There would be hardly anyone who doesn't love watches. Everyone tends to have their favorites. You, too, can have a liking towards a specific design or model. When it comes to selecting a wristwatch for someone, the name of the brand becomes the focus.  It is also natural as every brand evokes a specific type of emotion in the buyers. For example, you can consider Seiko. In the field of watchmaking, it is one of the leading brands. People also trust it for its electronic devices, optical items, and others.



The watch brand came into existence in 1881 with the opening of a watch and jewelry shop in Tokyo, Japan. K. Hattori, the founder of the shop, was entrepreneurial by nature and committed to making watches. The brand made its official entry into the world of horology with clocks in 1892. The initial offering was called Seikosha or "House of Exquisite Workmanship.” However, after a few years, the company chose its brand name to be Seiko, which stands for exquisite or success. 



The journey of wristwatches of the brand, however; started in 1924. Since the time it launched, there has been no looking back. Seiko introduced several lines of watches, each with a distinct personality, function, and design. The company which made simple clocks initially soon gained traction for mastering different watch movements, including solar, quartz, mechanical, kinetic, etc. If you talk about versatility today, you cannot afford to forget Seiko. If you are a true Seiko fan, you must be aware of its Presage range for sure. Presage collection belongs to a luxurious watch category.


Sneak peek into Seiko Presage


Presage enjoys massive fandom among different Seiko series for a variety of reasons. Of them, one is its luxurious appeal. Another thing that enhances it as a choice is its accurate time-telling and functions. When you discuss Presage collection with anyone, you come across different references, such as PR4, PR6, and PR8. All these are about movements. The numbers 4 to 8 indicate technical advancements of the Seiko watches, of which PR8 stands for the advanced movement.



As you may be aware, Seiko watches are mostly in-house creations. From design to features to movements, everything happens at its site. Hence, you can expect Seiko Presage watches to follow the same principle. Many people prefer this specific series for their mechanical watches and their affordable prices. However, it doesn't mean you cannot expect more from it.



You can experience the excitement on the Seiko customers' faces when something from this range enters the market. It is attributable to the source of inspiration the new additions reflect. For instance, some models inherit the heritage charm of Seiko, which is easy to trace back to 1913. Such timepieces demonstrate fantastic beauty and depth. Users just get drawn to them for these two qualities. You will also be able to spot certain textures in the models that speak volumes about Seiko's craftsmanship if you browse through them. From attractive finishing to unique sapphire dials, the Presage collection can leave you spellbound. For an idea, you can look at the model SSA397J1.


Seiko Presage SSA397J1 Men's Watch


Seiko is a famous brand in terms of its refined watchmaking skills. It has done well in mechanical movement, and that's perhaps why you come across exciting automatic watch range in Presage. The design has a heritage vibe to it borrowed from the 1913 Laurel that displayed Arabic indices and enamel dial. When you go through Presage watches for this specific style, you feel satisfied that the prices are reasonable, no matter whether it has caliber PR8 or Pr4. Coming to SSA397J1 specifically, you can like this moss green watch for men for its classic dress look.



The model entirely belongs to Seiko. All its features seem flawless, particularly when you scan through its textured green watch face. The diameter of the dial is 42mm, which can adorn any sleek or broad wrist with ease. If elegance is your weakness, you can give it a try.  The dual-curved sapphire crystal on the front side lends this watch a vintage feel. You can enjoy it only if you like classic touch.



Some people believe that the dial of this watch shares an uncanny resemblance with green tone Snowflake dial from Grand Seiko. However, what gives it a striking twist is its pointer date sub-dial. It cozily sits at 6 o’clock. Some find its dial to have sunburst effect, which they believe gifts this watch a unique depth too. 



If you carefully watch this timepiece, you will also notice a power reserve indicator in the design extending from 12 to 4 o'clock. All these things can make anyone doubt if this watch has a too busy look. But there is nothing to worry about as such. These designs only elevate the overall look of the timepiece, making it look much more expensive than it actually is.



Anyway, the combination of stainless steel bracelet and green sapphire dial along with subtle intricacies complete its appearance. Whether you are in a mood to party or need to attend a meeting, you can wear it with confidence.



However, in this context, it is essential to remember that Presage watches from Seiko are not just about this specific choice. There are many models that you can explore and choose. As far as the prices go, you can rest assured of deriving the value out of the money you spend on it. Also, if you cannot opt for a luxury watch due to pricing issues, you don't need to feel sad. Seiko models usually meet price and quality expectations. If you don't want to spend too much time thinking which Seiko series you should try, it is hard to go wrong with the Presage line.



From modern to traditional and casual to dressy, these watches can go with any style effortlessly. Just make sure you buy a Seiko watch from a trusted store only. It can help you avoid the issue of counterfeit products that are flooding the markets at lower prices.