Different Types of Watch Glass

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What is a Watch Glass?

Watch glass has come a long way since the first pocket watches in the 16th century. The development of synthetic materials and coatings has led to the creation of different types of watch glass that are more durable, scratch-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. 

A watch glass is a crucial component of any wristwatch, as it protects its face and delicate internal mechanisms from dust, water, and other external factors. It is also responsible for maintaining the watch's aesthetics and readability. 

Choosing the correct type of watch glass is an important consideration when purchasing a timepiece. So in this article, let us look at the different watch glasses available to help you make an informed decision.

Different Types of Watch Glass

Sapphire Glass

Sapphire glass is made from synthetic sapphire crystal, which ranks second to diamond in terms of hardness. It is highly scratch-resistant and durable, making it ideal for luxury watches. It is the most scratch-resistant and durable watch crystal. However, it is also the most expensive. It is also less shatter-resistant than mineral or acrylic glass and may require special tools to cut and fit. 

To effectively care for this type of material, it is vital to know that while it is highly scratch-resistant, sapphire glass can still be chipped or cracked if dropped. It is best to avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals and abrasives. 

If you're interested in looking for watches with Sapphire glass, you can check out our AG Collective, Tissot, Bering, and Mido brand collections.

Mineral Glass

Mineral glass or Hardlex is made from tempered glass, which makes it more resistant to scratches and impacts than plastic or acrylic glass. It is also known as hardened glass and is relatively inexpensive.

Moreover, it is affordable and widely available but not as scratch-resistant as sapphire glass. It also has incredible clarity and visibility. That said, to keep its longevity, do not expose it to extreme temperatures and keep it away from harsh chemicals and abrasives.

For watches with mineral glass, you can look through our Seiko, Citizen, Ingersoll, and Maserati watches.

Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass, also known as plexiglass, is made from a type of plastic that is lightweight. It is commonly used in sports watches because it is highly shatter-resistant and inexpensive. However, it is less scratch-resistant than mineral or sapphire glass and may require frequent polishing. 

Moreover, like other different types of watch glass, you should not expose it to harsh chemicals and abrasives, and use a soft cloth to polish away scratches.

Furthermore, some of the watch brands with acrylic glass that you can check out are Timex, Fila, Adidas, and Reebok.


A plastic watch glass is typically made from polycarbonate, which is highly shatter-resistant and lightweight. It is commonly used in digital watches. However, it is not scratch-resistant and may require frequent polishing. It may also have low clarity and visibility in extreme conditions, but it is less expensive than the other three mentioned above. 

Ensure that you avoid bumping it into surfaces and other abrasives, and always have a soft cloth with you to clean it and maintain visibility. Furthermore, if you're looking for brands with plastic glass, Superdry and Swatch usually have this.


Ultimately, as there are different types of watch glass, the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for a watch that can withstand rough handling and frequent use, then sapphire or mineral glass may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable watch or a watch for occasional use, then acrylic or plastic glass may be a better option. 

In addition, if you have any issues with your watch glass, including scratches or cracks, a professional must repair or replace it. Contact us for our watch repair services to ensure your watch functions as it should.