A vintage style sports watch for the modern world



The 2019 Seiko 5 Sports (known more fondly as the 5kx) line has been a rather polarizing release, to say the least. But then again, coming in as the modern replacement for one of the most coveted (and unfortunately discontinued) affordable mechanical dive watches that is the SKX line is a tough act to follow.

It gives us things that enthusiasts want such as an updated modern movement with hacking and hand winding (which the SKX didn’t have) while doing away with the features that made the SKX so loved in the first place. An ISO rated case and threaded crown is something that a true diver should have, but the new 5kx isn’t so much a dive watch as it is a dive-style watch.

That fact alone, is enough to divide enthusiasts in their opinions and feelings towards this timepiece. Some remained loyal to the timepiece, justifying that the 100m of water resistance that it had was sufficient while others detested the fact that it was no longer a true diver despite having all the design cues of one, making it in their eyes, a fashion watch.

But all animosity aside, and whichever side you stand with the previous 5KX, the new 5KX release with a fixed smooth steel bezel and smaller 40mm case might just be the best Seiko 5 release this year. With a 100m water resistance and no timing bezel, it is now a proper sports watch (not a dive or sports style watch) in its own right.



The design will instantly remind you of the Tudor Black Bay 36 and the Rolex Explorer (or even the Omega Railmaster too) and to be honest, that’s not really such a bad thing. The one we’re looking at today, the Seiko 5 Sports SRPE58K1, is as classically correct in its design as a sports watch should be. It features a stainless-steel case and bracelet, comfortable 40mm case, bold hands and markers (that are of course coated generously in lume) oh and some nice matching rose gold gilt too.

If you can’t already tell, I love golden gilts on sports watches, I think it gives them so much more personality, adding a refined elegant vintage touch to an otherwise serious no-nonsense tool watch. But the steel bezel 5kx is still a lot of fun to have on the wrist.

Its versatile and timeless design lends itself suitable for almost every occasion, dressy and tidy enough to be worn to the boardroom during the weekdays yet casual and sporty enough to be dressed down on the weekends. Though the one we’re looking at today would tend to sit more towards the dressy side, with a two tone rose gold and stainless-steel case and bracelet.



Powered by the tried and tested 4r36 caliber offering a useful day-date complication, 3Hz frequency and a modest 41 hours of power reserve, it unsurprisingly ticks a lot of boxes for what enthusiasts are looking for in a modern sports watch.

All in all, if you’ve been looking for a casual, easy to wear, go everywhere daily wear sports watch to add in to your collection, it’s honestly almost impossible to go wrong with this one, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a budding collector. Powered by an in-house caliber and of course, finished with a level of thought and execution that far exceeds its price-point, the lovely and sporty SRPE58K1 is undoubtedly one of the best watches you can buy this year.



Key Features

Case size: 40mm x 13mm

Case material: Brushed and polished two-tone stainless steel

Movement: 4r36 Self-winding with manual winding capacity

Water resistance: 10Bar

MSRP: $334.65