Our Newest Seiko Mods

Seiko has been around for over 130 years in the watch industry and has built a solid reputation with it. Moreover, they have curated a vast array of timepieces in various functions and sizes. As watch enthusiasts, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the choices, and we also want to avoid being in an event where you see someone wearing the same piece as you.

With this dilemma, we take pride in our two newest Seiki modified models that will leave you with superb quality and gorgeous-looking watches and offer you a unique piece customized with your desired personal touches.

Orange Jukebox Stealth H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

Have you seen our newest Orange Jukebox Stealth? It is a stunning black watch with a beautiful pop of color. It is perfect for people with fun personalities but still keeps a little mystery about themselves. The all-black bezel insert and the dial is a gorgeous touch that effortlessly balances the contrast and flash of the orange straps.

There aren’t many orange and black combinations in watches, making this piece absolutely unique. Moreover, you can add your personal touches through options such as printing text on the spinning rotor or even a picture on the back case. Expect lots of head-turning and praises with this watch on your wrist. It’s definitely eye-candy with uncompromising quality.

Take a closer look at the details on this link.

Green Falcon H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

The Green Falcon is a stunning silver piece with a black dial and a unique black and green two-tone bezel ring. This watch is so versatile that it’s perfect for both reserved and confident individuals. It has the aura of professionalism, but it has a casual feel to it as well, that you can wear it in any wardrobe, have it on any occasion, use it as a daily accessory, or even gift it to the one you love the most.

This piece is an excellent symbolism of the modern but classy gentleman. The bezel insert with the matte finish is rare, as well as the iconic Mercedes hands set. This modded model is a direct upgrade of the original piece using high-quality materials, making it stand out more. Plus, you can shop with peace of mind because, despite the modded piece being opened, they will undergo water resistance and pressure testing to ensure its quality.

If you’re interested in this watch, check out this link.

There’s More To It

Aside from our two new Seiko Mods, we have a wide array of unique and custom-made models that would surely be perfect for your preference. All watches are meticulously curated by our in-house team of designers and intricately hand-crafted by our highly experienced watch smiths team.

We have sold countless timepieces from this collection and have high satisfaction rates and five-star reviews from clients and repeat buyers. We guarantee you hassle-free transactions and great deals that you will surely love. On top of that, your purchase will include a 12-month warranty, swift customer support, and lifetime battery replacement.

Check our beautiful collection of special modded pieces here.

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