When it comes to Seiko, my impression is that of traditional, functional pieces that don’t scream out for a second look. And I have to admit, a little disappointingly, that their ladies’ Lukia Analog, doesn’t deviate too far from that. A mid-sized timepiece with a metal bracelet, it also comes with a leather-strap version, but it’s still not a home run by any means in terms of looks. What is noticeable, however, is the Seiko Instruments (SII) open-heart movement offering a glimpse of its inner workings. For the uninitiated, the SII Group now goes by the name of Time Module after an internal split caused a divisional rebrand.



A point of note is that this timepiece is fully made in Japan, explaining the price range at which it sits. Furthermore, the mother-of-pearl dial lends a nice, natural sheen to boost its appeal. With a relatively big movement, it’s crucial that the casing maintains a clean, thin silhouette. The Lukia Analog manages to achieve this through thoughtful design cues, such as the glass case backing, and a 2-tone colourway that does not distract nor overwhelm. Everything sits prettily together for a classy, feminine look. Accuracy-wise, the Japanese movement clocks a deviation of only +4 seconds per day, a remarkable improvement on Seiko 5 watches that we have in the NFW shop.


My chief gripe? Even though I’m not the target market for this, it’s rather obvious that the bracelet lacks comfort. It feels slightly flimsy and the links feel forcefully separated from each other – much like Romeo and Juliet, but in a less romantic way. The big gaps in the middle do not offer a good wrist feel, so points are deducted here.



For $801.50, a large part of the Seiko Lukia Analog comes through with flying colours, but the bracelet quality is a true letdown and indicates ample room for improvement.

Rating: 7/10