Chronograph Trailblazers

Tissot has been around in the watchmaking industry since 1853, and they take pride in calling themselves “innovators of tradition.” Now, this may be a big statement, but with Tissot’s heritage, they definitely have receipts to back them up. Initially, they are known for their traditional pieces, but as we evolve in the modern era, Tissot has also adapted and embraced modern technology. With this, they thrived and developed expertise on their skillset that led to the consistent curation of high-quality pieces, making them trusted and loved by watch enthusiasts globally. They can be considered masters in the Swiss watch industry.

That’s just one reason. In this article, let’s check out more reasons as to why Tissot is one of the best Swiss-made brands in the market.

High-Quality Materials

Since they are known to be a high-end brand, one of its goals is to stay in that status, despite the ever-changing fashion and trends. They experimented with different materials while ensuring their high-quality finish, such as ceramics, titanium, etc. In all honesty, it’s safe to say that they have been successful throughout. They also incorporate R&D in their process, so it’s expected that they get to maintain their reputation worldwide.

Affordability and Accessibility

Tissot has been massively known for the functionality of each engineered watch. It’s just incredibly unfailing. But aside from that, many became fans of the brand due to its accessibility to the public, since it's literally found around 150 countries globally, and it’s very affordable. 

No Swiss-made watch with the same quality and parts can even compete with the affordable price of Tissot watches. On top of that, its bold style and aesthetics are the ultimate confidence booster for any wearer. Although it’s not really a luxury watch, but due to its quality and appearance, we like to nickname it  “affordable luxury.” There’s just no better term to describe its price and looks-wise. You really get more than what you pay for.

Diversity and Variety

When it comes to designs and collections, Tissot has a wide array of options for all watch lovers out there, including the budget-conscious folk. No matter what wardrobe or occasion, there will always be a Tissot watch that is perfect for you. From smartwatches, sports watches, dress watches, and casual watches – you name it, Tissot has it. Moreover, it caters to all gender and race, so it's very diverse and inclusive! The brand also has different case sizes per model and wide selections for watch straps that prioritize ease and comfort to the wearer.

Power Longevity

Compared to other competitors that can only last for 36 hours, Tissot takes pride in its caliber that can run up to 80 hours when fully winded. In addition, it doesn’t ever compromise the timepieces’ precision and accuracy in time-telling due to the help of the anti-magnetic properties in its system. Lastly, the chronographs’ Swiss movement ensures that less power is needed to run it in order to prolong its functionality.

Where To Go?

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