Watch Review: Tissot Chrono XL

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According to Tissot themselves, the Chrono XL offers one of the largest cases in their entire collection. But more than that, this timepiece is highly intriguing in a couple of unexpected ways. First off, Tissot has always been known as a brand that’s partial to classic designs. In the case of the Chrono XL, however, they have switched course to develop a mass market-priced model that is extremely sporty, coming in an aviation-styled package.


Reflecting this shift in tack, the dial houses large numeral markers and even sports a variation of dial colours. Consider how they’ve also gone the distance to incorporate an IP black casing and flat sapphire crystal, and you’d be as surprised as I am to find out that the price tag is only S$510. Truly, at this price range, you’d often find a lot of mineral glass in place of the more durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

Added to that, a standard ETA chronograph quartz movement keeps this suave piece ticking, coupled with a thick, plush leather strap that flaunts an aviation buckle. There really isn’t much to find fault with here, and once again I can heartily conclude that Tissot has delivered in a way few would have predicted.




The amazing price tag of S$510 aside, the Chrono XL does offer decent build quality and beautiful aesthetics for the mass market. A good buy that you should snap up at the NFW online watch shop.

Rating: 7.5/10