Emporio Armani: Quartz Vs Automatic Watches and the Other Options

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A wristwatch is one of those rare accessories which do not just complement a look but also has a practical use. Before smartphones made an entry, there was a complete dependence on the timepieces for tracking time. You felt terrible if you missed wearing one in a hurry and rushed out of the home to attend something urgent. Today, you do not depend on it the way you did earlier. But it does not imply watches are second to anything.

The current generation is conscious of style and look. Everyone has an independent personality and aspires to create its fashion signature. And, that’s where the role of wristwatches comes into notice. For instance, if you buy an Emporio Armani watch, you know how it can contribute to your overall appearance and taste and why it is a fantastic pick. A branded watch like this is all about sophistication, which exudes from its designs. Its rich repository is suitable for both men and women. And no matter whatever personal choice you have, it can deliver on your expectations.

The use of distinctive materials, such as stainless steel, rose gold-colored stainless steel, and leather straps, is the reflection of its intent. The brand wants to be your fashion companion, regardless of the occasion.


Why do women enjoy wearing an Emporio Armani?

Women vouch for this particular brand because it gives them a unique combination of fierce and feminine at the same time. The sleek designs can adorn any shape and size of the wrist beautifully. Some dials stand out for their elegance, while others like silver and black ones leave their mark for being versatile and classy. The women's collection is more about the character that is brought to life through textures.


Why do men invest in Emporio Armani watches?

When it comes to a man's choice, the brand focuses on the aspect of desirability in designs and makes sure that every timepiece conveys this in some form or the other. The bold styles and deep colors allow you to flaunt one from day to night, whether you sport a formal or casual look. It oozes fashion through designs. And the best part is, it does not intervene with the quality of a product. For a fashion-forward person, Emporio is a must-have wardrobe item.

Like any other company, Emporio offers different types of watches, including quartz and automatic or mechanical. Both these possess unique characteristics because of their unique movement-based technologies. While the modern users pick quartz movement for its advanced mechanics, the purists choose an automatic movement for its precision and technique. Since both of these can have different meanings for different individuals, let's dig into each variety to understand who should choose what.


Understanding quartz and automatic movements


Automatic watches exist since the 15th century. They were mainly available in the form of pocket watches owned by royalty and nobility. It became popular with the gentry around the late 1600s. It dominated the British industry until the 19th century, after which the Swiss market took over all the attention with Abraham-Louis Breguet (a Swiss man) designing the first wristwatch. These watches were for women primarily, but with the advent of the early 20th century, even men started adopting it. Eventually, pocket watches became a thing of the past.

The mechanical watches enjoyed dominance for the next thirty years or so in the globe due to their superior quality and details provided by the Swiss brands. However, a wave of change happened in the mid or late 1960s with the introduction of quartz technology. This technology originated in Japan. A quartz timepiece started gaining popularity, being a cheaper and more accurate option to mechanical watches. It threatened the Swiss market entirely during the 1970s and 80s. However, Swiss brands also made a comeback by carving their niche in this budget segment.


Everything about quartz watches

Quartz movement watches offer durability and accuracy for an affordable price. It functions very smoothly. These watches have batteries that power the small, vibrating quartz crystal. The crystal rotates 33 times every second without any fail, helping a watch to maintain a frequency while measuring time. There are only a few moving parts in this type of watch. Because these are cheap and strong, people prefer them over the other one more. Then, its accuracy is another major highlight for them. It means you can expect an Emporio quartz watch to be advantageous for many reasons.


  • The consistency of the mechanism ensures accurate time tracking
  • The use of battery and only a few moving parts makes it low maintenance
  • Since it needs less upkeep, it is not very expensive
  • It can be an effortless timepiece for anyone who just wants to wear one and forget about it


Emporio quartz collection for men and women

If you like to own an Emporio quartz movement watch, you can explore through its varied collection for men and women. The choices are innumerable, of which these are a few examples:


Men’s watches

  • Emporio Armani Sportivo

  • Emporio Armani Meccanico

  • Emporio Armani Luigi

  • Emporio Armani Aviator

  • Emporio Armani Tazio

  • Emporio Armani Beta


Women’s watches

  • Emporio Armani Retro Gold

  • Emporio Armani Gold Gianni T-bar

  • Emporio Armani Rose Gold Dial Stainless Steel

  • Emporio Armani Kappa

  • Emporio Armani Ceramica


Everything about automatic watches

Going by horology, automatic or mechanical watches, as you know by now, are here since ancient times. It is arguably the first technology used in watchmaking. That's why perhaps it lacks a bit in accuracy and durability. But these models tend to be slightly expensive and sophisticated. For an experience, you can check Emporio’s automatic watch collection. You have to maintain them in proper health to ensure smooth functioning. Due to these reasons, some people may challenge the idea of why somebody would want to buy it. It may not be easy to answer, but choosing an automatic watch is purely about personal preference and taste. It is about delving into the charm of anything classic.

In an automatic movement watch, you will come across complex devices containing a mainspring and multiple gears. It usually consists of hundreds of small and delicate parts. The internal moving weight rotates, and the power reserve of this watch increases when you move your arm. Even when you shake it side to side, the weight shifts and the power reserve gets energy. The stored power helps it to run continuously. Every watch comes with different power storing capacitates.



  • The watch does not need daily winding
  • The watch is for everyday wear
  • The more you wear, the smoothly it functions


Emporio quartz collection for men and women

Automatic watches usually tend to be thick because of the use of extra rotors. Emporio Armani offers some excellent men's and women's watches under this category. For women, its Esedra collection deserves special mention. The straps come in rose gold, silver stainless steel, and two-tone stainless steel. The dials are also available in exciting shapes. As far as the options in men’s watch go, you can check out Meccanico, Swiss, and Luigi ranges. You can choose leather or stainless straps from them. In leather, you can pick from brown or black color.


How to decide between quartz and automatic watch?

Emporio Armani designer watches are the objects of envy. Hence, it does not make a difference what type of movement watch you select for your use. However, there are a few things that you should consider before investing. For instance, if you desire to pass down your watch to children or bask in its legacy, then automatic mechanical watches can be your focus. These are beautiful, have a long history behind them, and stand witness to human genius for countless decades. Quartz watches, on the other, are not generally investment things. They tell you time and look every bit gorgeous. You can wear one for a long time because of its durability.


Choosing quartz over automatic

  • If you do not have a good budget, you can opt for a quartz watch that costs less due to its simple make.
  • It tells you accurate and reliable time. You can expect it to have a difference of 20 seconds a month, while an automatic watch can run slow or fast by several minutes per month.
  • It does not require high maintenance. You can replace the battery after a few years to continue to enjoy its service. Automatic watches, on the other side, need support at the gap of three to five years.


Choosing automatic over quartz

  • They stand for craftsmanship and artistry.
  • These have heritage value.
  • These speak volumes about engineering feat and unique mechanical allure.
  • These watches can create an illusion of a sweeping movement as the second hands in them rotate numerous times per second. It is something that every purist would enjoy.

The choices are clear but overwhelming. Apart from these two broad categories, Emporio also specializes in chronograph models. It is now up to you to make up your mind.