Citizen Review & Reward

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Today, we turn our attention to a special timepiece created to raise public awareness regarding environmental health. The watch in question? It’s none other than the minimalist-styled Citizen Eco-Drive ER5500-57A.



One noteworthy function is how the Eco-Drive technology allows for a battery-less watch, utilising solar power instead to keep the watch running. That means zero mercury and other harmful by-products, in turn reducing any adverse impact to the Earth. With eco travel and awareness on the rise, along with the prevalence of eco-friendly materials being used in watch manufacturing for straps and casings, this Citizen piece is fast gaining momentum amongst both conservationists and style maestros alike.


What makes this stainless steel piece stand out even more is its manoeuvrability due to the lightweight construction, rendering it perfect for working class female executives who lead a dynamic lifestyle with multiple business and social meetings. The dial and strap lend a touch of elegance to amplify one’s feminism, while staying true to eco efforts.


Priced for value at S$604.55, this piece could be yours for free as part of our H2 Hub giveaway. Simply sign up for the H2 Hub newsletter on our website or via any of our in-store iPads when you enquire with counter staff, then share this post on your social feeds, for a chance to win!


Video of Citizen Review & Reward. Understand What is Eco-drive?