Which Emporio Armani watch styles should you check out this year?

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An iconic lifestyle brand that has been around for the last 50 years inspires trust and admiration. Back in the 70s, Emporio Armani was one of the leading names that influenced fashion trends in mainstream Hollywood. Each year Armani draws hundreds of critics, fashion designers, style divas, and fashion gurus out to the runway in Milan. Whether it is a Spring-Summer show or the Fall-Winter show, you can find world-renowned fashion revolutionists in the front row of even the Armani show.
The Emporio Armani collections can range from absolutely eccentric and eclectic to understated and sophisticated. These are signature Armani essences that one can experience while browsing the EA watch collection. Giorgio Armani's diffusion range – the Emporio Armani watches bear all the marks of classic sophistication and whimsical innovation at the same time.
How to pick the best Emporio Armani watch as a gift?
When picking the best Emporio Armani watches for men, you should browse the entire collection, the unique features, and reviews to decide which one is best suited for you. Every EA watch is a design masterpiece, and with every passing year, the designers have made the watch functions smoother, more varied, and easier to maintain.
Shopping from an authentic website automatically means you will get a replacement and return options, extended warranty on the item, and even opportunities for personalization. Many sellers offer engraving and other customization options that make the designer watches the perfect gift for almost all occasions.
Right now, you can peruse hundreds of models from the basics to the hybrid smartwatches. Picking an Emporio Armani watch for yourself or as a gift is not as easy as it used to be!

Here’s a brief guide on how to choose the best Emporio Armani watch for every fashionista –The Connected Hybrid

The Connected Hybrid is the fourth-generation technology endeavor on the part of Emporio Armani. We know what you are thinking!
Emporio Armani inspires the idea of chunky designs, and smartwatches with chunky designs are nothing new or unique. In fact, even the best of the best tech and gadget companies are introducing smartwatches that are heavier than the analog/digital wristwatches we use.
However, EA’s take on smartwatches is surprisingly fresh. The EA Connected Hybrid is not only super good looking, but it is also refreshingly light and sleek. Minus all useless doodads, the Connected Hybrid comes with a classic analog dial.
According to expert reviewers, the sub-dial might be the most appealing feature of the Connected Hybrid smartwatch. It is at the 7 o'clock position, and it is a reminder of the user's step goal of the day.
Using the Connected Hybrid from Emporio Armani is quite easy too. You can couple it with your iPhone 7 or higher or android phones for smooth connectivity. You can transfer all mobile notifications to your smartwatch.
It comes with a 43 mm stainless steel casing and a matching triple-braided stainless-steel band. The complete steel finish is both unexpected and refreshing for any smartwatch. As a result, you can comfortably wear the EA Connected Hybrid to office and conferences without worrying twice about making a faux pas.

The Classic preserves the distinct appeal of a sports watch. It brandishes a stainless-steel case that is resistant to water for up to 50 meters. The analog quartz movement is smooth and has a touch of nostalgia.
The crystal-clear mineral glass offers a clear view of the sophisticated black dial. It houses a working chronograph, 24-hours indicator, and small seconds. Unlike many other wristwatches from the same generation, the date window of the EA Chronograph AR2434 is between the 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock positions.
The three-linked stainless-steel bracelet offers the perfect formal look to this classic watch from the house of EA. The two rounded and well-placed chronograph pushers adorn the crown of the watch, giving it a distinct, edgy look.
The choice of silver hands, hour markers, and sub-dials make the watch easy-to-read even in low-light conditions. It is a smart investment for anyone who prefers a classic, sophisticated look with the basic functionalities and no fluff.

EA sporty watches
When we think of Emporio Armani, we typically don't think about sports watches. Additionally, many fashion-savvy men are of the opinion that sports watches lack the finesse and sleekness that most classics possess. Well, that is not wrong, unless you are talking about the EA stainless steel AR2477 or the AR2514.
These are both light-weight watches from the EA creations that do not sport additional sub-dials. This sporty watch is truly an exception since it is not bulky or full of doodads like other branded sports watches.
It bears a sleek look that is further accentuated by the Armani logo at the 12 o’clock position and the date window at the 6 o’clock position.
These wristwatches are water-resistant for up to 50 meters only, but the mineral glass is tough enough to withstand the sudden jolts and occasional knocks. It is perfect for a casual day out or the light game of tennis.
In short, it is perfect for the outdoorsy people, who love to dress casually, but occasionally dress up for a special event. If you are thinking about purchasing a gift for the forever young soul, then the EA sports collection should be your target.

EA Aviator watches
The aviator watches from Emporio Armani are indeed lookers. Choosing between the leading Aviator models can be quite the challenge for even the most seasoned fashion-savvy shopper. All of the Aviator models from EA look equally futuristic.
Check out the Aviator Sport AR11115 to get an idea about what the blend of futuristic design and classic sophistication looks like. Emporio Armani has launched this line keeping the young shoppers of the 21st century in mind.
It comes with two sub-dials and the date aperture at the 6 o’clock position. These sub-dials are clearly visible through the mineral glass due to the distinct white lettering and white marking on the hands. The small and tasteful Armani logo sits pretty in matte black at the 12 o’clock position.
The quartz timepiece comes with a 43 mm casing size and a uniquely woven steel and black PVD. The black PVD coating renders a contemporary look to the EA timepiece. It is moisture and water-resistant up to 50 meters.
If you have a birthday gift to buy or an anniversary gift to pick out, then check out the Emporio Armani Aviator collection online before you head to a store. These modish timepieces are ideal for the fashionable youth who always look for a touch of functionality as well as style in their accessories.

Emporio Armani Ceramica
The Ceramica line of wristwatches for both men and women bear charm and elegance that is undeniable. Every shopper has to take a second look at the EA Ceramica collection irrespective of their brand loyalty and budget constraints.
The timeless design of the quartz timepiece is both elegant and bold. The Ceramica collection is ideal for those who leave a blazing trail at work, in parties or social events. It is a wristwatch with personality for those who believe in integrity and style.
The Ceramica AR5913 and AR1400 are men's watches with ceramic casing and suave, ceramic braided straps. The innovative use of ceramic gives the watches an Avant-garde, yet bold look. The use of Roman Numerals in the AR1400 renders an impressionable façade.
The other models, including the AR1455 (Unisex), come with touches of haute couture complete with a diamante setting. The AR5913 is surprisingly somber compared to the two other models we have mentioned above.
The two sub-dials and the hands are visible in each of the Ceramica smartwatches. They are all water-resistant up to 30 meters depth, and the date aperture is between the 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock positions.
The EA Ceramica is the perfect add-on for anyone looking to dress up for a party right after the office hours end! They are the perfect match for 3-piece party suits as they are for formal blazers and conservative trousers.
Emporio Armani is back in the mainstream fashion game with the launch of the Aviator and Connected Hybrid lines. The luxury lines are exclusively for Gen X and Z populace, who care as much about presentation as they care about function. These two ranges are ideal if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, brother, son, or friend, who has an insatiable love for everything modern yet minimal.
The classic and sports ranges are perfect for men working in the corporate sectors, who love to play it up once in a while. Irrespective of your color choices and metal preferences, you will find at least one model amidst the huge EA classic and sports collection that is perfect for you or your loved someone.
Before you go ahead and fill your cart with your favorite designs, let us remind you to shop from only the most trusted sources. Always purchase designer products from online stores that sell authentic items complete with extended warranties.

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