Gone are the days when people used to wear a watch to check the time! Today, a watch is one of the best stylish accessories you can have. Of course, it caters to its primary purpose denoting time, but there are other dimensions to it as well. Watch lovers want to add the best watch models to their collection, not just for the make, the engineering, and design, but also for its affordability. And when it comes to all these three elements combined, Seiko doesn't disappoint you with its Presage watch model!

Seiko Presage – The watch that’s worth your dollars

Gradually, the world is coming to terms with Japanese watchmaking techniques! Else, before this, when it came to lavish and stunning watches, people used to swear by the classy Swiss models. Thanks to the Seiko Presage, that marks an era of watchmaking where affordability and aesthetics blend in perfectly. Watch lovers and others, who want to bag a watch model within their budget and flaunt all the chic and class on their wrist, can count on this model. If you belong to the watch collecting community, you still will find this model a compelling buy.

This watch model looks simple and decent! It's a product of fine Japanese watch mechanization and is famous for its automatic movements. And some of the watch models provide better performance as compared to the Swiss models. What impresses people most is the watch’s persona, which wearers can blend with their own, in corporate and other casual occasions. The stylish Presage chronograph adds the much-required style and gravitas to its wearer.

Who can buy the Presage chronograph?

Even though there is no strict demarcation here, but some people and watch lovers are better suited to sport the Presage chronograph. The following pointers will help to understand:

  • A Seiko watch lover

Every watch owner and enthusiast who belong to the watch collecting community has their best brands. If Seiko happens to be one of them, you should invest in the Seiko Presage automatic watch. The stainless-steel body reflects the refined Japanese watchmaking excellence. It's an automatic dial with a winding capacity. You can opt-in for both leather and stainless-steel bands, depending on your personal preference. The Presage chronograph is water-resistant and is perfect for people who love sport a chunky, visible dial that steals glances in office and elsewhere. It will add to your existing Seiko watch collection as well.

  • Your first luxury, branded watch

People who save for buying their first branded, luxury watch, want to bring home a model that they can cherish for their entire life! They want a timepiece that's classy, elegant, functional, sturdy, and also durable. The Presage doesn't follow the line of Swiss lineage lavish watches that looks exquisite, but it certainly has its appeal. In fact, the Presage watch model is a blend of smart watchmaking trends and easy accessibility. That makes it perfect for young entrepreneurs and executives who've been saving to buy an impressive watch without hurting their savings. As your first luxury watch, this watch model will look exclusive and erudite. It’s like sporting a designer watch customized to your complement your dress code and persona.

  • Counting on a watch as the best accessory

Today, most men and women love to stay well turned out in the office and on other social occasions as well! And dressing up today to impress your colleagues at a business meeting and family/friends at a social gathering isn't just common for women. Men, too, love to bring on their stylish persona and get compliments. If you are someone who thinks a watch can change the way you look and conduct yourself, opt-in for the Presage chronograph. The metallic glow and the entire composition have a masculine charm, without being over the top. When you combine the chronograph with your formals or casual denim, you look sober and stunning without trying too hard. You might notice people staring at your wrist while you shake hands, drink coffee, sign documents, and move around. That will add to your feel-good factor, as you've chosen one of the most elegant Seiko watch models.

  • Love for parties and social gatherings

Some men love to stay casual and maintain a low profile in style during work! However, when it comes to a party or a social gathering, they love to tune into their modish self. They would love to choose solid colors like classy blacks and deep blues and use the best shoes and hair gels. The Seiko Presage watch models are called the "cocktail time" watches. That means, these watch variants exhibit a playful and vibrant persona, which adds the extra zest to your social dress code.

You can choose from the colorful sunburst dials that look more expressive, as compared to some of the best watch models! The Presage is also called the Japanese dress watches, known for its extravagant look and sturdy body and engineering. If you are wearing your darker denim with a light cotton shirt, you can't go wrong with the Presage silver dial, reflecting the serene blue sheen in the light. There are other darker blue dials as well to choose from. If you prefer intensity in your watch dial, opt-in for the darker tones. If you want to experiment with earthy tones, you can choose the brown or gray dial.

On the other hand, if you love to play classy with a minimalistic dial look, the ivory white dial with hour markers and black hands will do complete justice. It looks simple, neat, and sophisticated. These watches are for the character-rich watch lovers, who love to dress up and sport their best accessories, without being flashy.

  • Having the budget for it

Even if the Seiko Presage watch is affordable, you still have to pay the price for the same! If you are ready to shell out that amount and it doesn't hurt your savings, you need to go ahead with this watch model.

Reasons to buy the Presage chronograph

Fashion experts say that the type of watch we choose will add or take away from our personality. Over the years, the Presage has become a popular choice for young and elderly watch lovers. And it has helped to add value to their persona in many ways, such as:

  1. Being taken seriously

The corporate and social world is mostly about how you appear! People are constantly judging you based on the way you dress and carry yourself. And there are times when a watch can add to your confidence. The Seiko Presage, with its large power reserve indicator, suggests of refined Japanese watch engineering technology. When you wear this timepiece on your wrist, you let others know about the choices you make in life. It shows that you invest in high-end and quality products, which in turn shows you prefer quality over quantity.

  1. You love yourself

It's said the way you love yourself, sends a message to others about the way they should like or respect you! And people around you can clue for the same by the accessory choices you make. The Presage chronograph suggests that you are observant and take good care of yourself. It reflects that you love to look your best, and for that, you invest in the best quality watch model. Hence, people know that you are someone who makes quality lifestyle choices and want to lead a quality life with the money that you earn. It also means that you enjoy meaningful conversations instead of small talk. Sometimes, other watch lovers can start a discussion on the Presage craftsmanship and its success. That way, you can welcome like-minded people in your circle.

  1. Getting counted as a smart dresser

Just because someone has the budget for it, doesn't mean they will make the best dress and accessory choice! Some men fail to combine their corporate or social dress code with their watch models. Either they choose a hugely bland model, or it's over the top. When you bring home the automatic Presage chronograph, you say yes to class, style, and advanced features. It adds the necessary glamour to your business suits and casual corduroys in a balanced way. You will receive more compliments than you ever expected. And when you get used to smart dressing, you automatically get counted as someone who makes smart and intelligent choices in life.

  1. Bold dials done right

People who have an affinity towards bold and chunky dials, often end up choosing watches that don't complement their look or attire. The dials seem to be looming large and covering up all other accessories. However, with the Presage chronograph, you can never go wrong with bold dials. The only pre-requisite is that you need to have a big wrist, as bold dials don't complement petite wrists. You can sport this large dial that reflects the best aesthetics and refined design.

These are a few essential factors that you need to know before you invest in a Seiko Presage automatic chronograph dial. You can take the time to read and assess these facts. It will help you to choose the watch model correctly.