Maserati: A Daring Choice

Maserati has been a successful Italian luxury brand for automotive and motorsports since it was founded and established in 1914. They have proven brilliance in terms of engineering supercars and designing them to be head-turners on the street.

But we’re not here to talk about cars and cruisers, are we? We’re here to dive deep into Maserati watches. Are they even as good as how they make cars? Well, let’s scroll down.

For starters, Maserati watches are manufactured by an Italian company named Sector, and even though it's a third-party manufacturer, they are experts when it comes to watchmaking.

In terms of authenticity and claims, it’s important to note that the designs are from Maserati itself, and they commission the timepieces, so it’s basically their watches.

Curated to be Distinct and Italian

Maserati watches are designed by the same team that designed the cars and inspired by their design elements as well. That’s why the timepieces closely resemble their prestigious automotive heritage. Bold and polished with Italian touches with that distinct trident logo. 

Aside from style, function and quality are their priorities when it comes to their watches. They launched well-known designer watches globally and enjoyed a lot of success from it.

Depending on the model, they usually use sapphire or mineral crystal for their timepieces, so wearers won’t worry too much when it comes to scratches and bumps. Moreover, they feature varieties of movements, such as Quartz, Chronographs, and Mechanical movements.

They’re also reasonably priced and are best-selling when it comes to watch and car lovers globally.

Let’s take a look at a few watches from the brand to get a glimpse of what they are capable of offering, shall we?

Maserati Lifestyle Collection

According to Maserati, their brand is not just a luxury brand but an attitude. They created this line for sophisticated and passionate people that are always ready to face challenges. 

If you’re into details, this series may be perfect for you. Each timepiece is full of fierce personality, making it versatile for any occasion you attend to. With its iconic logo and metal finishes, you will never go unnoticed.

Lastly, this Lifestyle collection dares its wearers to explore the world with a Maserati spirit.

Maserati Successo R8853121004

This Maserati Successo is nothing short of brilliant. Its blue color is the traditional color of the Maserati brand that symbolizes their royal heritage. The watch is protected by a mineral glass crystal and a stainless steel case for durability.

It runs on a reliable Quartz movement with a 3-hand function and a date. Its design is uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Also, it’s shaped in a generous size to ensure comfort and ease.

Maserati Design Collection

The Design series of the Maserati brand is a combination of charm and elegance. This line is dedicated to everyday wear and on-the-go folks with its advanced technology, bold styles, and groundbreaking features.

Each model has been inspired by the brand’s automotive accents and icons. The cars’ features are intricately intertwined in this collection’s details, such as the dial, straps, and cases.

Maserati Stile Automatic R8873642002

This Maserati Design model is genuinely striking because of its bold color combination. With this on your wrist, it’s impossible not to be seen. It has a beautiful double butterfly closure with buttons with a metal finish.

It’s a chronograph watch with a blue dial, cased in a rose-gold facade. The iconic trident is in a refined matching rose-gold color that suits the minimalist look of this timepiece.

This watch is perfect as a daily companion and even for upscale events. If you’re interested to know more about it, click this link.

Maserati Classic Collection

The Maserati Classic line stays true to its name. Classic. Each piece tells a story of the brand's heritage and its vision for the future. So you really can expect a vintage-style watch with modern specifications.

The models under this collection are rich in function, reliability, and bold looks that resemble Maserati luxury cars. They are perfect for formal events because of their expensive and professional look. Of course, for a reasonable price.

Maserati Epoca Watch R882111809

This timepiece is fit for a king! Its rose-gold case naturally complements the black leather strap. A bold choice with gentle touches. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, this watch is versatile and full of personality to boost your confidence.

It is an automatic watch equipped with a 42mm steel case, protected by a sapphire crystal and locked by a pin buckle closure. Additionally, there is this mysterious but welcoming feel in this piece.

It’s retro-styled with just the right amount of modern fixes. Look closer at this timepiece’s features here.

Maserati Jewels Collection

The Maserati company is known for its versatility, so it's understandable for them to release an accessory collection aside from their watches. This line is composed of cutting-edge materials and sophisticated designs, sealed by the iconic Maserati trident.

Maserati Arm Ring JM421ATZ09

This Maserati bracelet is a three-tone accessory that’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s made up of steel with a slim finish for that minimalist aesthetic. Although this is initially a men’s bracelet, it can be used by any gender due to its versatility.

It has a distinct shape and a sporty feel to it while maintaining Italian elegance and sophistication. This highly creative arm ring is somewhat low-key, but its logo is the perfect touch to glitter it with luxury.

Have a look at our Maserati accessories at this link.

The Place of Luxury

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