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Yes, we provide personalization services at all H2 Hub outlets. If you didn’t know, I seriously feel sad for you. Remember those times where you dated a Scorpio girl and you seriously have no idea what to buy for her birthday. When you asked her what she wants, she told you anything is fine and gave you a really weird looking smile. If you believe that, you will not be alive next Christmas. Anyway you began to ask her, if a great feast is okay, and she said no. Then you asked her how about a holiday, and she said we should save money. Lastly she proposed to her, how about going to the stress busting damage room, she rejected that idea. You finally came to a conclusion that she doesn’t know what she wants, she only knows what she don’t want. Okay now you are at crossroads, either you dump her (great idea by the way), or you need to find a really meaningful gift.

Then you came across Nex Serangoon H2 Hub outlet and you see a really good looking young man called James (he’s our GM by the way, I’m writing this for a pay raise), and he introduces you to H2 Hub’s personalized watch services. At this time, usually a halo appears above his head as he proceed to save your life with a detailed walkthrough of how you can make a watch for your girlfriend and survive her birthday, without being drained of all your energy from her wail of banshee.

The personalization services engraving is available for all brands but other services are only available for Aries Gold watches.

Here is a summary of the conversation and of our personalization services

Normal Engraving – for all brands, $10

Print text on Dial – for Aries Gold only, $28

Print picture on Dial – for Aries Gold only, $48

Print on text on Glass Case Back – for Aries Gold only, $10

Print picture on Glass Case Back – for Aries Gold only, $38

All personalization services are done at our HQ as we use industrial grade machinery which are extremely professional. You can choose your text across a variety of fonts and languages
or symbols. You can send in your picture but please make sure that the picture is 3mb or higher, otherwise the resolution will be compromised. You can pick up your masterpiece either from the outlet or request to have it sent over to you.

To know more about our personalization services please visit any of our H2 Hub outlets or view the link at to know more.