Watch Review: Ingersoll Bison No.18 (IN4506BBK)

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With more and more millennials jumping on the vintage bandwagon, it makes sense that Ingersoll has capitalised on this growing market with the 45mm Bison No. 18 – a timepiece that exudes unapologetically old-fashioned charm. For starters, the watch strap is undoubtedly thick, alluding to its hardy quality. The black watch dial doesn’t disappoint as well, with a lot of embedded details that lend themselves well to the overall rugged construction.



For instance, the hands are crafted to reflect an aviation design aesthetic that fits right at home with the beige and black colour combination, along with a nicely finished aviation buckle that adds a touch of vintage ‘flyboy’ attitude. A refreshing plus here lies in the movement’s accuracy in resting mode – at about +9 seconds of deviation a day, this is a marked improvement on previous models, and comparatively better than competitors like Arbutus or Seagull.



It doesn’t hurt that Ingersoll now offers a lifetime warranty on this neat timepiece, but the sole flaw I would pick out is a glaring one: a lack of sapphire crystal would have really put the gloss on the Bison No. 18.


At a price point of $769, only the inclusion of scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal could justify forking out this much dough. But still, the Ingersoll Bison No. 18 is a good timepiece overall.

Rating: 7/10