Top 10 watches for Him

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Kicking off our countdown for Valentine’s day is our list of the top 10 best watches you can get for your man on this special day. Watches are the best form of jewelry/accessory a man can have and it’s a very personal piece as well, as a good watch can easily last a lifetime. There’re many great watches out there in the market and choices are aplenty, though the right one for him really depends on how well you understand his taste. Or, you could just cheat and check out our opinions on the top 10 best watches you can get for him.


Citizen Promaster Fugu NY009

Citizen as a brand needs no introduction, established in 1930, the company has long been synonymous with affordable and reliable watches for the masses and still is today. Though it might seem to be living in the shadow of Seiko, that only means that you’re less likely to stumble upon someone else with the same watch as you, and if that’s what you want, then you’re in luck with the Citizen Promaster Fugu NY009. Dive watches are aplenty these days, and for good reason, they’re incredibly well built, are very versatile and overall, are just really great watches to have. The Fugu NY009 harks back to an era long before us, with vintage design cues from the early history of diving and an added touch of idiosyncrasy unique to the NY line of Promasters. The principal characteristics are the left-hand crown position at 8 which is meant to prevent inadvertent knocks as well as to provide more ergonomic comfort to the wearer. And the distinctive bezel as well, with alternating smooth and serrated edges allowing for better grip when being operated under water especially with gloved hands. Power comes from a Miyota Cal. 8203 a proper workhorse movement with a 45-hour power reserve that beats at a respectable 21,600VPH (3Hz). Its not the most groundbreaking performance, but it was never meant to be in the first place. What Citizen has done with the NY009 Fugu is bring about more interesting variety into the dive watch market and with some serious competition, performance and pedigree to boot as well. 


You can view the collection directly on this link here.



Seiko Presage SSA385J1


The Seiko Presage line has always been known fondly as the ‘Baby Grand Seiko’ and for good reason, similar to what its big brother has done for the luxury watch market; providing unparalleled quality and finishing for a relatively reasonable price. The Seiko Presage line is the closest thing we can ever get to ‘affordable luxury’ a term that I personally hate seeing and using but I will put my grievances aside and get on with the point. And this is the point, the Seiko Presage SSA385J1 Fuyugeshiki, the name roughly translating to ‘winter scene’ which might sound like a load of wishful marketing gimmick but this time, its not. The dial captures the magic of the bright light on a clear winter’s day, with its bright white and textured dial set against dark accents. Powered by Seiko’s in-house caliber 4R57a movement, featuring a centrally mounted power reserve indicator, meant to be read along the periphery of the dial, a date sub dial and of course the time, with a 42-hour power-reserve and a smooth 21,600VPH (3Hz) frequency. But it is unquestionably the dial that is the watch’s party piece, beautifully finished and applied hour markers shaped like the stems of a cocktail glass set on the stark white snow like dial with Grand Seiko-esque lance shaped hands gracing across, albeit not with the same execution (the difference in price obliges). For under a thousand dollars, this might easily be the best luxury watch you can get and might just be the ‘Baby snowflake’ that Grand Seiko enthusiasts have been waiting for.


This watch is now selling for $595.50 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.



Seiko Prospex SRPD27k1


The Seiko Prospex SRPD27K1 ‘Monster’ aptly named due to well, its monstrous looking visage, is back and even more handsome than ever. Many of the funky design elements such as the shark-tooth like indices and jagged bezel have been simplified and have resulted in a more refined and approachable design. The dial is straightforward, with blocky indices, an arrow like hour hand and sword shaped minute hand cutting across, it’s a very functional and handsome brute. The unconventional outer case-shroud still remains along with the circa 4-O’clock crown placement. The Monster is rated to a water resistance of 200M no less and is powered by Seiko’s in-house caliber 4R36 with 40 hours of power reserve and a modest beat rate of 21,600VPH (3Hz). The watch also features a day-date function, magnified by a ‘cyclops’ lens attached to the hardlex crystal. The monster is certainly a handsome and reliable timepiece for the man looking for a dive watch, but with a hankering for the unconventional as well.


This watch is now selling for $541.72  SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.



