metal give your watch a mix of cool and warm flavor in an elegant manner. As a result, you don't have to bother where you wear one. You can tie it on your wrist and leave for office or gym without even thinking twice. Also, since the timepiece has two shades, you can match it with your attire effortlessly.  Some of the choices in dual-tone under MK label include:

  • Michael Kors Hartman Two-Tone MK3711 Women’s Watch: It showcases tort acetate and gold-colored stainless steel. This watch exemplifies the union of classic and contemporary thought process. Plus, a sunray dial takes the entire gold-tone fame to another height of fashion.


  • Michael Kors Parker Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless Steel MK5626 Women’s Watch: It's an attractive piece that gets maximum attention for its white dial and two-tone steel and gold coating. It is a chronograph watch with a date function. Water-resistance is its additional highlight.


  • Michael Kors Runway MK6594 Women’s Watch: If you are ready to feel overwhelmed by something, then this is perhaps the right design. The Runway watch leaves its imprint on your mind with its red stainless-steel case and rose-gold bezel. You can wear it as a part of your everyday wear or on special occasions to grab the attention you desire.


  • Michael Kors Bradshaw MK6268 Men’s Watch: The gold and blue stainless-steel case color in the setting of the quartz movement and chronograph function offers the perfect balance of masculinity and elegance to allow you to boast it the way you fancy.


  • Michael Kors Runway MK8189 Unisex Watch: Transcending the feminine touch over masculine flavor and vice versa, this model can draw your attention for its surprising calm and composed look. The stainless steel rose gold and gunmetal case in the backdrop of the quartz movement along with chronograph functionality, speaks volumes about its smart design and engineering.

So, as such, you can see there is no lack of choices when it comes to styles in MK watches for men and women. You have to keep your eyes open while browsing the gallery for the trendy designs. The collections will surely leave you impressed. The three styles mentioned above are just an example of what you can expect from this fashionable designer label. If you need some more looks, then check its collection for white watches, smartwatches, bracelet watches, and more. Some of the incredible varieties that await you in one or two of these styles include:

  • Michael Kors Parker MK2277 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Parker MK6119 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Bradshaw MK2730 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Lexington MK8320 Men’s Watch

The last option is a bracelet watch for men. If you cannot decide between wearing a bracelet or a watch, you can choose MK8320 as a savior. It is a blend of fashion and function with a highly stylish band.

Anyway, as you can sense, Michael Kors is wholly focused on its watch styles and designs. Even the functionalities are quite advanced yet straightforward, showing how much the brand cares about your taste, convenience, and preference. Whether you have a low or high budget, you can always look forward to it to fulfill your fashion demands. And since it has something for both women and men, you can select one for your partner or better-half whenever you desire.

Just remember, like any other designer label, an MK watch may not have heirloom qualities. But once you flaunt it on your wrist, everyone is going to pay attention. After all, MK is a colossal name, and anything from this label deserves to get noticed. So, if you envied others for their luxury watch brands, it's time you show what you have got in your wardrobe.