East vs. West: Tissot vs. Seiko

Over the years, Japanese and Swiss watches have had a little bit of a rivalry. From their movement and functionality to their package and designs. Watches are one of the most essential accessories in our daily lives, and if you are a watch enthusiast, you may find the options overwhelming.

In this article, we will go through Tissot and Seiko. We are not here to choose who’s more superior than the other since they both bring a lot to the table. However, we can break down details to see which you resonate more with.


Tissot is known for its quality skillset and watchmaking expertise. This company was founded last 1853 and has created a reputation for developing a luxury lifestyle brand. They ensure high-quality curation that meets the Swiss watch standards. Timepieces powered by a Swiss movement are considered the highest standard of quality. Swiss watchmakers also provide critical and hand-assembled construction and design processes, even in the smallest detail. Tissot prioritizes accuracy but also intricate aesthetics. Each piece is made with boldness and passion that watch enthusiasts admire in the brand.

Let’s see a couple of models:


As you can see, this Tissot model is astonishing. It is run by an accurate Swiss automatic movement and has an 80-hour power reserve that throws away its competitors. It comprises durable materials such as the 316L stainless steel case material, and a domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the watch with an anti-reflective coating. 

Moreover, it has a water-resistant feature as well. Looking at the watch, you can tell that it’s traditionally innovated. It has an elegant and comfortable feel and enough versatility to fit any wardrobe.

Take a closer look at this timepiece on this link.


As much as Tissot’s brand philosophy stays close to its heritage, they know how to adapt to the modern era and develop its products to meet the current demands with its classic pieces. This Tissot T1204071109101 is a symbol of style and performance. It’s a versatile watch, but it is specifically made for water sports lovers. 

Aside from the Swiss movement with superb accuracy, power reserve, and reliability, this watch features optimal functionality under the sea. It can handle pressure at 1000 feet, making it durable in extreme conditions. On top of that, you get easy time readability in the depths with its luminescent hands.

To know more about it, click here.


Now, let’s talk about Seiko from the East. They are a brand that has been around in the watch industry for over 130 years. Emphasizing their Japanese heritage, this brand is less focused on luxury and created the quartz movement to provide timepieces of superb quality without breaking the bank. In contrast to Tissot’s hand-assembled chronographs, Seiko watches are curated mostly by animated robots, making the product free from human errors and affordable. However, the movements would have a lesser detailed raw appearance.

Here are a few of their pieces:


The Seiko 5 SRPH80K1 Limited Edition watch is a beautiful masterpiece. It has a stunning red dial with a black accent on the side, resembling the image of a guitar’s curvature. Complementing it is the white indices and hands with gold outlines. Plus, an elegant black case with gold touches. It is run by a 4R36 automatic caliber that features a power reserve of 40 hours.

Moreover, the watch is protected by a Hardlex crystal. Although a Sapphire glass is more scratch-resistant, a Hardlex glass is more shatterproof and cost-efficient, making the watch durable. This modern piece is excellent for any sports or casual occasion, and for a limited edition, it is worth it.

For more details, click this link.


Inspired by the landscape of Antarctica and the decreasing numbers of penguins, Seiko has designed this timepiece with advocacy. Hence, the “save the ocean” theme. It has a stunning textured dial mimicking the underwaters and the penguin silhouette at 10 o’clock. 

Moreover, it is engineered by a 4R35 Japanese automatic movement with a manual winding capacity. Protected by a reliable Hardlex with lenses, you can ensure that this watch will withstand bumps and impacts unaffectedly. It also has a 660 feet water-resistant capacity with a comfortable silicone band strap.

View more of this quality craftsmanship on this link.


When it comes to a conclusion, Tissot and Seiko are both excellent brands with their strengths. Both can get the job done, and both are loved by watch enthusiasts worldwide. It all boils down to your personal prioritization for having a reliable daily accessory.

Suppose you love the luxurious depths of heritage watches. In that case, Tissot has aesthetically gorgeous and high-quality timepieces that swipe off other Swiss watchmakers cost-wise, and they have a lot of expertise over the years that backs them up. If you’re into precisely built-to-function pieces or desire an extensive range of watches at an affordable price, we suggest you go with Seiko. 

While there is some overlapping on what they are excellent at, there’s no reason you can’t have both brands in your collection.

Check out our whole collection of Seiko and Tissot watches and decide for yourself.

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