The Best Accessory


 For as long as we can remember, watches have almost always have been a man's staple accessory. But, since its inception, watches have also been a staple in women’s jewellery boxes for a good part of a century. Wristwatches were designed specifically for women back then, and men had pocket watches instead, it was and, in my opinion, still is the perfect accessory for women. With that said, they make for wonderful gifts as well. Combining both form and function effortlessly into a gorgeous little package that sits comfortably and confidently on the wrist.

Today, we’ve narrowed down 8 of the best women’s watches that would be the perfect gift for her this Christmas.



We’re starting off with a rather striking piece from the brand with this one, the Runway MK6674. And keeping to its namesake, it certainly looks runway ready with its bold yet elegant design.

On paper, it looks like a relatively simple affair, coming in at a dainty 28mm in diameter, 3 hands set against a stark white marble-like dial and cased in a rose-gold PVD stainless steel case with a matching bracelet too.  a striking detail that adds a touch of Haute Couture to this otherwise elegantly muted timepiece. But what really makes this design work for me is the execution, the simple portions of the watch don’t look bland, they’re done nicely with applied indexes paired against the beautifully subtle marble dial. And the bracelet could’ve been overtly punky with the studs but it isn’t, it’s incredibly refined thanks to the contrasting facets and isn’t overdone too. All in all, this is a watch that exudes Hollywood glitz and glamour in its design at an incredibly affordable price too.




Keeping with the theme of visual poetic novelties, we have yet another very strong contender to be my favourite looking timepiece out of the lot, along with the Darci that we’ve looked at previously. For the same reason too. Unless you’ve been reading this article with your eyes closed, you’ll have immediately noticed the similar visual cues that this Sofie MK3971 shares with the Darci.

With a novel astrological themed dial, decorated with crystals that resemble stars against a midnight blue sky. In rose gold and a radially brushed sunburst blue, the Sofie MK3971 shares the same charms of the Darci but in a less subtle and much flashier way. But it is still done tastefully, the beautiful midnight blue, brushed sunray dial complemented with the applied crystals paint a beautiful picture of a galaxy on your wrist. Matched on a warm rose-gold case and bracelet, the Sofie offers a real visual treat for those looking for a timepiece that can not only give you the time of the day but offer you an entrancing glimpse of the cosmos every time you look at it.




Before we start, let’s get this out of the bag, because unless you’ve been oblivious (deliberately or not) to the icon of women’s timepieces, you’ll almost instantly recognize the design inspiration of this timepiece. I am of course talking, about Chanel’s J12, a timepiece that popularized the use of ceramics as a case material in modern watchmaking, can only be described as a modern classic, and is also, one of my guilty pleasures when thinking about my next luxury watch. To put another way, when it comes to fine luxury watches, men have the Rolex Submariner, and women, they have the J12. But we’re not here to look at the J12, we’re here to look at this, the Coach Preston 14503461. Not everyone is capable of shelling out thousands of dollars on a timepiece, let alone a fashion icon. But with the 14503461, you get a slice of that iconic design, similar form factor and wearing experience (albeit with the use of steel instead of ceramics), at a fraction of the price. Though, it does still have Coach’s signature design cues as well, with the Gold toned C logo sitting atop the date-window for an added touch of flair from the brand. The watch is nicely finished and refined with a fine brushing along the entire surface of the watch, zirconium crystals inlaid on the inner ring of the dial and a black polished bezel with simple markings and nicely contrasting gold tones too. All in all, as a fashion statement, the Preston 14503461 is not the most ground breaking, but it was never meant to be. It’s the brand’s take on an iconic design in fashion with their own unique flair and at a much more accessible price.




The Delancey 14502813 is a beautifully novel timepiece that you should certainly pay attention to and its one a strong contender to be my favourite looking piece out of the lot. First off, it’s a simple watch, with a simple round gold case, simple soldered lugs that links to a simple 5 link gold bracelet and of course, a simple black dial with 3 hands telling only the time and not even the date. So why is this simple (and borderline boring sounding) timepiece worthy of your attention? Well because its beauty, and simplicity is executed wonderfully. The dial, simple as it is, has lovely applied indexes in different shapes and sizes; Cones, pyramids, stars and spheres. It sounds like a mess on paper, doesn’t it? But the reality is much, much better. The novel indexes really remind me a lot of the novelty timepieces from Van Cleef and Arpels (albeit mechanically speaking and pricing wise, they’re on two completely different planets). The dial being like the night sky with the stars and the moon (spheres), it really casts a romantic dreamy image, doesn’t it? I’m a sucker for novelty pieces like these, my favourites being the aforementioned Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight in Paris, and A Lange & Sohne’s Aventurine dialed Saxonia. But these are incredibly cost inhibitive watches and unless you’re willing to shell out a mortgage for them, the Delancey Analog is a fantastic substitute, and a beautifully charming one at that too. 




