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Watches Singapore: The dos and don’ts of buying men’s watches

Posted on May 05 2020

Watches Singapore: The dos and don’ts of buying men’s watches

The infinite choices in luxury ad designer watches can leave you confused. From varieties in straps to movements to frequencies and indices, there are plenty of things you notice about watches. On top of that, the availability of many trusted brands, which not just provide the best in class and style today but also money that you can afford, can be another happy problem. Despite all of this, you may still not feel content with what you buy.  What can be the reason behind this? As per industry experts, three factors play a huge role in causing disappointment among people. If you don’t want to go through the same feeling, then let’s check out what they are and how you can do better instead.

Watches Singapore: Mistakes that might spell shopping disaster

One of the most common things that people do wrong when it comes to buying a watch is that they look at it as an investment. They get tempted the moment they hear a luxury watch is on sale. But about 95% of modern wristwatches don't fit into this criterion. If they were so, brands wouldn't have sold them. Once it is out in the open, it loses its value. You can think of cars, for instance. When you take it on the road, its value depreciates. When you purchase an old watch, you kind of avoid the first depreciation hit that its previous owner faced.

Another scenario that again is not so wise is buying something for oneself that your friend picked. Accessories such as watches become an extension of your personality when you wear them. Hence, it should reflect your individuality and preference. You should not opt for one that your friend suggested, or you read about in a fashion blog. You should enjoy looking at it every day. If you don't feel the excitement, you can soon abandon it.

Besides, not buying a watch as per your lifestyle can also lead to disappointment later on. For example, if you live an active life, choosing a classic or vintage-style timepiece can go against your requirements. Usually, these watches require special care. You cannot treat them grittily. When you go outdoors, slapping one of them on your wrist, you have to make sure you don't knock it against a wall or door. It can damage the timepiece. Hence, the right way to select a watch is that it should go with your lifestyle instead of making efforts to fit your lifestyle as per the choice.

In essence, if you want to ensure you get the right watch for yourself or somebody in your life, look for soul and versatility in it. A wristwatch with a personality is always interesting to own. You can discuss it with your family and friends. At the same time, its versatility in terms of appearance and features can also have an impact on you. You would be able to wear it to different places for being perfect with your fashion sense.

When you go shopping for watches Singapore, you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer varieties and features offered by numerous designer brands. But it is essential to keep focus. Here are a few guidelines for men to help them choose the most suitable and valuable wristwatch for themselves. You can take a hint from here and prepare yourself to buy a piece that will be forever close to your heart for its aesthetics, functions, or a combination of both.

Buying tips for men’s watches

When you explore options, remind yourself that a watch is not just some mechanical tool showing time. It represents your taste, style, and status. So, you can't fake your choice. But it doesn't imply you can't get a great piece at affordable prices. There is something for everyone. Let's take a look at the five points in this context that can enhance your watch buying experience.

Learn about the types of watches available in the market

For a sensible purchase, you have to delve deeper into all the styles that are flooding the market. From chronograph to automatic and divers to sports, the options are endless just to make sure you find the right companion. Whether intricacies attract you or minimalism is your idea, you should try to dig out something that does justice to your imagination. You can check forums, websites, and blogs on all the latest designs to understand why Ferrari, Citizen, Seiko, Garmin, and Tissot can be what you need. 

Know what makes a watch high value

Everyone understands that even a decent watch can be pricey. But you should not weigh your options as per its price. Quality should be given priority over everything else. Also, when you have a budget, you can bank on specific brands, such as those mentioned above, to find value for money. It should have beautiful looks and practical features that meet your goals, whether you plan to wear it occasionally or daily. For instance, if you like to wear a watch even when you swim or run, you should search for a timepiece that offers incredible water-resistance or functions that eliminate the need for carrying your phone.

Check the reputation of the brand and dealer

Online stores can be great to browse through all types of designs from the comfort of your home. But before you become casual with the place and the collection, it is better to have clarity about dealer’s trustworthiness and product quality. The shop should be an authorized dealer of the brand. Plus, you also need to be aware of the performance of the specific brand and its watches. For this, you can check reviews and ratings online.

Buying from a place that provides product warranty can be safe. It shows the seller isn’t trying to make money by giving you a sub-standard item.

Understanding the logic behind watch pricing

In stores, you can witness different levels of craftsmanship, quality of materials, and labor that goes into making a watch. All these factors reflect on their price range also. However, just remember some can be exceptions too.

Many fashion watches come for under $250. These can match any outfit with ease. And after wearing them multiple times for years, you wouldn't mind if they suffer any damage. It may hurt if you develop a fondness for a specific piece, though. Some people call these heirloom items that can survive for decades. Watches under $500 are about creating a statement. These branded watches are for men with excellent disposable income.  You encounter countless varieties in them, and the chances of getting a coveted deal tend to be higher here.

If this is going to be your first watch buying experience, it is better to stay away from this range until you have tested and tried something at a lower price point and derived full value for your money.  It is necessary to save your hard-earned money and to protect yourself against a wrong decision. Don't feel bad if you have to hold yourself back. It is only for your good that you are taking this step. Take it as an entry to the next price point.

See if you enjoy what you eye

You must have read it at a lot of places that a watch is the extension of your personality, a reflection of your taste and personal style, and many more such things. There is no doubt about it either. But in simple terms, you can interpret the importance of choice as enjoyment. What do you think about how much you will enjoy wearing it?  If you don't connect with something, you may end up throwing it out of your life soon, which also indicates the loss of money.

So, if you wish to express yourself well through it, focus on how it gels with your existence. After all, it is going to be with you all the time. And when you select brands like Emporio Armani, Garmin, or something like this, you must know that people will talk about it. Hence, buy something as practical and attractive as you want. You should not look at it just as a functional item. You have to love what you wear.

In Singapore, men’s watches are a rage. These come for every occasion and fashion. Whether you prefer to don casual look, a formal getup, a cool boy appearance, or a sporty vibe, you can get a watch that exactly meets your goal. Don't worry about the budget. From under $100 to $500, there are mind-blowing options to leave you spellbound. Since most of the products belong to trusted names in watchmaking, you don’t need to doubt their capability. They offer the highest standards of watches in terms of design, functions, and money. You can show off your pick with confidence since you know what you are wearing is worth all attention and praise.

Hence, when you shop next time, keep all the points discussed here in mind. You will have no trouble finding the perfect accessory for you.