Watches from Casio Singapore - What makes these watches everyone's favorites?

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Watch collections – what are the brands that every collector must own? You can probably mention tens of luxury and vintage watch brands right off the top of your head. However, we are in pursuit of that one watch that completes every collection.

Casio is a name that resonates with baby boomers just as well as it does with millennials. It is a brand that has become synonymous to quality watch-making at affordable prices. Whether your daily wear is an Apple watch, or you love your Fossil; Casio needs a place in your collection.

They have been on the top tier of watch manufacturers in the world for decades. They have crafted some expensive luxury models and ventured into the smartwatch market recently as well. However, almost seven decades, they managed to retain their position as one of the world's favorite watch manufacturers of all times.

The buying decision: What are the different watches Casio Singapore has in store?

The wide range of Casio watches only makes the job of the buyer more difficult. Which model should they choose? Which budget range should they prefer? Should the buyer begin with a basic Casio Singapore markets offer? Or, should they invest in the G-shock series? Is there something bespoke for the special someone?

Here's a comprehensive guide to what you should check out if you are new to the Casio world –

  1. The entry-level Casio watches

Casio has always been popular among the young and the experienced for affordability. The entry-level models are not only sturdy and budget-friendly, but they are also stylish.

You can pick up Casio Chronograph watches for lesser than $100. These are durable, sleek, and they bear the "Casio" brand name with pride.

The basic analog watches from Casio are a bit too simple, but they are ideal for junior collectors. These old-school analog watch models preserve the essence of old-school watch designs but incorporate advanced functions. They can come for lesser than $20 at the authorized stores of Casio Singapore has.

When your budget is tight, but you don't want to compromise on quality, Casio basic range is the best place to shop for watches. The entry-level Casio watches are of premium quality, yet they bear affordable price ranges.

These are great for daily wear, party wear and formal wear. With the wide variety and highly affordable prices, it is easy to own more than one Casio from the entry-level.

2.Casio G-Shock

With celebrity like Justin Bieber sporting the Casio G-shock, the range has been enjoying a sudden rise in fame and following. The G-shock range is ideal for the outdoor-lover and adventurous person.

The price will depend on the number of built-in functions and expandable functionalities of the models.

If you are looking for something basic that can get you to places on time, the Casio G-shock Analog Dual Time is ideal. However, if you are looking for something more intense that includes multi-function alarm, a stopwatch, and backlight, you need to check out the Marine Gear series.

Apart from the basics, some models support world time, low temperatures, moon data, tide graphs, velocity measurement, anti-slip, and anti-shock feature.

The G-shock series in Casio Singapore consists of several hundreds of models of watches that have the potential to make the life of any athlete and fitness expert much easier.

You can check out models like the Casio G-shock Digital Quartz or the Casio G-Shock Digital Quartz Black Resin if you have a flexible budget. These have all the built-in features any outdoors lover can only dream about.These are the premium G-Shock watches that must find a place in any smartwatch collection. They come in different colors, shapes, and varied features.


  1. Casio Edifice

Every watch collector has heard about Casio Edifice at least once. It is not another designer range of watches that only look good.

The Edifice range is a touch of personality to anyone's daily wardrobe. Whether you are going to the office for an important meeting or a formal lunch; you can expect the Edifice to give you company. It is subtle yet elegant.

Casio Edifice is one of the best chronograph watches anyone can own. The prices can vary significantly depending on the model, release date, and add-on technology.

The traditional ones include chronograph, date features, and three hands. It is ideal for people who love to dress trendily without compromising on convenience.

The entire range of metal watches bears long-term warranty. They are durable, water-resistant, and suitable for men from all walks of life.

It is their versatility and affordability that makes Casio Edifice every collector's favorite daily wear.


  1. Casio Baby-G

When Casio launched Baby-G watches, they gave an unmissable tribute to old-school watches. Far away from the world of smartwatches, the Casio Baby-G range stands proud and famous due to their funky colors and traditional looks.

The Casio Baby-G prices can range between $100 to $640, depending upon the features and models. Purchasing your Baby-G watch from an authorized website of Casio Singapore can earn you lucrative discounts.

The most common trait among the watches of this range is the simplicity of their looks and designs. Additionally, they are particularly popular among teens and young adults due to their translucent bands. It is a distinguishing character of the new Casio Baby-G watches.

These models have come with multiple alarms, mineral glass dials, and resin cases. These are sturdy and perfect for daily wear irrespective of your activity levels.

If you want to add a dash of fun, color and functionality to your collection, you must check out the Baby-G from Casio.


  1. Casio Sheen

If you are tired of designer watches that look too OTT but have limited functionality, it is time to check out the Casio Sheen range.

It is an exclusive line of watches for women that comes in gold, rose gold, silver and dual tones. Many of them have switchable metal and leather bands to match your outfit of the day.

These watches look delicate. However, they are durable and suitable for challenging daily activities.  You don't have to worry if you are hitting the gym after work or planning to take your friends out for dinner. A Sheen watch can both dress you up for any occasion and have your back during exerting tasks.

These bespoke yet simple watches are perfect for women of all ages. Whether it is a Mother’s Day gift, an anniversary gift or a birthday surprise, the Casio Sheen watch you pick, will make the memory everlasting.

The prices of Sheen can vary between $80 and $349. However, buying from genuine dealers of Casio Singapore can save you money and give you at least a year's warranty on the watch. So, spend some time and look for genuine dealers before buying.

  1. Casio Modified Watches

Some sellers of watches from Casio in Singapore might have to offer something more than the regular five ranges we have mentioned above. Some official e-commerce sites selling original Casio watches also sell Modified G-Shock watches. These are highly customized premium watches that should be part of any expanding watch collection. The modified G-Shock watches had additional features including engravings, precious or semi-precious stone settings, and distinctive bands.

The Casio modified watches can include the Black Resin Crystal GD-100GB-1DR Unisex Watch, and Casio Modified G-Shock Digital Quartz Black Resin Crystal GD-100GB-1DR Unisex Watch. Speak to your seller to find out which other models they can modify.

Personalisation or modification can take additional time. Hence, if you intend to get a modified Casio watch before a particular date, it would be smart to order with sufficient time in hand.

Bespoke Casio watches are catching up fast in the Singapore watch market. Not only does the older experienced buyers purchase it, the younger watch-enthusiasts are also looking for personalised designs for personal collections and gift purposes.

Casio has been a trusted name for more than 50-years. Ever since its advent in the international market, it has been a coveted brand among buyers. In Singapore, Casio is all set to re-capture the burgeoning market with its affordable G-Shock and Baby-G range.

Within the six range of Casio watches we have mentioned above, there is enough variety in design, theme, style, and prices to fuel an entire collection for a curator. It is only fair for any collector to cherish at least one Casio watch from each of these ranges.

The affordable price-tags ensure that you can pick one from each Casio Collection and still be able to browse more to satiate the true shopaholic in you. It is a great way to increase your watch collection without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are thinking about adding another watch to your collection, let it be one of Casio's very own creations!