Emporio Armani watch: Everything you need to know about chronographs.

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Buying a watch may seem easy until you get into its features and choices. As such, Emporio Armani is already an established watch brand, especially in the designer and fashion segment. You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and features the brand can provide. While quartz watches are indeed quite common, you can also notice a certain amount of fascination about chronograph watches with some people. Chronograph models are quite coveted, but many people don't know how to use it to its optimum capacity. That's why perhaps that despite being so famous, it is still underutilized. And, the reason behind this can be a lack of awareness about chronograph function.

As per survey reports, these types of watches have earned a liking for themselves with young men less than 40 years old. They show great interest in these models. If you also want to add this to your wardrobe, then explore an Emporio Armani watch range. You will realize what makes it a youth’s choice. However, before that, let’s understand what this technology is all about and how you can make its best use. Harnessing these pieces of information will help you operate this function smoothly.

Another critical point is that base models don't cost as much as the ones that feature complications. If you wish to go with a popular choice in this, then find out a model that combines chronograph and date functions into one. However, there are other variations also. So, you don't have to worry.


Chronograph vs. Chronometer

Some people tend to confuse these two things for one when there is a stark difference between them. Usually, Swiss watches bear a chronometer label to convey that their product has COSC-certification and meet all the required standards in watchmaking. Chronograph, on the other hand, means a stopwatch or timer. It is just a fancy term. Any typical watch model will feature about one to three pushbuttons, including start, stop, and reset.

These functions don't interrupt the regular watch operation. Then, some watches allow you to use this function for up to thirty minutes in an event, and others can run for twelve hours long. You can read the recorded time from the sub-registers embedded in the dial. The recorders or registers inform you about the measured duration of an event in terms of seconds, minutes, and hours when you push the button.

So, when you browse through the collection of Emporio Armani watches, keep this particular aspect in mind.


Historical background of the chronograph watches

It is a French technology that made its appearance in the market the first time in 1821 when on the request of King Louis XVIII, his watchmaker introduced it in a timepiece to track the time of horse races. Soon its usage became ubiquitous across the sporting arena where timing the events is utmost critical. Gradually, it started capturing everyone’s interest. After that, the technology kept evolving with different creators contributing different elements to it. For instance, you can think about the use of reset, a 30-minute counter, a second hand, and so on.

With time, the models with three pushers have managed to garner a lot of attention. And this is maybe why you see many watches with three-pusher today. Even in Emporio also, you can witness this trend.

Furthermore, chronographs served the interest of early aviators primarily, which eventually led to its quick rise in the early 20th century. During those times, one feature received a good response, and that included the use of fixed-bezel tachymeters. What is a tachymeter? Well, check the rim or bezel of a watch that contains a scale. It comes in handy in counting the total speed or distance you travel. Later, the revolving tachymeters made an entry, elevating the complexity of the measurements even more.


Emporio Armani watch: Different chronograph styles

When you buy an Emporio chronograph watch, you should be ready to find a variety of features across different models. These can include tachymeter, crown, start/ stop button, sub-dial, reset pusher, a minute counter, second hand, seconds sub-dial, etc. However, the choices don’t end here. You also have to pick a suitable style according to your personality. That said, you will mostly get to choose from fashion, casual, and sporty style. Let's find out when to pick what.


Casual chronograph watches

Whether you are going to work or playing a golf game, you can pick a casual chronograph timepiece tension-free. This style is mainly for daily use and wear. And what you would appreciate about them is their price. The casual look doesn't interfere with their attractiveness, and for a fraction of the cost of the high-end models, you get to enjoy the most affordable and stylish look. These watches usually come with stainless steel straps, which tend to be durable. Anyway, you should not go with a look alone. Functionality is equally critical to consider. If you want to pick something useful and stylish at the same time, then a causal chronograph is perhaps the right fit.


Fashion chronograph watches

Do you want to impress people with your style? Then, looking for a fashionable chronograph watch makes sense. These watches generally offer great variety and materials, which can instantly match any semi-formal to formal attire in a breeze. For a bold expression, you can choose something in gold or silver casing. It will surely catch everyone’s attention as soon as you step out of your nest. However, if you like to keep it simple and subtle, then go for a luxurious leather band. Just remember, regardless of what you buy in this category, you are going to enjoy the new addition, for sure.


Sporty chronograph watches

These chronograph choices are for everyone who is leading an active lifestyle. Whether you are a parent, an athlete, or a coach, you can focus all your attention on the sport collection. It is created to make your rigorous training sessions and active lifestyle feel easy. Many of these watches boast of ceramic material as it can provide unmatched scratch-resistance. Plus, it can withstand UV rays also, due to which you don’t have to fear about discoloration. Then, magnetic and chemical resistance is the other trait that makes these watches more popular for a sports-loving person.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean others cannot wear it. These chronograph watches are quite versatile. Hence, whenever you go outdoors, you can wear on your wrist to exude a unique charm.


Emporio Armani watch: How to buy a chronograph watch?

Sometimes too many choices can distract you from picking the perfect fit for yourself, then whether it concerns a chronograph watch or something else. And when you have a designer brand like Emporio Armani, you know deciding on a particular timepiece is not going to be easy. But you don’t need to whack your mind over this. Here are some quick suggestions to help you maintain focus and select the best watch for your wrist.


Find out what you desire from your chronograph watch

Easy reading and operation should be the two main points of a choice. So, look for a collection that features dials and functionalities as per your needs. It will quickly reduce your options. Nevertheless, if you want to own one for its fashionable appearance, then choose a timepiece that comes with ornate details or complications.


Bank upon convenience more than anything else

A watch with two to three buttons will be easy to operate whenever you want to benefit from its stopwatch function. Other than that, you can search for water resistance, luminous markings, and dials, etc. And if you want the accuracy of timing and the comfort of simple maintenance, then buy a quartz chronograph watch. In Emporio, you will get plenty of options in quartz.


Focus on the overall appearance

You could be investing in this watch to use it as a daily wear item. So, the design, texture, and function of your chronograph watch should be perfect. You wouldn't need to worry about styles and finishes. Hence, spend your time on checking all the styles and figure out what features and functionalities appeal to your taste. If you explore all the choices seriously, you will surely get something most suitable for your needs.

In Emporio Armani chronograph watches for men, you can run your eyes through - AR1635, Luigi Ceramica AR1509, Ceramica AR1400, Luigi AR11089, AR11047, AR6088, Sportivo AR5989, and AR5921 among others. As far as women’s chronographs go, you can glance through models like Ceramica AR1411 and Ceramica AR1401. Besides, if you like to have a feminine and masculine touch in one timepiece, then check unisex models like Ceramica AR1455.

Emporio Armani is a reputable brand. Hence, you don't have to bother about quality and functionality. As far as aesthetics goes, you know it is a fashion brand, so there doesn't have to be any doubt about its creativity, imagination, and skills. The choices are endless. You can get tired of scrolling all the models, but Emporio may never run out of the opportunities to surprise you.