No list of the finest women’s watches will be complete without Seiko, and for good reason too. Originally founded as Seikosha, which means “the house of exquisite workmanship”, the brand has been making watches since 1881 and it’s an understatement to say that they’ve gotten pretty damn good at it.

Seiko makes really, really good watches and this Presage Cocktail time SRP853J1 is a testament to that. The Presage Cocktail time series is one of my favourite lines of dress watches from the brand, and the SRP841J1 Skydiving is my top colourway of the range too. I’m writing this while my personal SSA343J1 Skydiving is on my wrist and it never fails to put a smile on my face whenever I look at it, it is exquisite. The SRP841J1 is a downsized, simpler version of the SSA343J1 and it sits perfectly on petite wrists thanks to its 34mm size, with its neutral icy blue colour tones making it incredibly versatile as well taking your outfit to the next level, both in the office and out. 

But back to the watch we have on hand, the SRP841J1 features an icy blue radially brushed sunburst dial, and is powered by Seiko’s in-house 4r35B caliber with 41 hours of power reserve, hacking and hand-winding. The watch certainly punches above its weight especially at its price point, which is what makes this already sweet package, a lot sweeter, you’re receiving a Japanese made watch, finished to the exacting standards of one of the largest watchmakers in the world, with an in-house mechanical movement, exquisite detailing and finishing, all for under $500. 




The Seiko Lukia line is well known for its elegant, feminine offerings and what list of Seiko watches for women would be complete, without taking a look at the Lukia line. The SSA794J1 is a classic, 3-hander open heart style design, rather similar to the previously mentioned SSA783J1 (they’re even powered by the same 4r38 caliber), but the design is where things make a slightly more feminine turn.

Featuring a rose-gold case and bracelet, the case is finished in high polish with soft curves defining the lugs and the bracelet design. It is a decidedly elegant and feminine timepiece that will look perfect paired with your best evening gown and stilettos, or with a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers. 




Aside from their innovative and technologically advanced watches, Citizen is also well known for its elegant, feminine offerings and what list of would be complete, without taking a look at one of their prettiest and daintiest women’s watches. The EM0588-81X is a classic, svelte and small 3-hander, but the design is where things make a slightly more feminine turn.

Featuring a 2 tone rose-gold and silver case and bracelet, the case is finished in high polish with soft curves defining the lugs and the bracelet design. And using a circle within circles design going from the dial to the bezel, to another rose gold bezel and then to the case. Then there is the dial too, finished in a lovely sunburst purple with applied indexes and a floral pattern between each index. Even the crown is neatly concealed at 4 O’clock sitting flush with the case. It is a decidedly elegant and feminine timepiece that will look perfect paired with your best evening gown and stilettos, or with a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers. 




Now, I know what you’re thinking, why’re we featuring a 42mm full sized dive watch in an article about women’s watches? Well, who says a woman can’t wear, or want to wear a diver? I’ve seen plenty of women wearing stout watches from the likes of Submariners, to even Luminors, so there’s certainly a demand there. And the Promaster Fugu NY0094-85EB is one of the finest affordable divers in the market today. The Fugu NY009 harks back to an era long before us, with vintage design cues from the early history of diving and an added touch of idiosyncrasy unique to the NY line of Promasters. The principal characteristics are the left-hand crown position at 8 which is meant to prevent inadvertent knocks as well as to provide more ergonomic comfort to the wearer. And the distinctive bezel as well, with alternating smooth and serrated edges allowing for better grip when being operated under water especially with gloved hands. Power comes from a Miyota Cal. 8203 a proper workhorse movement with a 45-hour power reserve that beats at a respectable 21,600VPH (3Hz). And it’s really the dimensions of this watch that really makes it work for me, coming in at 42mm on a rather small case with short lugs means that it should wear comfortably on small wrists. The two-tone gold and silver case and bracelet add a lovely touch of refinement too to this otherwise utilitarian timepiece. All in all, if you’re looking to add something interesting into your collection and want something a bit bolder and more gender neutral, then the Fugu is certainly the watch for you.