Hari Raya is a great holiday to celebrate by showing up and looking at your best, with a few pop of colors since this is about overcoming struggles and having a new beginning. Well, what’s a new beginning without fresh touches and a wardrobe upgrade?

One of the most reliable accessories we could ever have is a watch, and the best excuse to add another one to your collection is by celebrating a new chapter in life. Since Hari Raya is also about making amends, forgiveness, charity, and strengthening your bond with your loved ones, why not give them a timelessly elegant gift, right?

Everyone is busy in their own lives, and sometimes we forget the value of giving and spending time with the most important people. A personalized timepiece is not just there to tell time but symbolizes who and what matters most. That’s why they are a great addition to your holiday celebration.

The trend of modding has taken the world by storm. Who can we blame, nobody wants to be caught wearing the same thing during a family reunion. I mean a watch is an extension of our style. How can 2 persons possibly have the exact same style?

Let us look at different custom watches that will surely be perfect to wear in this Raya in this article. These watches are modified from the original Seiko, Seiko 5 SRPD series.

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Seiko The Commando - H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

First on the list is The Commando H2 Hub Special Custom Watch. It has a sporty package with a complementing army green rubber strap. As you enter a celebration of your new chapter, The Commando is an excellent reminder that you are in control and in command of how to use that fresh start.

It has a stealthy black case and dial, engineered by a highly reliable and accurate automatic movement. Since it will undergo our modding expertise, you can add your personal touches to it, such as adding text on its spinning rotor and glass case back. 

Moreover, with our one-of-a-kind personalization service, you get a few tweaks and upgrades to this timepiece. Those upgrades include the 3x more scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal, a distinct matte ceramic bezel, and lume on the hands and indices for that more vigorous glow intensity. 

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Seiko The Garfield - H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

Next on the list is our custom Seiko: The Garfield. This watch shows an instant celebratory mood with its bright orange tone. This color symbolizes joy and warmth, which is perfect for Hari Raya. 

It has a sweat-resistant gray rubber strap complementing the long-lasting ceramic bezel with orange numerals. Moreover, it is equipped with iconic Mercedez hands set to make it stand out more than other Seiko watches.

Since our personalized watches require to be opened, many may ask about quality.  But don’t worry. We assure you here at H2 Hub that our custom-made watches are fashionably bold with uncompromised function.

This timepiece goes through water resistance and pressure testing after modification, ensuring high quality. Plus, for your peace of mind, you get a 12-month warranty.

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Arabian Dark Night - AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SBA-BK-M2

If you’re into dark-themed watches, the Arabian Dark Night is the perfect watch for you for this celebration. This watch is highly reliable and accurate since a Japan automatic 8215 movement powers it. Moreover, its thickness and case size are just right to frame your wrist, so it is comfortable enough not to stop you from any celebratory activities.

Since it is also a charity season, this can be the perfect gift for your male loved ones. In my opinion, having this on your wrist makes it a natural confidence booster. It’s subtle and not that flashy, but it demands attention with its elegantly quiet aura. The double-domed sapphire glass is an excellent addition to the stainless steel strap for that added durability. Plus, you can even use it underwater with its 30bar water-resistant function.

The dial and case back are also spacious enough for your added personal touches. Another unique feature of this watch is the Arabic bezel. You can’t find this type of bezel elsewhere, making the watch one-of-a-kind.

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Arabian Golden Hulk - AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 RGGN-GNRG-M1

Last but not least is our Arabian Golden Hulk. With Hari Raya, green is associated with nature and peace and is often associated with abundance, as well as the color gold. That’s why this watch is perfect for the celebration. Aside from its beautiful and gentleman-like aura, it is powered by a trialed and tested Miyota automatic caliber, which guarantees superb accuracy and quality.

Moreover, it has an aesthetically pleasing dial with thick hands and indices for easy time-telling. It also has a durable and comfortable integrated rubber strap with a tang pin buckle. Plus, it has a water and scratch-resistant feature.

By the way, aside from the uniquely personalized Arabic bezel, you can add your personal touches to the watch since it’s a timepiece custom-made for you or your loved one. Expect class, style, and sophistication with this natural head-turner. Click here for more details.

Happy Hari Raya!

The Raya festival holds importance to our Muslim brothers and sisters, and in this celebration, it is not new to dress up in the most bright and colorful clothes. Completing the wardrobe with a beautiful watch makes the occasion more timeless and meaningful. H2 Hub has great deals and discounts for custom-made timepieces in line with the celebration. We have a wide array of specialized watches to make every item extra special. If you want to check them out, click here.