Emporio Armani Watch Connected Hybrid: Everything you need to know before buying an EA smartwatch

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Whether or not robots and AI will steal our jobs in the next decade is an ongoing debate. At the moment, we are enjoying the perks of technology, machine learning, and AI, probably, without even realizing it. From machine learning-based apps in our phones that always "know" what we are seeking to the personalized advertisements that somehow always point us towards the Christmas gift we were searching for two weeks ago, we do enjoy the perks of living in the brave new world.
One of the few things we can't help, but love is the sleek and feature-filled activity trackers, which come in the form of the proverbial smartwatches nowadays. These are sleek, good-looking gadgets that you can wear as a fashion add-on or during your morning runs to keep tabs on your speed and heart rate.

Multiple brands are introducing new models of smartwatches almost every quarter. Most of these brands make lifestyle, smartphone, and fitness products that offer the latest wave of tech to their dedicated consumers. However, the so-called fashion brands are not falling behind, either. Fashion houses like Emporio Armani and Michael Kors are also introducing new ranges of stylish smartwatches with activity tracker functions.
What is the history of Connected Hybrid by Emporio Armani Watch?
The original Connected Hybrid by Emporio Armani Watch came out in 2017. The EA Connected was a league apart from the Android OEM ordinaire. It was the flagship product from the house of Armani that took the fashion market as well as the fitness wearables market by storm. The first smartwatch from Emporio Armani was the trendsetter, and since then, several fashion houses have released newer, sleeker models of smartwatches cum fitness trackers.
The OS, processor speed, battery life, and general longevity of these trackers have improved over the last few years. The first Connected series from EA bore a 390 by 390 resolution and a 1.19-inch OLED display. It is the ideal unisex watch since the dial is neither too broad nor too petite. If you have narrow wrists, do not worry! The first generation of Connected sports a 43 mm wide face.

The first-generation EA Connected comes with an AMOLED screen that is neither too bright, nor battery consuming. It is ideal if you have to work outdoors or under a bright light for long hours. The watch uses Android Wear 2.0, which also supports Google Assistant functions. It is more responsive than Android Wear 1.0. The first-generation EA Connected can pick up natural conversation phases, but the feat is quite mundane compared to the tricks the next-generation EA Connected has up its sleeve!
The EA Connected bears a premium feel complete with stainless steel casing. The textured ceramic casing along with the rotating crown imparts a luxurious feel to the inconspicuous looking smartwatch. It has a ridged texture on the side to facilitate smooth scrolling and navigation. If you are thinking about design, the first generation of the smartwatch from Emporio Armani still steals the show.
How has EA seen success with the next-gen Connected Hybrid smartwatches?

The next-generation EA Connected uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100. It sports a rather simple and sweet look. You can even call it understated for a fashion house like Armani. While it looks much lighter and sleeker than the first Connected smartwatch series, it bears quite a few features that the last generation lacked.
The 2018 EA smartwatch comes in three iconic colors – stainless steel grey and silver, rose gold with a woven strap and matte black with a tinge of yellow on the dial. The first touchscreen watch from Armani is indeed a beaut. EA has taken the best features of the earlier Connected model and crafted the 2018 model with these hand-picked features.
Unlike the previous Connected generation, the 2018 model has horns that extend beyond the watch case to grip the strap. It renders a classic look only possible for modern digital watches. Moreover, the Emporio Armani logo sits proud bang in the center of the dial, rather than at the top like the other generations of EA Connected. Pick your favorite design – a Milanese loop, leather strap, or mono link bracelet while the incredible offers still last.
The 2019 EA Connected smartwatch comes with a heart rate sensor that you can use to keep track of your cardiac health during your workouts. It has an inbuilt GPS function that will ensure that you can explore new running routes every day and still reach the office on time! Most importantly, you can grab a bagel for breakfast on your way back without fidgeting for your wallet, thanks to the NFC payment technology that works with Google Pay.
Most importantly, the new generation EA connected brings excellent news for swimmers. The smartwatch is now water-resistant, and you can easily swim with it strapped to your wrist to monitor your time, heart rate, and more. While you may wonder what's so unique about these features, let us tell you that there is nothing unique per se. Nonetheless, these features inside good looking watches from exclusive fashion brands take the cake.
Why does spending on EA accessories make sense for most fashion-savvy investors?
Emporio Armani is the sub-brand of Giorgio Armani. The looks and feels of these watches are the creation of the designer himself. Therefore, owning an EA smartwatch is a source of pride for most fashion-savvy youngsters, who also have a penchant for the latest technology. These smartwatches don't just have tons of new features and functions, but they are also superbly elegant.

The latest EA Connected models come with a choice of more than one user interface. You can choose from hundreds of watch faces. Some of these watch faces come with the wearable, and the others you can download from the PlayStore. Check out the WearOS application at the PlayStore for updates on the watch faces for EA regularly.
The new watch faces for EA Connected Hybrid watches for men are nothing short of dazzling. Even the Android veterans have swayed from their utilitarian ways from time to time, to indulge in the luxury of EA wearable. Most Android wearers report feeling right at home while sporting EA Connected Hybrid watches and using them. The transition does not even take one whole day since the navigation and controls are very similar to both technologies.
The only new addition that takes some time getting used to is the rotating, ridged crown. It mimics the scrolling function in the Connected Hybrid 2018. You can access your Google Accounts and Assistant from the watch. Sync your Android mobile features with the watch functions and have tons of fun with the handsfree gestures the new EA Connected brings.
EA Connected Hybrid models are expensive, why should you buy them?
The prices of your EA Connected smartwatch will vary depending upon the generation or year of release, the add-on features, and the finish. The touchscreen hybrid smartwatches cost lesser than EA Ceramica, but they are still significantly more expensive than your average smartwatch from the leading Android wearable brands. The only reason people shop EA is because of the value associated with the brand name and the sense of pure luxury that comes with the product design and packaging.
No matter how discounted the EA Connected Hybrid watches are, you will be paying a bomb. The only complaint the majority of tech experts have regarding these smartwatches is the use of outdated processors till the 2018 Connected Hybrids. These are understated designs that do not compromise on the style to offer the latest functionalities to all users.
Nonetheless, with another generation of EA Connected already on its way, it makes more sense to purchase the previous models at a discounted price. If you are still worried about spending a fortune on a smartwatch by a luxury designer label, remember that all Emporio Armani watches come from Fossil Group Inc. They not only bear the insignia of one of the leading high-end fashion labels but also the craftsmanship of the leading producer of watches in the world.
How can you make money off of your older generations of EA Connected Hybrids?
While Emporio Armani watches can deplete your bank balance or rake up quite the credit card debt, they are real investments too. Before you discard the idea of buying a smartwatch from a luxury fashion brand simply because it is too expensive, think about this – does any other smart wearable have the same resale value?

Always purchase your Emporio Armani smartwatch from a reputable seller of authentic designer items. Make sure to get an updated warranty or guarantee card, complete with the receipt. Next, ensure that the seller gives you the original EA packaging for the product.
Most designers change their packaging style and case design every year. If you are buying an EA Connected from 2017, the storage case should be different from that of the second or third-generation of EA Connected. You can also invest in a customized watch that comes inside a bespoke case. These items always have a higher resale value depending on the nature of the customization.