A name of performance and style 


The name Ferrari, is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, evocative name in motorsport history. Having made some of the finest high-performance cars in the world since 1929 till today, the brand has made some of the most aspirational supercars over the years. Iconic and flamboyant style with distinct design cues have made their cars recognizably theirs, from the flying buttresses of the 599 GTO, to the mad side strakes on the 512 Testarossa, to the iconic F1 style silhouette of the F40—arguably, the greatest supercar ever made.



Ferrari is the very definition of Italian style and performance. A combination of timelessly iconic designs, and brutally relentless performance. However, the brand is also known for their as well. Sharing the same design code as their cars, they are distinct, high-performance machines. Whether they’re strapped on your wrist or racing on the tarmac, Ferrari’s creations are icons in design and performance. With an extensive catalogue of timepieces, it might be tricky to find the right one for you, so we’ve narrowed down ten of the brand’s most iconic and unique designs, so you don’t have to.





Kicking off our list today is certainly one of the most iconic and recognizable designs in the Ferrari line-up. The Aspire 830529 is the watch you’ll think of when someone mentions Ferrari watches. Featuring an aggressive angular case with angled lugs and integrated straps, the watch certainly harks back to the 70s sports-watches like the Royal Oak or the Nautilus, but with a touch of Italian flair. Featuring a subtle angled ‘hood’ gliding from the side of the watch acting as the crown-guard, there’s certainly a nice touch of refinement on this otherwise very sporty timepiece. The rubber strap also features some treads, a subtle but noticeable hint of the company’s heritage in performance motorsport. Power comes from a reliable quartz caliber which will pose practically zero reliability issues through its life. A timepiece that properly represents the style and flair of the Ferrari brand, truly worthy of the prancing horse.

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Next up on our list today is a rather bold and striking take on what a casual sports multifunction timepiece can be. On paper, the Ferrari Redrev T might seem unassuming at first: a simple black dial, with a traditional 6,9,12 sub-dial layout telling the day, date and a 24-hour indicator as well.

The watch case is where things start to take a turn for the interesting. Finished in an all-black PVD stainless steel paired with a contrasting gold PVD bezel, it’s a sharp looking watch. Turn it to the side and you will find a nice golden crown sitting on a unique, honeycomb pattern, which I assume is meant to mimic the aggressive grilles of the company’s supercars.

The execution of this is very aggressively Italian of course, the dial in a black carbon style finishing, with the 24-hour sub-dial in a sunburst gold, applied golden indexes and splashes of red on the dial, it is every bit as sporty as it was intended to be. The red streaks on the hands and texts on the dial add a really nice pop of colour that makes the watch much more interesting to look at, without compromising on the overall black stealthy nature of the design. Overall if you’re looking for a casual sporty watch with a unique and unconventional design, then the racy Redrev T in gold is certainly for you. 

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The second of the Ferrari Aspire series in our list and probably the most striking in design. The Aspire Series 3 0830604 is certainly one of the most aggressive and sleek timepieces we’ll be looking at today. Coming in at a hefty 44mm, the watch sits nicely on the wrist and thanks to the quartz movement powering it, is a relatively slim watch too, easily disappearing under a cuff.

Matching the iconic and angular case design (in a sporty brushed grey PVD) with an equally grey multifunction dial really adds on to the function and sporty design of the timepiece. The dial is finely brushed, with applied indexes and of course, the iconic prancing horse badge at 12 O’clock. It sounds ostentatious, but it isn’t, and that’s the beauty that makes it distinctly Italian, turning something that should be flashy and ostentatious into something that is tasteful and overall, well put together, just like their suits.

The blue treaded rubber strap complements the watch nicely and will sit happily on your wrist whether you’re rocking it with a Valentino suit or casually with a pair of denim and a T-shirt. You’ll be hard pressed to find another watch in this price range that is as striking and well-built than the Aspire 0830604.

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The Ferrari Scuderia Apex 0830639 is a men’s sports watch that features a unique carbon fibre style dial finished with red accents, matching red rubber straps and a stealthy black PVD stainless steel case too.

The watch features a relatively simple and sporty case coming in at 45mm in diameter and the dial, though crowded, is still highly legible and distinct as well. With 2 subdials at 12 and 6 for the day and date and the iconic prancing horse logo at 3. It certainly sounds like there’s a lot going on, on the dial making it seem crowded and messy. But it is executed very nicely by Ferrari, with their flair for Italian style, they’ve turned a complicated looking timepiece into something that is timeless and sporty, yet distinct in its own right as well.

Power comes from a reliable quartz caliber, ensuring a smooth and generally worry-free experience with the watch. If you’re looking for a flashy and distinct sports watch for the weekend out or for casual every day wear, then the Apex 0830639 is certainly for you.

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If an all-black sporty and complicated looking timepiece is what you’re looking for, then the Pista 0830725 is certainly for you. And here it is, in a sleek black PVD case with a matching black textured rubber strap too.

First off, the dial is neatly executed with applied red and black indexes on a sandblasted textured dial along with the iconic prancing horse logo at 3 O’clock, contrasting white sword shaped hands, and triple sub-dials along 12,6,9 for the date, day and 24-hour indicator.

The case is a simple Italian affair as well, sculpted in a simple traditional rounded design with no sharp angles, but with a unique angled bezel to turn the sportiness up to 11. Matching the sporty case is an equally sporty rubber strap which is also nicely textured.