Seiko Presage Cocktail time Mockingbird SRPD37J1


What would a list recommending the best watches for men be without including a simple, traditional dress watch? Though, as it is often the case with us, even our simple and understated watches come with a twist and with the Seiko Presage Cocktail time Mockingbird, that case is certainly true here. On paper, everything seems in order, a simple 3 hander with nothing but the date window at 3 o’clock invading the otherwise symmetrical dial. The dial, of course is where our twist comes into play, the more observant of you might have noticed the Mockingbird moniker on the watch’s name, and no it isn’t a tribute piece celebrating or even sharing anything remotely close to Eminem’s iconic song sharing the same name. It is in fact, referring to a cocktail, as is with the beautiful pieces in Seiko’s cocktail time collection, the Mockingbird is named after the carefully crafted drink by award-winning bartender Ishigaki Shinobu who Seiko has collaborated with to create their cocktail time pieces. The Mockingbird’s dial comes in a shimmering, sunburst British racing green, with spear shaped indexes along the edges inspired by the stems of cocktail glasses, polished dauphine hands and a golden second hand. The beautiful green dial is the star of the show, with its easily recognizable and well-defined sunburst effect playing differently under different lightings and angles, all of which can be enjoyed under a vintage style box shaped crystal. Powering the watch is Seiko’s proprietary caliber 4R35B movement, with brushed and beveled edges here and there and a golden rotor weight to add a touch of flair to the otherwise spartan looking movement. Power reserve is a respectable 41 hours and frequency is at a reasonable 21,600VPH (3Hz). If you’re looking for a simple, traditional dress watch but want something with a touch of subtle flamboyance then the Presage Cocktail time Mockingbird might just be the watch for you.


This watch is now selling for $529.65 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.



Tissot Heritage Visodate automatic


We can’t talk about the best watches to get a man without talking about Swiss made timepieces, and what better way to venture into this foray than with Tissot’s Heritage Visodate automatic. Switzerland has been the crowning jewel of fine watchmaking from the beginning of time, though that hasn’t always been the case. There was once a time, believe it or not, that Swiss watchmaking was merely a source for the cheaper mass production of watches, and it was the French and the English who dabbled in the arts of fine watchmaking. Though this wouldn’t be for long, and eventually the Swiss, who spent the cold winters in their cottages building watches realized that, they were pretty damn good at doing it. And with that sparked the rise in Swiss watchmaking to become the industry giant we know today. But this isn’t a history lesson, it’s a watch review and with that little bit of backstory covered, let’s get on with what we have on hand today. The Tissot Visodate automatic harks back to a simpler time, a humbler era where tradition and functionality were all that mattered in a watch. Tissot has always enjoyed a reputation for producing high quality watches that were affordable and forward thinking, and the Visodate really encapsulates that ethos. The new model adds modern conveniences to the vintage design with an updated day-date complication, sapphire crystal and of course modern production techniques, despite these, the vintage charm of the watch still remains intact. Powering the watch is an ETA 2836-2 beating at a modest 28,800VPH (4Hz) with 40 hours of power reserve, and fitted with a custom golden rotor with Côtes de Genève. The Visodate automatic is a celebration of the first automatic watch to integrate an instantaneous date complication in 1953 and it is certainly a worthy tribute act.


You can view the collection directly on this link here.



Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Diver SLA023J1


If the watch to have is a dive watch, then the dive watch to have would be a Rolex Submariner, but that is if you can even get one of course. A surge in demand over the years, resulting in massive price jumps, and ever-growing waiting lists have relegated this incredible timepiece to be nothing more than just a passing fancy across the jeweler’s window. But just because you can’t get the default doesn’t mean that you can’t get something else that is as interesting, and maybe, just maybe a little more special. Introducing the Seiko Prospex Marinemaster SLA023J1, a commemorative limited edition to the first model from 1968, Seiko’s reference 6159. Powered by Seiko’s Caliber 8L35 and beating at 28,800VPH (4Hz), the Marinemaster pays proper tribute to the original 1968 hi-beat drive Ref. 6159-7001 and then some. Though not equipped with the high-beat 36,000VPH (5Hz) 8L55 caliber, the 8L35 is still a force to be reckoned with, with a respectably high frequency of 28,800VPH (4Hz). The 8L35 is an undecorated version of the Grand Seiko's 9S55 caliber, with 26 jewels, 50 hours of power reserve and an accuracy of -10 to +15 seconds per day is a proper demonstration of Japanese watchmaking prowess. Coming with a 44.3mm mono-bloc case (missing the traditional case-back where the movement is installed from the front), it ensures rugged durability and a water resistance of up to 300m. The case has also been hardened with a super-hard (DLC) coating making it more scratch resistant and wear resistant, it is certainly tougher than your run-off-the-mill diver. A sapphire crystal with a dual sided anti reflective protects the proud blue dial and it features a knurled crown at 4 O'clock (a common and recognizable staple in Seiko's divers). Granted, at $6,000 you must either have very deep pockets or a hell lot of love for your other half to gift this to him but it is without question, a fantastic watch to have and might just be the best gift that one might ever receive.


This watch is now selling for $ 5,124.14 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.



Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-Nuri SPB085J1


The dress watch is a staple in every man’s wardrobe, it is the most quintessential timepiece a man can ever own. Traditionally simple, telling nothing but the time and not even the seconds, but if you’re the sort who has ever looked at a dress watch and wondered; is that all? Then fret not because the Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan might just be the saving grace to your woes. With a dress watch conventionally having only two hands, and simple markers on a simple dial, the SPB085J1 would seem to be, visually the antithesis of a conventional dress watch, and you’d be right. With more hands than a monkey it might seem like a really complicated and really expensive watch, what you’re looking at really, are just the hours, minutes, seconds, days, date and power reserve. It’s a properly functional and legible timepiece with contrasting markers and dials, but functionality isn’t what we’re here for, at least for most of us. As the name suggests, this watch has an enamel lacquered dial, and not just any old form of lacquering, but the most complex. The dial is subjected to 2 forms of lacquering, first the Urushi technique is applied, using a jet-black lacquer that is directly painted on the metal base of the dial. The subdials are then sprinkled with a fine metallic powder and are subsequently repainted with a red-tinged semi transparent Urushi lacquer again. The process is repeated until the required effect (a deep red tone) is accomplished. As for the Byakudan-Nuri technique, the crescent power reserve indicator is first coated with a layer of Urushi lacquer which acts as an adhesive to the fine gilt-colored powder that is then sprinkled and dispersed over the crescent. The surface is then perfected by the master craftsman and the result is nothing short of stunning. Each dial alone is the result of painstaking efforts over a number of weeks because of the immense complexity and artistic skillset required for the completion of such a dial. Meant to reflect the colors of the sky and the moon just before dawn, the SPB085J1 is a worthy testament to fine Japanese watchmaking and craftsmanship.


This watch is now selling for $ 3,088.80 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here. 



Aries Gold Roadster G 9021 S-BK


The Roadster 9021 is inspired by the vintage outlook of the racing cars designed in the 1960s. The sleek outlook of the sandblasted casing matched with a sandblasted finished handcrafted watch dial, the watch has a retro feel to it. The power reserve marker of the rare Japanese Epson automatic movement is made to look like the fuel marker of the automobile. The circular watch hands used are extremely difficult to assemble and therefore all Roadsters are only assembled by 1 single Master Watchmaker at a time only. Matched with a vintage looking matte finished leather strap with a handy quick release mechanism, the entire watch gives off the strong vibe from the 60s. Finished with a sapphire glass surface, this beast is built to last. This limited edition watch only has 500 pieces produced for sales worldwide and comes in a unique wooden packaging and a limited-edition card. This masterpiece is 1 of the most popular watches within the Aries Gold watch collection.


 This watch is now selling for $429.80 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.



Seiko Prospex SRPD31K1


The terms dive watch and sports watch have become practically synonymous with each other in this day and age, but there’s more to sports watches than just a sea of divers, and this Seiko Prospex SRPD31K1 is a fine example of that. First thing’s first, this is a field compass watch, and given that a vast majority of us spend more time on land than on water, its kind of weird that watches with abyssal water resistance are far more common than compass watches. The SRPD31K1 is, visually and functionally, a tool watch, with a 43mm stainless steel case, a recessed crown for the movement and a large protective bridge for the compass crown (the crown guard being a common sight on Panerai watches) to prevent accidental actuation of the compass. The dial of the watch follows the same idea. Simple and straight to the point, featuring large luminous (Lumibrite) raised plots and Arabic numerals as well as oversized hour and minute hands. Powering the watch is an in-house 4R36a caliber with 40 hours of power reserve, a 21,600VPH (3Hz) frequency and a day-date complication just for good measure. Its more likely that this will become a daily beater for its owner than to ever be used as a proper equipment and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. In the same sense of wearing a watch that can easily survive the crushing depths of the ocean, 300m below the surface but only ever brining it as deep as the filing cabinet in your desk goes, its pretty safe to say that the same will certainly apply with this SRPD31K1.


This watch is now selling for $441.38 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.



Tissot PRC200 Automatic chronograph T0554271601700

Let’s get one thing straight here, chronograph movements don’t come cheap, even buying in movements from other sources can still be pricy. But Tissot, being part of the Swatch group has the inherent advantage of working with movement power-house ETA and this combined with volume production has enabled Tissot to release the new PRC200, a Swiss automatic chronograph for well under $1,500 SGD, while most Swiss made automatic chronographs generally got for a good $3000 SGD and above.

This makes the Tissot PRC200 Automatic chronograph T0554271601700 extremely affordable and value for money for its robust specifications and it’s functional, down-to-earth built.


The steel case is 44mm across and a little on the thick side, though the lugs do a good job of minimizing how high up on the wrist the PRC 200 sits. The aligator strap feels nice, and while the PRC 200 is also available on a bracelet for a slight premium, it's the rubber strap option I found the most enjoyable to wear. The dial has red accents added to the black dial and the black rubber strap makes the relatively large watch wear much easier than either of the other options. The pushers have a satisfying weight to them and you really feel the chronograph engage and disengage. There is nothing fancy about the PRC 200 or the C01.211 inside, but that isn't the point - the PRC 200 offers an accessible way for someone to get into the world of mechanical chronographs, and it does so very nicely.


This watch is now selling for $1,330.00 SGD on our website. You can purchase directly on this link here.