It’s That Jolly Time of Year

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To all our H2 Hubbers (okay I just officially coined that term), here’s wishing you a most awesome and fashionable Merry Christmas! Regular readers will know that I’ve been advocating getting your Christmas gifts way in advance, so procrastinators out there would like to heed our final call to shower your loved ones with the timepieces they deserve.

Sure, maybe your child didn’t get the PSLE score you expected. Perhaps your relative was embroiled in the whole SMRT train breakdown saga and you’re still upset. Heck, you could even be annoyed at your close neighbour friend leaving the ofo bike along the common corridor and getting in your way. But put all that aside, and it’s only nice to treat your closest ones to something special this year end.

With that out of the way, here’s a list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas that, thankfully, we didn’t actually put together at the very last minute. Remember, there’s still time to catch our in-store 2-for-1 promo and chance to get amazing cashbacks – all at your nearest H2 Hub outlet. Plus, our Northpoint H2 Hub outlet now sports a new Aries Gold winder showcase, so get your exclusive sneak preview! Be back after this festive holiday, so enjoy yourselves!