A New Modern Way To Engage With Watchmaking

When Was The Last Time You Bought Something That Was Meaningful To You

I am not talking about anything that gives you joy or some physical benefit. I mean an item that means more than its face value. Something that represents a special part of your life be it a memory, person or event. Something with sentimental value.

Most people nowadays buy things that are in trend. Be it the latest branded bags, designer clothes or some new electronic gadget, constantly chasing the next hot thing, chances are you’ve gone to a party with someone wearing the same. There is nothing wrong with that of course, what you do with your money is your business. However more often than not, these expensive things lose their value over time, becoming nothing more than just another object taking space in your storeroom.

Aries Gold believes that watches are more than just another accessory. They believe that watches should be physical reminders of your celebrations and happy memories.

Fuelled by their passion and heritage in watchmaking, the Aries Gold team rebranded as AG Collective with a new line of dive watches, The Great White.

What’s offered by the existing watch industry nowadays is extremely polarized between astronomically priced brands clinging on to antiquated associations with aviation, horses & hounds or cheap, mass-produced pieces expertly repackaged as the “trending collaboration”, the “limited edition that never runs out” or the “iconic classic must-have”.

There was never a balance between accessibility and personalisation, let alone a watch that truly made with meaning right here in Singapore.

Storytelling is an integral process behind every collaboration, we’ve partnered with a rock stars specializing in repurposing rock music, Foo Fighters and Aerosmith; a marriage between style and cultural intrigue. We got world famous boxing icon Rocky Balboa to lay down his usual sports imagery and translate their movements into the form of a timepiece.

The Perfect Canvas for bringing YOUR STORY to life.

AG Collective believes in doing things differently in 3 ways


Each watch allows for personalisation of the watch dial with text or pictures.

Text or pictures can also be added to the glass case back as well.

This personalisation allows the watches to add significance to gifting for events like anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones.

Made to Order

Each personalised watch is made only when you order them, ensuring that it is not your usual run in the mill factory production job.

In-house Made

Made right here in our Singapore factory. Find that hard to believe? You are welcomed to come visit us to customise your watch and collect them on the spot, but please make your appointments in advance due to the increasing number of people visit, we will need to stagger to ensure social distancing rules.

Personalisation Options

Print a Name, Date or Quote on The Dial

Print a Picture on The Dial

Print a Name, Date or Quote on The Glass Caseback

Print a Picture on The Glass Caseback

Print a Name, Date or Quote on The Spinning Rotor


The perfect present when sharing a gift for a friend, a colleague or just someone special in your life.

Marriage Proposals

We have done this before and our client succeeded in his first attempt at winning the hand of the girl of his dreams.


Having shared many precious moments together throughout your life with your loved ones, you are sure to have shared many photos together. Why not turn them into a meaningful gift by crafting them into your personalised watch to make this occasion even more special.


A parent’s favourite gift to their children upon graduation is often a watch. You can make imbue the values you will like the children to remember with this unique gift regardless of the message, like “family first”, or “respect others always” will make the gift an everlasting piece of memory.

Farewell Gift

Good times always comes to an end and sometimes there reach a time where our colleagues will leave us for other endeavours. Putting these moments of joy into the watch with a personalised timepiece

Other Milestone Moments

You can also create a watch for milestone moments that are truly special, like the first painting you did, or the first time you finished a 42 kilometres run. These are also moments worth celebrating.

Made with Meaning Watches

The end result is to create watches Made With Meaning, watches worth collecting, making your collection a true reflection of not just your style but also your life story. A fully customised watch comes with an NFT at the price of $98 SGD.


The Great White

The Great White is the result of a collection of ideas from watch lovers and watch makers. AG Collective combines what is meaningful to watch lovers and puts them into the watch.

Built to be a proper performance dive watch, The Great White features a host of specs that will help it face the harsh conditions of the seas.

Dive-Ready Water Resistance
(300 meters)

Ready to take on the adventures of your daily life, The Great White is protected by a case offering 300m of water resistance, giving you the performance and durability of a true performance diver.

Stainless Steel Case

Finished with different levels of brushes and polishes, the case of the Great White is a refined affair. Fashioned from a solid piece of stainless steel, The case sits at a comfortable 42.5mm, suitable for wrists of all sizes.

Strap Choices

The Great White comes in 2 strap choices, solid stainless steel or durable integrated rubber strap.

Reliable Japanese Movement

Powered by the Japanese workhorse, Miyota 8215 automatic movement, performance and reliability are guaranteed even in the most trialing conditions.

Leather Watch Roll

Each Great White watch comes in its very own leather storage pouch to protect it from the elements.

Something to think about

Imagine if your misplaced your phone, and along with it goes all the pictures and videos that was not uploaded to a cloud. How much money would you spend to recover the years of memories and experiences you captured in your gallery?

The moments we capture with our phones are really precious to us and many would argue they are worth much more than the phone itself. How much do your memories mean to you?

Immoralise that special moment with a physical reminder that can be worn everyday.