Things you must know about Citizen Watches Eco-Drive

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Citizen is one of the leading watchmaking brands in the world. To its credit, it is the forefather of the analog quartz movement that requires light to run the watch. The company founded this technology in 1976, and in today's time, it is endearingly referred to as eco-drive. The source of light can be anything – sun, artificial light, or even dim light. Due to this, you don’t have to change batteries. If you go deeper into how this technology works, you will come to know that light takes the form of electrical energy through the process of eco-drive and stays inside the lithium-ion power battery that runs the watch. You can recharge these Li-ion cells, though.

So, one of the distinct advantages of wearing Citizen Watches Eco-Drive is the convenience of use. Once you buy it, you will not have to bother about replacing batteries. The mechanism of eco-drive watches allows them to create energy from the light, regardless of how dim it can be. As a consequence, the watch never stops. It will not be an overboard statement if someone says that a fully charged Citizen watch can run for at least six months even if it doesn't see any light. That means it would continue to tell you time also if it is in the darkness.

There are some models in the market, which warn you about the inadequate amount of charge. You get a signal that your watch needs light when the second-hand ticks after two seconds. Some of the wristwatches have power-saving mode, due to which the hands don't function when you leave them in the darkroom. It comes in handy in saving energy.

Other than that, you would come across light-level indicator in some timepieces that can find out the strength of the light entering the dial, enabling you to get an idea of the status of the power level.

As you can comprehend, eco-drive technology is common to Citizen watches. With this technology, the watches can run on both natural and artificial light. Such an arrangement eliminates the dependence on battery. It also protects the environment from watch battery waste, which is not easy to dispose of otherwise. If you believe in the green revolution, then this can be your choice.

Nevertheless, there can be some questions in your mind about these types of watches as a consumer. Before you buy them, you may want to educate yourself about these choices a bit more. For this, you can go through some of the standard concerns from a buyer's point and their resolutions. Let's check them out. 

Questions about Citizen Watches Eco-Drive

  • The confusion around the secondary battery

Secondary battery refers to the energy cell in this context as the primary source of power is the light that produces electricity. In an eco-drive watch, you get only one energy storage cell. Other quartz watches usually contain a silver oxide battery as a primary source of power, which once exhausted needs replacement.

  • The life of the energy storage cell

The rechargeable battery in these types of watches can live up to 40 years. However, the charge capacity can decline with the age of the watch.  Nevertheless, the cell can still give 80% of the performance. The cells are high-end. That’s why you don’t need to worry about their quality. If eco-drive stops, you may have to charge your battery, and when it slows down, you can service its movement.

  • A doubt about the amount of light striking the dial

Usually, the movement of the second hand is traceable to the one-second interval. Some watches don't include seconds hand. In them, the minute hand takes about 20 seconds to cover 1/3 portion of a minute. In eco-drive watches, the low charge alert system causes the seconds hand to move at the interval of two seconds or the minute hand at the gap of one minute incrementally. However, it doesn't affect the correct time. Some of the Citizen watches that have chronograph may not even allow these functions to operate when the battery is down. When you get low charge warning, you have to show your watch to bright light to full recharge it. 

  • Clarity about quick start feature of the Citizen watches eco-drive 

Plenty of these watches boasts of quick-start function, which starts as soon as you expose the discharged watch to an adequate amount of light for charging. Within a few seconds, the watch can restart due to the exposure to the intense light or sun. When it restarts, it can go into Time Reset Advisory state. If you notice the seconds or minute hand is moving irregularly, it means it has gone into Time Reset Advisory mode. You need to power-pack your battery, so don't remove it from the light yet. Otherwise, it can stop working. Once the charge is full, you have to do the entire resetting job to make sure the watch returns to its normal functioning.

  • The long-lastingness of the fully charged battery

Continuous exposure to bright light will ensure that your watch performs well. The Citizen watches consume a negligible amount of energy as a result of which it doesn't take much time to replenish faster. As mentioned, in case you store your phone in a dark place in a fully charged mode, the watch will last from 45 days to 5 years depending on the model. Many watches come equipped with a power reserve that can last for 180 days.

  • General concern over the issue of extreme heat leading to damage

When you recharge your watch, make sure you keep it in a place where the temperature doesn't rise above 140o F. It can damage your timepiece. So, if you plan to recharge the battery on your car dashboard or through a light bulb less than 20 inches closer or a halogen lamp, you got to rethink.

