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Know the Seiko Prospex watch better before you invest in one

Posted on May 05 2020

Know the Seiko Prospex watch better before you invest in one

Ours is a fast-paced world! Here people tend to buy and invest in fashion accessories, simply because they liked it. Or, they want to sport a designer and chic accessory to impress others and steal glances at a party or business seminar. The same applies when they plan to buy a watch! And while both the reasons mentioned above stands correct in its place, it's always beneficial if people did a little research before investing in their best watch models. Not only would they get to know the watch brand and design better, but can also get to know of best deals without compromising on the watch quality. The same applies to Seiko Prospex. It's always better to spend some time delving into the watchmaking style and philosophy. That way, you truly own the watch when you bag one!

Why do watch enthusiasts recommend the Seiko Prospex to Seiko customers?

Scan the watchmaking history, and you'll find that the dive watches have been a part of it! And some of the most prominent models for the same belonged to the luxury watch brands that cost a fortune. Additionally, there were several watch lovers and enthusiasts, who sported the Seamaster and Submarine, watch models. Many opined that it’s one of the ideal watch tools to wear. But when it came to the Japanese Domestic Market, opinions and perspectives differed.

One of the main reasons for that is the Seiko Prospex watch variant! Much got spoken about this decent, classy, and aesthetic watch line. However, for many makers, it was somewhat challenging to come up with a watch model that could match up to it. The other options are minimal. Even though there have been excellent reviews, some people still procrastinate, if it's worth their savings. While you can come across resources that will provide the advantages and unique features Prospex, it might not render you a perspective. If you are searching for one, with regards to this innovative Japanese timepiece, the following pointers will help to establish a useful perspective.

Delving into the Prospex story

Do you know what the word “Prospex” means? It indicates professional specifications. And through this timepiece and its making and engineering process, Seiko aims to cater to the requirements of the professionals, who want nothing less than excellence and superior aesthetics for their watch models. Watch lovers who’ve been following the Prospex design and make and stay tuned to the brand’s innovation, consider it’s a top-notch Seiko tool. A slice of history might be useful for you.

It revolves around an activity named scuba diving (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). This water sport gained its popularity way back in the 1960s. It's a known fact that the capacity to time their dive was essential for each diver. And the result of this had a game-changing impact on the horological industry vertical. During this time, the dive watches became highly popular. And most globally acclaimed watchmaker aimed to come up with a watch model to cater to the dive piece requirements. That paved the path for the Seiko diver watch models. These were the first-ever Professional Divers, which in other words, were Seiko's "claim to fame." The brand gets appreciated for this line of watches to date.

And from that time onwards, Seiko came up with all kinds of watch models catering to various sport requirements. There were impressive and reasonably priced quartz pieces as well, which got famous for its top-notch automatics. And the latter soon the form, design and make of what’s today known as the Prospex. And today, both men and women can opt-in for the Prospex watch variant.

The finer Prospex facts that count

If you have developed an affinity for the Prospex watch variants, you shouldn’t be confusing the same with the brand’s mechanical watch line-ups! As the build and other detailing of these watch variants come up with a specific piece. The close match to this can be a Rolex, which is a big compliment that Seiko has received for its Prospex model. The watch at best can get described as the best quality precision instrument that gained prominence for its affordable quartz. There’s much to delve when you think of the watch build quality. Most of us probably are right at the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, the Prospex variant gets loaded with advanced and innovative technology, that gives a Seiko a completive edge over its competitors. ‘

You must also know that the Seiko Prospex is a famous innovator when it comes to the dive watch innovation! The following points will help to establish this fact:

  • The Prospex gets considered as the very first diver timepiece that sported a titanium case instead of the typical steel case.
  • With this model, the quartz movement git placed inside the professional dive watch for the first time.
  • It's also the first instance where a ceramic shroud got used for deep-sea diving.
  • The Prospex also marks the use of a hybrid analog-digital watch for the first along with an alarm.
  • Last but not least, the Seiko Prospex gets powered by an in-house movement technology, which seems to have gained much appreciation for being one of the leading ones in the watch industry.

Even though the Prospex watch line doesn't get restricted to the dive watches, the collection comprises of a wide range of precision timepieces. Each timepiece is meant for multiple professions. Take a look at the quartz/automatic movement and the digital/analog display. It’s indeed challenging to match up to the Prospex line-up of watches. The watch design reflects the best Japanese watchmaking skill, technology, and craftsmanship that the brand can boast of.

Different viewpoints about Prospex

Today, there are different views and perspectives about this watch variant! Some watch enthusiasts have loved the design and make it thoroughly, while others have enjoyed it a little less. But as a brand dedicated to coming up with advanced timepieces, Seiko takes into consideration every perspective. It acts as an insight to help them cover the grey areas with improved features and advanced technology. But the core to date remains the same! It is to use the age-old Seiko ethos of using the best technique to come up with watch models that look professional for the professionals of the world.

In a nutshell, the Seiko Prospex is one of the unique technologies that the brand has to offer! Right from the automatic movements to the build quality, the watch has it all. The design also reflects the history and heritage of the watch brand. It’s a blend between the sophistication and being trendy and gives the wearer an edge over others. It also has a vintage element that distinguishes the Prospex from other watch models. 

The Japanese often count on the word "Zen" in almost every aspect of their life! The Prospex somewhere reflects a calm Zen-like design, which doesn't go over the top, and neither gets overlooked because of its simplicity. At best, it is giving competition to some of the already existing brands. So, when it comes to whether you should buy this watch variant or not, the answer is a big yes, without any ounce of doubt.

Now the next question is all about the purchase!

How to ensure that you purchase an authentic Prospex timepiece?

Online shopping is the best solution when you want to buy a Seiko Prospex watch! The leading online water dealers help you choose from the multiple watch variants listed on their website and deliver the same to your address within committed time. However, you need to select a watch dealer online that is known for its professionalism, authentic branded watch, excellent after-sales service as well as product authenticity. To zero down on one name, you need to conduct in-depth online research.

Start by researching the online watch or Seiko watch dealers in your region as well as outside your region. That way, you can compare the products, the price, quality, and other aspects before you make the final decision. Make sure to browse through the websites thoroughly to learn about the dealer, the business set-up, the products they specialize in, the business approach, the price, and watch details. If you want, you can get connected over an email or a telephonic conversation to ask them about your queries. Usually, an authentic service provider will respond promptly to your questions. It will help you to make an informed decision. Also, ask for the product warranty and other necessary documents, so that you can ask for a refund or exchange if there arises a reason for it.

So, to conclude, the Seiko Prospex is a watch that most young entrepreneurs and business leaders aspire to the sport! It adds to their persona and style subtly that makes them impress anyone they meet. You can also pair up the watch with your formal and casual attires, depending on the need of the situation. Smart and fashion-conscious men and women today have been opting in for this watch variant because of its refined build and designer look. It’s sturdy and will also last you longer than you can imagine.