Introducing H2 Hub

As we talked about different watches and brands, let me introduce H2 Hub in more detail. Aside from being one of the leading and most trusted watch shops worldwide, H2 Hub takes pride in developing and curating timepieces that are raw and refreshing to offer the refined and classic watch enthusiasts and the modern and younger generation.

The company started in 1970 and evolved throughout the years. From a single outlet, we expanded into six retail shops in Singapore. Plus, an online prestige platform. We became official dealers and retailers of specialty and internationally recognized watch brands. That’s why we are your one-stop-shop for timepieces, no matter your preference.

We prioritize not only authentic watches but also authenticity in our brand and company. Our in-house watchmakers and technicians have over 20 years of experience in watches. They are experts in watch repairs, polishing services, and movement refurbishing. Moreover, we have over 70 dedicated employees, and we guarantee you their passion for serving our clients.

International Brands

We take immense pride in our system for international brands, wherein we carefully curate selections and batches of popular, stylish, and high-quality watches that enthusiasts can browse through. H2 Hub, in the new era, is a space where fine Swiss and Japanese watches thrive and expand their appeal to global and local markets.

We have over 40 international brands that clients can browse. Naming a few, we have the Casio brand, a crowd's favorite. They have been known as elites in the timekeeping department. We also have Fossil, which boasts its name for affordability and sustainability. Seiko has also been with us for so many years, and they are definitely one of our best sellers. They are considered watchmaking masters that produce quality watches of all time. Lastly, the famous Swiss-made brand, Tissot, is one of the most versatile watchmakers that we love promoting in our shops. They have bold and daring pieces that watch lovers often go to.

Our watches are not just part of a fashion statement or wardrobe. They are fine pieces that boost confidence and radiate individuality and uniqueness. To get an overview of our whole brand directory, click here.

House Brands

Aside from our international brands, we also have exclusive in-house brands priced at excellent deals for watch lovers globally. 

Some of the house brands are the Ingersoll brand, founded in 1892 and has made a name in the watch industry through its worthy line of timepieces. The Swiss Military, which is known for its perfectly combined watch heritage and elegance since 1994. Maserati, with their daring choices of timepiece style and quality. And, of course, our Aries Gold and AG Collective that commands to showcase our passion for time-telling and keeping.

If you want to browse more on different watch collections and categories, click on this link.

Exceptional Services

H2 Hub is known for its superior services. These services include personalization and custom-making watches like engraving texts and memorable dates and printing pictures on the dial and case back. We boast having this added watchmaking skill because it allows each piece that added significance and uniqueness, making it excellent for gifting for events like anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones in life.

We dare to experiment without compromising quality as we tweak each watch during the personalization process. Our office is located at Block 3001 Bedook Industrial Park E #02-2000, Singapore 489977. We allow buyers to visit our suite of watchmaking and personalization machinery to see how magical the process is as they avail of the service or even if they just want to take a glance.

H2 Hub also offers other essential services such as battery and strap change and watch repair.

Check out all our services here and if you desire to have a custom-made watch, visit this link.

Customer Satisfaction

H2 Hub’s vision and goal have always been customer prioritization. The company's core is solving problems for our clients, which is why our whole team gives their all when it comes to customer service. We are proud to say that since we started this business in 1970, we have sold watches to over 10 million clients worldwide, and all were hassle-free transactions that meet the needs of overall customer satisfaction. We have a wealth of experience, and we solidified our reputation by being a trustworthy and authentic watch Shop. We gained loyal customers and word-of-mouth marketing through the test of time because of our passion for watches.

If you’re curious about our customer reviews, check them out here.

An Icon of Singapore

With a keen eye for fashion and style, H2 Hub believes in being ahead of its competitors through a constant entrepreneurial spirit and relentless innovation. It is the only watch retailer to offer its members free lifetime battery replacement with any watch purchased. We are also the exclusive distributors in Singapore for an entourage of international and house brands.

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