Emporio Armani Watch: The Legacy of Luxury Watches with the Swiss Quality

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 Emporio Armani seems like a name that has always been present in the world of fashion. From controversial runway debuts to trendsetting cover stories, EA has always created its fair share of the spotlight as the love child Giorgio Armani. Over the years, celebs like Rihanna, David Beckham, Megan Fox, and Cristiano Ronaldo have endorsed the luxury fashion brand.

What do fashion-savvy people expect from an Emporio Armani Watch?

EA has been the leading designer of luxury innerwear, swimwear, and accessories. It is one of the pioneers to introduce prêt à porter apparel and accessories for young adults in the early 80s. In a way, Emporio Armani has always been a trendsetter. The fashion label has gradually obliterated the gaps between high fashion and popular fashion.
It is common knowledge that Emporio Armani is a fashion label. People don't always expect fashion brands to provide the best quality watches. It is a standard belief that fashion watches are not in the same league as the "Swiss Made" timepieces one can buy with the same money. Thankfully, EA has been challenging that belief steadily for the last three decades by producing luxury fashion watches for those ready to add some fashion in their "serious watch collection".

How does the association of Fossil Group Inc. help Emporio Armani watch?

Armani has been winning at the watch design game for the last couple of years effortlessly thanks to Fossil Group. EA is in agreement with Fossil for the manufacturing of all their watches, maintaining the Fossil hallmark quality. Since Fossil is the manufacturer of luxury watches and Swiss quality quartz timepieces, it adds a watermark of trust to the EA branded watches.
To further its reputation and to acquire the skills of Swiss watchmaking, Fossil has expanded to Switzerland. It has carried Emporio Armani's name far and wide along with Fossil's newly acquired Swiss-assembly, design and prototyping facility, and case-making skills. Unlike its competitors, EA does not manufacture its watches in only China anymore. You can find world-class designs for justifiable prices under the EA brand name.
Fossil Group Inc. has been manufacturing watches and other accessories for Puma, Armani Exchange, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, and DKNY. Although the product quality and range of the products for Emporio Armani and other popular brands like Puma vary significantly, Fossil inspires trust and recognition that drive the sales of all the brands that have authorized Fossil Group Inc. as their accessory manufacturer.

What brand are you seeking: Emporio Armani vs. Armani Exchange

At this point, it is necessary for some disambiguation between Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange. The latter is a newer sub-brand of Giorgio Armani that caters to the trending fashion needs of the millennials. It is the only label in the Armani family that designs and manufactures ready-to-wear street-chick clothes. You can find Armani Exchange in almost all the larger malls and shopping centers unless you prefer shopping online.
On the other hand, Emporio Armani makes ready-to-wear runway-inspired collections for a highly cultivated and mature audience. Unlike AE, EA manufactures signature accessories under the helm of Giorgio Armani himself. It is indeed more expensive than the Armani Exchange, but it is also more eclectic and suave than the other brand.
Although both are sub-brands of Armani, it is essential to remember these key differences between them. Emporio Armani should be your brand of choice in case you want to purchase a bespoke watch for yourself, your lover, or a friend. You should check out the 2019 Emporio Armani watch collection for adding a fresh new look to your luxury watch collection.

Does EA manufacture just another line of overpriced fashion watches?

Let us get to the point that many have been thinking – "EA produces fashion watches." Well, that's true, but it does not imply that Emporio Armani cannot make Swiss-quality fine watches that appeal to the watch connoisseurs as well. Most buyers love these Emporio Armani watches due to their unique fine design, as well as their longevity.
Unlike most items of high fashion, watches can last you for a decade or longer if you take care of them. They tend to not go out of fashion. Watches are the real investment for any dedicated collector or passionate shopper. Most EA watches have a high resale value as long as they retain their original sheen.
Maintaining your EA watch should not be a challenge as long as you invest in a proper storage box that accommodates the watch without scraping the face or the straps. Pure silk or velvet-lined boxes can serve as appropriate containers for your fine luxury watch from Emporio Armani. EA has a massive collection of bespoke boxes that go perfectly well with their exuberant watches. Think about investing in one in case you are purchasing a gift for your significant other, a friend or family member.

What is the expected quality of the Emporio Armani watches?

The EA watches that Fossil manufacturers come with a warranty of 2 years. Although roughly 80% of all the Fossil watches for Emporio Armani have quartz movement, they do not receive the same level of appreciation as most fine watch manufacturers. The fact that none other than Fossil is responsible for the R&D of the chain of luxury watches should give you an idea about their quality. Emporio Armani watches belong in a collector's wardrobe, as much as they belong on a millennial's wrist.
Irrespective of their superior quality, Emporio Armani watches rarely find a place beside the Swiss watchmakers like Tissot. Sometimes, people mention them with fashion watchmakers like Gucci and Boss, or the less pricey fashion labels, including Michael Kors and Diesel. That is because people fail to realize that Emporio Armani's main product might not be wristwatches, but the fashion brand takes watchmaking quite seriously. It has established a league of its own, and putting it on the same pedestal as the predominantly fashion watchmakers of the industry is a faux pas.


Why do we purchase watches from Emporio Armani?

Most buyers purchase watches from fashion brands simply because of the name associated with the product. They make ideal gifts for youngsters and young adults, who have a penchant for trending fashion labels. However, not all watches from leading fashion brands are the same. You need to remember that before you order your Emporio Armani watch online or buy one in store.
That is the primary reason serious watch buyers gradually take one step after another towards Emporio Armani stores for buying their first-ever "fashion watch." Emporio Armani watches not only bear the insignia of a reputed fashion house, but also the quality of the fabled Swiss watches that we have heard about since our childhood! This Emporio Armani watch is a smart investment, ideal gift, and the perfect bribe, whichever you need it to be!

Why should you purchase an Emporio Armani watch instead of another gold or diamond trinket?

An Emporio Armani watch is the kind that can replace a gold and diamond bracelet with a swagger. It is the accessory you can don in place of your regular bangles, charms, and rings. It can become your statement piece for the big party. Your EA watch can be the conversation starter wherever you go. EA watches are unique in design and undoubtedly sophisticated. Their elegance adds a new dimension to the wearer's personality. Whether you are going to a formal gala or a yacht trip with your friends, you can rely on your new watch to be in the spotlight of the party.

Are you spending your money on an authentic Emporio Armani item?

Finding authentic Armani products was once a challenge for anyone not living in the US or the EU. Right now, finding Giorgio Armani products on sale or locating the cheapest Emporio Armani watches on a website is requires no trick. As long as you have the address (URL) of an online retailer who sells genuine fashion brand products, you can filter designs by their make and model, year of manufacture, discounts, and materials.
Fossil-made watches always come with a two-year warranty. Therefore, you should look at the warranty card your retailer provides. In case the details are contradictory, you should consider the authenticity of the product. Most importantly, the majority of luxury and fashion watches come in beautiful hand-carved boxes.
Since you will be paying a bomb, you should expect no less either! If your watch does not come with one of these luxury silk-lined cases, you have whole reason to doubt your seller's honesty. Speak to your retailer or an EA representative in your country to find out more about buying authentic Emporio Armani accessories at unbeatable prices at any time of the year.
The decision is an easy one – if you want a good-looking watch that is worth the money and a timepiece that also tells the correct time, then Emporio Armani is the brand you should check out. Rest your faith in EA luxury watches for stylish long-term investments.

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