The watch is powered by a reliable quartz caliber too ensuring smooth and reliable performance throughout its lifetime. If you’re in the market for a sleek multi-function timepiece but want something with a little bit more style and flamboyance, then the Pista is certainly the watch for you.

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We can’t have a list featuring Italian watches without having at least a simple elegant three-handed watch, now can we? And here it is, the Pilota in a rose gold case and a matching rose gold bracelet too.

First off, the dial is beautifully executed with applied golden indexes and roman numerals along the periphery and the iconic prancing horse emblem at 12 O’clock, matching golden lance shaped hands, a framed date window and of course that textured blue dial too. The case is a simple Italian affair as well, sculpted in a refined yet somewhat sporty design with sharp angles and curves on the lugs.

Matching the elegantly sporty case is an equally elegant and almost vintage style brown leather strap finished with a red stitching at the end. The watch is powered by a reliable quartz caliber too ensuring smooth and reliable performance throughout its lifetime. If you’re in the market for a simple time only dressy sports watch but want something with a little bit more style and flamboyance, the Pilota is certainly the watch for you.

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For the next watch on the list, we have possibly one of the most striking yet simple sports watch on the list so far; the Forza 0840034. Like almost every other timepiece we’ve covered previously, it’s a sports watch, but unlike the rest of them, this one has a simpler and cleaner dial layout being just a 3-hander and not even a date window.

The watch features a stark brushed black dial, with contrasting red accents on the Arabic numerals, indexes, hands and lines on the dial. I’m not the biggest fan of Arabic numerals on watches, or rather I’m very picky with the fonts used on Arabic numerals and how they add on to the personality of the watch. The numerals here are executed very nicely and adds to the sense of sportiness to this already very bold timepiece.

The black PVD stainless steel case is brushed and angled aggressively, with claw like lugs protruding from the case aggressively linking to the stylized and embossed straps. It is this sort of distinct yet effective styling that really differentiates the Italians and makes them so well-known, and the same can be found in the Forza too.

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The Ferrari Speedracer 0830688 Automatic is a prime example of sheer Italian flamboyance and elegance. It is a simple, elegant three hander with slim applied markers lining the periphery of the dial and slim matching sword shaped hands as well.

So far so simple, but there’s a catch. The watch is gorgeously skeletonized, allowing you to admire the inner workings of the mechanism powering it, with the escapement cage and the sub-seconds indicator nicely interlaced with one another in rose gold. The watch is fitted with an elegant brushed black stainless-steel case, with a matching black bezel and strap as well. So, it's black on black on black, very cool indeed.

Despite the very dark theme of the overall design, legibility isn’t compromised thanks in part to the contrasting rose-gold polished hands against the industrial silvered and black dial/movement. The contrasting red and gold numerals on the bezel adds a nice sporty flair to the otherwise dressy design.

The watch features a tried and tested seagull automatic caliber that is very nicely decorated too which gives a nice flair to the otherwise simple watch. If a 3 handed mechanical dress watch is what you’re looking for, the Speedracer Automatic should be high on your list of considerations.




We’ve looked at mostly sporty and casual timepieces so far, and to those of you who are looking for something a bit more elegant and refined, the Ferrari Abetone is a properly elegant looking timepiece.

With a simple slim case, small crown and pushers and sleek, unobtrusive lugs, it is as simple as simple can be when it comes to chronograph style case designs. The dial is really where the beauty of this watch truly shines, with simple sub-dials for the day, date and the 24-hour indicators, applied golden Arabic numerals and a minute chapter ring lining the periphery of the dial. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a nice dress chronograph.

The red accents on the hands and 12 O’clock marker adds a subtle, sporty touch to this otherwise sober dress piece. Though, the golden applied prancing horse at 12 might not be the subtlest of traits, it is still executed well enough to look good rather than gaudy. All of these little design details when put together truly creates a beautifully elegant dress watch that subtly exudes the flair of Italian style that we love so much.

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The last watch on our list is certainly one of the sportiest of the lot.  And if its name doesn’t give it away already, it’s a piece inspired by Ferrari’s Scuderia racing team. Featuring a two-tone case in rose-gold with a deep blue bezel, this change in colour gives the bold design a much more refined and sportier feel.

The design is of course, reminiscent of the bold sports racing chronograph watches with a bold and aggressive case and dial design. The case is in a rose-gold brushed stainless steel which is contrasted nicely by the brushed deep blue PVD bezel which adds a nice touch of contrast to an otherwise bold and sporty design.

The dial features a carbon fibre-esque design in blue and with the chronograph sub-dial layouts at 12,6,9. It’s a really aggressive and sporty looking timepiece, perfect for everyday wear or on a weekend out. All in all, the Scuderia 0830591 makes for an intriguing and interesting choice for a sporty racing inspired chronograph.


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Happy Hunting


If you’ve made it to the end of this article and find yourself itching to get your hands on a Ferrari watch, we don’t blame you. Distinctly sporty design paired with exceptional craftsmanship and bearing one of the most evocative names of motoring history, it’s not hard to see why these watches are so desirable.

We hope that we’ve managed to help you at least narrow down a few that you might want or ought to take note of, and if we haven’t. Well, it's just our opinions after all, at the end of the day you’re buying the watch for yourself and only you know what’s best for you. So, before you zoom off to the nearest boutique or online, we’d like to wish you happy hunting!