For a safe experience with battery recharge, you don't have to do much. A full charged watch can work well even in the ambient light. Nevertheless, it wouldn't suffice if the power has run out. If there is a need for additional charging, you can use a fluorescent desk lamp for the purpose. The watch face or dial should be facing up, and the distance from the lamp has to be about eight inches. If the source of light is an incandescent lamp, then the gap between the two cannot be less than twenty inches. But if the power reserve is empty or low, you cannot take help from these solutions. Only sunlight can be useful.

  • Features of Citizen watches eco-drive

The solar-driven movements in Citizen watch combine the beauty of conventional designs with new-age technology. Since these are battery-powered, there is nothing to worry about the accuracy of time. Plus, the models are cost-effective too. At the same time, the solar-energy model allows you to wear your watch without even needing to replace the battery. Due to this, you can feel you are using an automatic watch. The solar-powered quartz movement has almost become synonymous with the brand and vice-versa. The other perks of this style of watches are as follows:

  • Quality of the material

The reasonably priced watches don't compromise with the materials to make up for the cost. All the eco-drive wristwatches feature thick stainless-steel cases and scratch-proof glass. In some budget editions, you can miss the original leather band, though. Anyway, it is not a big thing. You can always pay an additional amount and opt for genuine material. It depends on your taste and liking.

  • The looks of the watch

Almost all Citizen watches stand out from the rest in terms of design. Their gorgeous classical appearance exudes originality, which you don’t get to witness so much nowadays. Whether you prefer a diver, dress, aviator or some other style, you can trust it to match your fashion and mood.

  • An example of craftsmanship

In this collection, all the watches enjoy unique specifications. Regardless of that, each piece is a work of art and superior craft. The right proportion of everything lends these watches extra weight. Their sturdiness, water resistance, and overall weight make them a perfectly-crafted piece. For an experience, you can try chronographs once. The pushbuttons on them are enough to convey it all.

  • Value for money

Those who are brand conscious don't have any reason to doubt the ability of eco-drive watches. Citizen is a reputed brand, and eco-drive range justifies all the hypes around the collection. The type of quality you get in this for a price point is incomparable to other leading brands. If you are particular about aesthetic, then again you don’t have to worry about anything. The dress and field watches from this series can be hugely appealing. Still, it doesn’t imply other watches are any less impressive. You can browse through the whole range to find out what attracts you the most.

If you care for the environment and the quality, then an eco-drive watch from Citizen has to be your priority. When you go shopping, you will realize what it feels like having this kind of wristwatch.

Price Point

If you're looking for a good watch to wear every day, you'll find that Citizen has the perfect timepiece for you!

Citizen's watches are available in three price points: low, mid-range, and high-end. 

The low end of the price spectrum is around $200. These models are great if you're looking for a simple watch that will keep time well and last for years. They are pretty comfortable too. A classic example is the Citizen BM8553-16A Classical White Dial Men’s Watch. It’s priced at around $209 and it does the job without you ever breaking the bank. Click here for more Citizen models.

Mid-range Citizen watches are priced at around $500. These watches are made with more durable materials than the lower-priced models and have more features like chronographs and date functions. A great example of this type of watch would be the Promaster series.

Finally, high-end Citizen watches start at around $3000 and go up from there. These are made with premium and high-quality materials and offer the best performance possible for a watch of this caliber. Just like the Citizen CC7005-16G Satellite Wave Men’s Watch. Catch more of the Premium Citizen line here.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we have discussed the features of Citizen Watches Eco-Drive and their benefits. It is not just a watch for you but also a great investment for your health and welfare. The best thing about Citizen Watches Eco-Drive is that it is powered by light energy, so you don’t need to worry about battery replacement or winding it. It comes with some amazing features like solar power, world time, water resistance up to 100 meters, chronograph, date display, and many more. If you are looking for any kind of wristwatch that suits your style and budget then Citizen Watches Eco-Drive is the best choice for you. So go ahead and purchase it right now!

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We hope we've been able to help you make an informed decision about Citizen watches. We know that when you're looking for a watch, you want to do your research and make sure that you're getting the best product for your money, and we hope our guide has given you a good start on that journey.

If there's anything else you need to know about Citizen watches or any other watches, don't hesitate to ask us!