When it comes to affordable/entry level Swiss luxury watches, the first brand to come to mind is certainly Tissot. Having been around since 1853; That’s only half a decade after Omega and over half a century before Rolex. That’s the sort of heritage that money just can’t buy. And having made watches for over a century and a half, it’s safe to say that they’ve become pretty damn good at making them. And with new advancements in technology, the brand has also embraced innovation with the development of its timepieces.

 Whether it’s in the form of the incredible and functional T-touch series or its newest anti-magnetic Silicium escapement (a feature only ever seen on high-end luxury timepieces) for its Powermatic 80 calibres. Tissot is a brand that always looks forward in its creations, while never forgetting its illustrious heritage too. And with such an extensive history, it should be expected for Tissot’s catalogue to be equally extensive too, and it is. So, if you’re looking to dabble with the brand for the first time, or just want something else rather special to add into your collection, it can be quite dizzying to browse through their inventory. So today, we’ve chosen 1 rather special piece from their catalogue to feature; The Heritage Visodate Powermatic 80. A modern practical design based off of a timepiece from the 1950s that was one of the pioneers of one of the most useful and often overlooked complication in watchmaking: The self-changing date. Now, without further ado, let’s crack on. 

We can’t be looking at the best watch a man can get without taking a look at a classic everyday wear three-hander. And that is exactly what the Heritage Visodate Powermatic 80 offers.

Switzerland has been the crowning jewel of fine watchmaking from the beginning of time, though that hasn’t always been the case. There was once a time, believe it or not, when Swiss watchmaking was merely a source for the cheaper mass production of watches, and it was the French and the English who dabbled in the arts of fine watchmaking. Though this wouldn’t be for long, and eventually the Swiss, who spent the cold winters in their cottages building watches realized that they were actually rather good at doing it. And with that sparked the rise in Swiss watchmaking to become the industry giant we know today.  

The Tissot Visodate automatic harks back to a simpler time, a humbler era where tradition and functionality were all that mattered in a watch. Tissot has always enjoyed a reputation for producing high-quality watches that were affordable and forward-thinking, and the Visodate really encapsulates that ethos. The new model adds modern conveniences to the vintage design with an updated day-date complication, sapphire crystal and of course modern production techniques, despite these, the vintage charm of the watch still remains intact. Especially with the Milanese bracelet, adding that final touch of old-school charm to this tidy timepiece. Powering the watch is an ETA 2836-2 beating at a respectably high beat of 28,800VPH (4Hz) with 40 hours of power reserve, and fitted with a custom golden rotor with some neat Côtes de Genève striping on it.


As a daily watch then, the Visodate Heritage certainly ticks plenty of boxes, versatile, stylish, functional and practical too. It’s unfussy, yet striking enough to catch the eye thanks to its sunray blue dial and polished finishing. But there’s so much more to this timepiece than being a daily watch. The Visodate automatic is a celebration of the first automatic watch to integrate an instantaneous date complication in 1953. A complication that may not seem like much now, but was one of the revolutionary complications that sparked change in the watchmaking industry as a whole. With such big boots to fill in, it fits the bill beautifully and it is certainly a worthy tribute act.