With H2 Hub recently getting our hands on exclusive distributorship for German timepiece and fashion brand Paul Hewitt, it’s about time we get down to checking out the latest hot trend among young ladies in Singapore. Of course, while Paul Hewitt is primarily in the business of timepieces, their accessories are also making waves, especially with the iconic anchor design playing up the nautical theme and providing instant brand recognition.


For the petite Miss Ocean Line range, what’s under our microscope is the rose gold/black combination – a perfect fit for preppy wardrobes. The mesh band sits well on the wrist and doesn’t cut the skin like inferior quality mesh wire that commonly plagues its competitors. The addition of sapphire glass crystal is most welcome as well, for the increased scratch resistance. Overall, the classic, minimalist design is reminiscent of the adage “less is more”, and very much worthy of Instagrammable status.



Retailing at $289 at all H2 Hub outlets, this piece would make a great gift for younger ladies, especially so for students who long to be part of the in crowd.


Rating: 7.8/10


-The Watchman