Extra Customization Options


Further customize your watch that you have bought online! *Please kindly note that not all watches can be further customized. The customization cannot be applied to Casio, Luminox, and various smart watches.
  • Print Name on Dial ($28): Make the watch exclusively yours OR as a gift by engraving name on the watch dial.
  • Print Image on Dial ($48): Image is best printed on a plain, non-textured dial. Send in a minimum of 3MB / 300 DPI image to ensure high resolution upon printing.
  • Print Glass Case Back ($38): Print name, images, text or quotes onto your  glass back. Send a minimum of  3MB / 300 DPI to ensure high resolution upon printing. This service is only available to watch with glass caseback
Having any further enquiries? Feel  free to email us at h2hubwatchsmith@gmail.com


How Can I Upload My Own Image/Artwork Onto My Watch Case/Dial?

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