Give a man a fish, and he shall eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he can eat for life. Now these words of wisdom themselves hint at something very applicable to teachers: the gift of education is the most precious of all. And with Teachers’ Day just right around the corner, those who would like to convey their gratitude to their beloved classroom mentors or friends in the profession may like to take cue from our specially curated list of watches that suit different types of teachers.

From the genteel educator to the millennial Math maestro, there’s something to suit everyone’s horological taste at H2 Hub. Better yet, these watches won't bust your a hole in your wallet, costing no more than $300 - in exchange for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Without further ado then, here are 5 smart choices for the smart ones we look up to:

The Taskmaster

Back to basics without any unnecessary elements, the Citizen Classic Mechanical sets the standard.


The Teaching Beauty

Elegant and striking in every sense, crafted for that teacher countless others have developed a crush on.

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The Sporty Hunk

There's always that one PE teacher who sets hearts aflutter with a sturdy physique, much like the Aries Gold Atlantic.


The Pet Lover

That kind teacher who never fails to explain any concept patiently or muse lovingly about her puppy deserves this.


The Minimalist

Less is more for this educator, who imparts knowledge with just a few deft diagrams and words.