Dressing with Form and Function this Valentine Day's

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Not sure what to wear this coming Valentine’s Day? Worried that your date will show up with plans for activities when you’re dressed for a romantic lunch date? Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of taking a day off from work to spend the entire day of this special occasion with your significant other? Not to worry! We have some ideas on what you can wear for any occasion, any kind of date, or whether you’re just going out for a singles night out with friends!

Here are some pretty looks that you can try out for whatever plans you may have on this romantic day!



Heading out for a tea or dinner date straight after work? No time to go home and get changed into something more fancy? Emulate Victoria Beckham’s classy corporate glam look with a touch of romance with her pink chinos and white chiffon shift. To add a bit more femininity, opt for a simple beach waves hairstyle, nude heels, and an Aries Gold Enchant Verona watch to perfect the look! Once you’re done with work, all you need to do is untuck that shirt and put on a stylish jacket for the night out and you’re ready to go!

Who says you can’t be fashionable at work?





Gigi Hadid oozes femininity with her loose wavy hair and simple shirt dress tied at the waist. The black booties and oversized sunglasses gives it a touch of a rebellious nature, while still retaining the overall flirty ‘good girl-next-door’ look. Slap on a Paul Hewitt Sailor Line Blue Lagoon to give the whole look an understated feel and you’ll be ready for a day with some girlfriends or a cute little lunch date! 





Fancy a date out and about? More of the outdoorsy type? Or maybe you’ll spend the day at the bowling alley and putting balls at the mini-golf? With Kendall Jenner’s simple black sporty leggings and grey sweatshirt, you’ll be ready and perfect for anything your date throws at you on your casual day date! Keep your hair only half-up to make it a little more romantic, and make sure to put on a pair of classy shades and a cute sporty watch like the Casio Baby G to make to look stand out!