Michael Kors: Why Choose Designer Watches, and What are the Options?

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A time came when the craze for wristwatches had considerably gone down. One of the reasons behind dip in the interest is attributable to the rising popularity of and fascination with smartphones. Nevertheless, the tides have turned as watches have managed to regain people’s attention. The motivation and style of shopping are quite different, but one thing is clear that the obsession with timepieces is back. And for this, designer watches like Michael Kors and other such famous brands deserve applause. There is an undercurrent that quantity is not as essential as quality. It is defining a customer's shopping behavior.

Unlike a mainstream watch brand, a designer watch stands out as an authentic expression of one’s personality, quality, and much more. There are countless other factors also why designer timepieces like Michael Kors have carved a niche for themselves in the heart and mind of their buyers. Let's first dig into them so that when you go shopping, you can choose the best option for yourself or someone who you want to gift one.

Uniqueness of Michael Kors Watch

Since MK is an independent designer brand, you can always expect it to deliver something unique. Its passion for creating a masterpiece of sorts is evident. The designs are pure and inspirational. There is still a thought process behind what they offer and launch in the market. And why this brand can achieve this is because it doesn't focus on minting money. It endeavors to create an artistic identity through distinctive styles and designs. It spends more time on its creative expression. That’s why perhaps both men and particularly women obsess over its collection.

When you look at any Michael Kors collection, you can recognize it through details, features, and packaging. It gives you a signature style on your wrist, a part of itself, and a lovely form of art that has practicality embedded in it. When making watches, the brand emphasizes the needs and desires of their clients. And it also reflects when you explore its range. 


Another strong characteristic of a designer watch is its ability to become an extension of your personality. The thoughtful designs, the choices in colors, straps, and dial, and the use of advanced technology make them compatible with the taste of a lot of people who acknowledge the best quality. When you buy an MK watch, you are more likely to notice a human quality in it.

The makers put so much attention on personalizing the experience that you cannot help but bask in those vibes. So even if there is a psychological impact in terms of price, you wouldn't mind indulging in a reputable designer brand like this. You know what you are getting for yourself. All the options that you get here represent the actual values of the brand and differentiate it from the rest. Hence, if you want to wear something that expresses your personal choice, you can depend on a designer timepiece for sure. And a trusted fashion brand like MK can never disappoint you.

Michael Kors watch Quality

Since recognized brands have specific responsibility towards their image and name, they cannot take any chance with their products. For instance, Michael Kors has earned a substantial amount of fame on the market. Having its logo on anything is enough to grab eyeballs. When you wear an MK watch, you can expect the same type of response or reaction. Why does this happen? It's straightforward to understand. Where MK stands today is the result of its consistent performance and delivery. People instinctively interpret that it has to be good if it's an MK brand. Such is the level of trust a watch from an already acclaimed designer brand enjoys.

When a brand is aware of your expectations, it cannot ever mess with it.  It will make sure you get the right quality that you deserve.

Materials and details

A designer brand knows it well that people pay for it, not because of the high price tag. They spend money on quality, physical appearance, and functionality. That's why when they make a timepiece, they emphasize on the use of the high-end material and its detailing. You cannot expect this thing from a cheaper brand, though. Their financial limitations bar them from experimenting with designs. But when you look at a Michael Kors watch collection, you don’t get this feeling. All the choices own a specific trait and look fabulous.

For an experience, you can check Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Watch for men. This particular watch justifies being both functional and fashionable at the same time. Its gold-colored stainless-steel strap, a gold dial, and a monochromatic and classic appearance are a highlight. With analog display and quartz movement, it is indeed something you wouldn't want to leave. Then, it is water-proof. The luminous hands show the perfect time, even in darkness.

From this, you can quickly comprehend what other choices from this same brand can offer you. And, it is exciting to learn that MK is even better for women. The luxurious appeal and designer look of the watches are so powerful that you cannot take your eyes off them. Whether you prefer a leather belt or stainless steel, you have plenty of choices to make. And you can also choose between analog and chronograph watches with ease. Every model usually is water-proof. Hence, it is another massive plus.

Cost of Michael Kors watch

Mainstream brands charge a bomb, which most people cannot afford. But when you get a similar or better choice compared to those upscale wristwatches in a designer brand, you don't even need to look back at them. For a cost-effective price, you can get a myriad of excellent options across different categories, such as quartz, chronograph, and automatic. For instance, many brands will ask around $1000 for rose gold colored watches. However, you can buy an MK watch in the same tone for about $300. Similarly, you can compare its smartwatch catalog with other brands. While other smartwatches bear a tag of $700 for a handful of apps, a decent MK smartwatch costs you $200 or more.

Right now, smartwatches are having a moment. So, you can expect MK to exceed your expectations pretty well. The company doesn’t make these watches just to cover their base in every segment. It provides a variety of applications to ensure quality. For example, you can go through Michael Kors Access. It is a smartwatch series that features hybrids and full-fledged smartwatch models. It allows users to customize their screens based on their tastes and interests. The Access smartwatches are a perfect union of style and technology that can elevate any fashion sense effortlessly.

Style and finesse

While men also look for these elements in their watches, women tend to be more particular about them when they scroll through any designer collection. And Michael Kors watches somewhere leave them overwhelmed with their appeal. Most of them embody bright colors. Then, they come in a variety of bands, such as leather and stainless steel. Right now, rose gold stainless steel strap is a rage. So, you can find something in this. As far as design details go, you can notice a nicely inscribed MK logo in the dial and the closure clasp.

To have a taste of a combination of these components, you can try Michael Kors Portia. It is probably one of the highly preferred designer watches for women. The color, the strap, the dial, and everything else combine beautifully into an elegant piece that can complement a look without any risk.

However, it doesn’t mean men have anything to miss here. The brand makes every effort to keep all its watch lovers happy and satisfied. In men's watch, you can explicitly check the Lexington edition. If you notice even the smallest details, then it's just right for you. The texture, the design, and the color – it has everything to deliver as per your taste. You get to choose from gold, silver, black, and gray straps. The dials also look fascinating in their attractive shapes and settings.


So, if you wanted to add something unique and priceless to your wardrobe collection, then invest in an MK watch. The varieties are endless. When you wear one on your wrist, you should be ready to draw everyone's attention to it. After all, the MK logo and style are impossible for anyone to ignore. Also, if you cannot splurge a fortune on mainstream brands, there is nothing to feel disappointed about for the simple fact that Michael Kors designer watches can meet your every need for a fraction of the price. Just make sure to decide on a choice, though. The options can be overwhelming, especially in terms of buying cost, style, and fashion.

Another thing is, buy it from a trusted retailer only. Someone who has the authorization to sell Mk watches can be trustworthy. Anyway, read all the product details and documents carefully before committing a purchase. Some wristwatches can be available at a discounted price. It means you can imagine saving more without compromising the overall appearance and quality of the watch.